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Current Skincare Routine: Winter 2020

– Hi everyone, updated skincare routine. And I’ve made some quite major tweaks. So I’ve got something
interesting to talk about. I feel like my skin is
feeling really good, which is why I’ve decided to film this now because I’ve been using this routine sort of since Christmas, I suppose, and it’s all really revolving around one central powerful product and the rest of it all just
sort of falls into place. So I’m gonna start off by telling you the tweaks I’ve made, and then we’ll go in and
look at the full routine. So just a little chat about how my skin is feeling. It feels incredibly supple and bouncy and young. Fine lines I had here and on my forehead have really, really diminished, and the ones around my mouth, and I think the ones
to the side of my eyes, the crow’s feet (groans). Although I’m not sure ’cause I haven’t really
been taking that product, do I take that quite close? I’m not sure whether I do. So my skin is feeling
in really good shape. Slightly drier and slightly
more sensitive than usual, but that is a kind of side effect of the product that I’ve been using and to be quite honest with you, the level of discomfort is far outweighed by the
fact that it works so well. So the product that I’ve been using every three or four nights is a very powerful retinol and because I’ve been using that, the other major change that I’ve made is I’ve stepped back on most other actives. So things like glycolic and lactic acid I haven’t really been
using so much, if at all. So those are the two main changes. Very strong retinol and
keying back everything else. One other thing I would
say that I’ve been doing, before we get on to the actual routine and then I’ll tell you step by step which products I’ve been using, is that in the morning I have been very very bad at doing a proper cleanse. I know I always say this, I always do a really good
cleanse in the evening, but in the morning there’s
just something about it, I can’t bring myself to splash my face. I’m really funny about it. I hate it when the water
goes down my sleeves, down my neck, I’m just not up for it. So I’ve been using this loads, you can see I’m about over halfway through. This is the Skinceuticals
Gentle Cleanser Cream. And I don’t normally
use a cleansing lotion but I just really like this one. It leaves my skin feeling
really moisturized but there’s no greasiness to it. So I put it on. This is not a cleansing lotion. Oh (laughs)! Okay. “Massage into a wet face and then rinse.” Oh dear, okay. Well, it worked really, really
well as a cleansing lotion. It’s a dual purpose cleanser. Okay, so this is supposed
to be a rich cream cleanser. Don’t know why I didn’t
actually read the bottle. I’ve got most of the way
through without knowing that, but I use it as a cleansing lotion. So I massage it onto dry skin and then I use my little bamboo pads, which are sort of like cotton wool pads but you can reuse them, you can wash them, to take it off, and then I use either
Micellar or warm water on the other side of the pads to get the residue off. So that’s my cleanse, and then, as I said before, I just go in with my hydrating serums. I’ve been alternating,
really, between a few. They’re from different brands. So La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 Serum, they’re all hyaluronic acid serums, Alpha-H Hyaluronic, and I think I’ve got the what I thought was the
collagen booster actually from The Inkey List, but I have actually been
using the hyaluronic acid. They look identical apart from the wording. I love that collagen booster. They’re both very very nice and incredibly affordable. I think they’re about
five or maybe six pounds, those boosters, and they’re really good serums. So I’ve been using those and then just in with
a normal moisturizer. The two that I’ve been using
at the moment the most, Dr. Sam’s Flawless, which
I really really like, and weirdly The Body Shop Carrot Cream, just a random one that came
into my inbox before Christmas and I’ve been using loads and loads. I kind of like my creams
now to be in things I don’t have to dig my fingernails into. So I tend to go for
things that are in a tube or in one of these or in those moisturizer pots that you press down on and it shoots out rather erotically from
a hole in the middle. So those I’ve been alternating and then if my skin feels a little bit on the sensitive side, then I crack out the Toleriane, which is from La Roche Posay, and it’s just a fluid, non-oily, oil free moisturizer that’s really intensely hydrating. I think that pretty much everybody should have a moisturizer
like this in their kit. Inexpensive, calming, fine on all skin types, and also oil free so that you can add oil if you want to in another step, but it’s just a really nice base effective moisturizer. It’s good for everything. It’s good as my after-sun, it’s good on acneic skin or skin that’s
prone to getting spots but that feels dry, if you’re on Roaccutane, it’s just a really nice all-rounder. So I use that a lot. This must be my, I don’t know, hundredth bottle of this
since I started using that. And then very importantly, if I’m gonna be outdoors at all, my sunscreen. I talked about this a few weeks ago. I don’t know who’s going
to invent one of these that’s going to top this. This is the Great 8 SPF
from Elizabeth Arden. Launched last year. It’s so so lightweight, so fresh feeling, and I enjoy wearing it. It’s not moisturizing
enough for me on its own, absolutely not. So I apply it over my moisturizer. But for some people who have, you know, that aren’t quite so dry, you might be able to
just put this over serum. Smells nice, quite, it’s not strongly fragranced. It’s like green or white tea
or a green tea kind of smell. It’s a very pleasant smell, but it is fragranced. So that completes the daytime. In the nighttime, we’ve
got the balm cleanser. So Emma Hardie Moringa Light
is going on at the moment. I don’t know why I’m using all these. I do know why I’m using these. I have been testing out lightweight, luxurious cleansers for oiler skin, and that’s why these
are all in the bathroom. So I have Pestle and Mortar Gel Cleanser, I have Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleanser. I’ve got the Ceramic Slip
from Sunday Riley in there. What else have I got? Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I’ve got this Murad hydration one, which is lovely. That’s more of a face wash than a gel balm, but still very very lovely. So I’ve got all of those on the go and that is a proper flannel cleanse. And then again, nothing like dramatically active. I’ve got my hyaluronic acids, so it’s the same routine as the morning. We’ve got cleanse, serum, and then in with the treatments. Now this is only every
three or four nights ’cause I find this so powerful. We’ll get into the crux of things now. On the other nights I would do the same
moisturizers as before. And that says day cream but I’ve been using it at night. So this is just what’s
been next to the sink and I kind of feel like
they’ve been doing their job, these moisturizers, and I haven’t wanted anything more active or more potent or with frills on. I’ve just wanted simple,
basic moisturizers. So the thing that I’ve been doing every three or four nights, drum roll, by the way, this isn’t an ad in any kind of way. I’ve never worked with this brand, I don’t think that you
can even affiliate link to their website so, I mean, I’ll put a little star if I do, but I’m pretty sure you can’t, so there’s no sort of commercial interest for me to say this at all. But this is the R-Retinoate Intense from Medik8. Now mine doesn’t say that. Mine says top secret lab sample, this was something I was sent last year. And I only got around to
trying it at Christmas, and I found it really, really strong. So I stopped for a while, but I had used it three nights in a row. And I’ve sort of found
my happy place with it, which is once every three nights. If I try every other
night it’s just too much. But as I said before, for the little bit of fallout, which is a slight bit of sensitivity and a slight bit of dryness, I feel like the effects of it have just been amazing, and so it’s well worth, for me, it’s well worth that slight discomfort. I just feel now and again the day after I’ve used it, I just feel a slight irritability on my skin. It’s nothing even that noticeable, it’s just a bit like, ugh, a bit like that every few hours or something. It’s not life-changing, I don’t get any peeling, I don’t get any redness. I just feel slightly drier. If I used this every night, I just don’t think that I could. Maybe you could unbuffer it, maybe I’ll work my up. But at the moment I’ve done about six, five, yeah about five weeks at a lower level, and it’s working very very well for me. Very well. As I said before, I feel like my fine lines, there’s been a noticeable difference. This is the most powerful, I think, combination of ingredients
that Medik8 have done. Medik8, a very sort of science-led, I’ve been to their labs
actually a few years ago, they do lots and lots of research and experimentation with retinol. And so they’re kind of like market leaders in anything to do with retinol. That’s what they concentrate on, that’s what they look into and put their efforts into and spend their money on research-wise. And I think it shows. It’s just brilliant, brilliant results. And the formula of the cream is nice, it’s comfortable, it feels luxurious. It is a luxury product but you’re not paying for glitzy packaging or Kate Moss to do the campaign for you. It’s all about what’s inside. They do do other very
powerful retinol products that were at lower price points, but not with quite the same
combination of ingredients. So they’ve found the most
potent forms of retinoid, and they’ve made it so that the irritation level
is as low as it can be, which I think is always the balance that people try and get when they’re formulating
these potent products but that people don’t always get right, and I think that this one is really right and I have noticed a great difference. My face hasn’t fallen
off so it’s all good. Ugh, we’re gonna get on to price, which always makes me cringe. But if we put this one into perspective, you could buy a luxury
cream from a luxury brand for more money than this that would pretty much
not do very much at all to be quite honest with you. It would be a nice face cream and it will have active ingredients, but it’s not gonna make
particularly a visible difference. With this you’re not paying
for the flash marketing, the supermodel that’s
doing the advertising, the packaging that’s in a crystal ball where you open it up and
loads of glitter comes out. You’re not paying for any of that, you’re just paying for
what’s inside the bottle. And so for that reason I feel comfortable, I’ve had great results from this and so I feel, I don’t feel comfortable with the price, but I think that it is worth the investment if you can invest. It’s just over 200 pounds, I think it’s 210 pounds, which is a huge investment. However I do think that it would last a pretty long time, especially if you’re only using it every two to three nights. You’re looking at a good, I would say a good half a year really. This is their top luxury offering. So there are loads of other
products on their website that are strong, potent, have minimal side effects, but they’re at lower price points. I think Crystal Retinal is
something like 50 or 60 pounds for the strong one. But yeah, check out the
website for alternative formulas and alternative price points ’cause it’s worth, well worth looking at. So for people that invest a lot of money or are prepared to invest a
lot of money in their face and they’re looking for that holy grail kind of night cream, I do think that this is well up there with amazing, effective, you know, proper cutting edge formulas. Makes me quite uncomfortable when things go past a certain price point because I know that people are sitting there going, “What the actual, ugh?” And then it’s really
hard, whatever you say, to try and justify something. You know, I’m well aware that that is a lot. So with that out of the way, that is my current skincare routine. And I will list all the products below. Any questions about any of the products that I’ve used, about alternative retinols,
all sorts of alternatives and anything else, I shall list a few, but, you know, they’re not dupes, they’re not comparative
to this one, really. But, you know, just in case
you wanted to dip your toe into the whole more
powerful retinol arena, I’ll give you some little options, all right? Hope that was helpful, and I shall see you in the next video.

53 thoughts on “Current Skincare Routine: Winter 2020

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