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100 thoughts on “Conservative columnist warns GOP voters hoping to face Sanders

  1. Democrats are dumb…..name one socialist governor, senator or congressman. Where is the socialist party's headquarters in the USA? Don't get fooled. Christian states won't vote for him!!!!

  2. Getting past the DNC is the hard thing. tRump is the easy thing.
    Then back to the hardest thing beating the entrenched corruption in Washington.
    It won't be easy but it is worth it!

  3. They say socialist like it's a slurr. The fear of socialism was cos it might let Russia get popular & erode the west. Well that's what trump is doing. What Bernie wants is more or less normal in most decent countries. Govt health care – gee big deal. That's not radical or even amazing.

  4. People have basically slowly gotten used to thinking how things are now is normal. It's not. The US used to have much stronger social services and was much more beneficial to the citizens. It's largely under the control of business-heads who care little for metrics that don't involve money. That's why they cut govt funding to anything that's simply for the public good. That's why they cut safety regulations. That's why they aren't interested in the environment. That's why you hear 'the economy' is good' despite millions of people barely surviving when we should have the resources & technology to afford anything we need. These problems like climate change and pollution and sickness and debt have been invented by the business-head boomers.

  5. I think that all the Democratic Party Trump will call socialist so it doesn’t matter we might still have the best Counted it and that is Bernie

  6. In 2015 and 2016 both Republicans and Trump defended Bernie to their supports for a long time because they wanted to add fuel to the hate Hilary campaign in 2015. So much that it hard for them to attack Bernie. Bernie Sanders is the strongest candidate for the Democrats because he is too knockdown. For a while, the media for some reason constantly attack Bernie for every little thing he ever did and he still standing and standing stronger than before. While Pete finally got a hard question in the Debate in NH and he fails to answer the question well. During the election, Trump will point out the weakness to all these candidates and the media will finally attack the democrats' candidate with the problems that should have been addressed in the primaries. This means Pete will be an attack on his treatment of black people while he was Mayor of Southbend. Warren will be attacked on her lack of Native American roots. Biden long history of being wrong. Amy attacks her workers and is boring. Bernie Sanders because he been principle in his long career and constant. It is impossible for Trump to defeat Bernie. He has nothing that can stick with Bernie but socialism which he knows is not a big deal now.
    Trump has an amazing skill which is reading the room. He beta test his rallies by saying random shit and seeing what he should keep and what he should not use again. So far he really has nothing he could use against Bernie.

  7. You will see in November when Bernie is the president! He is the only one that can beat Trump. An anti-establishment, working class candidate than everybody knows is 100% honest. The he is a socialist card never worked, they say the same with Obama and Kennedy. And everybody already knows Bernies views

  8. It’s amazing to me how their comparing a honest life long fighter of working people to a silver spooned rich kid that never gave a damn. #Bernitdown

  9. You guys are railing harder against Bernie than you are against Trump 😂🤣 Spoiler Alert! #BernieBeatsTrump Bottom line is that Democrats need Independent voters, non-affiliated voters, young voters and non-voters in addition to the traditional Democrats who vote every cycle if they are going to defeat Trump. There is ONE candidate that dominates those demographics 🐦🔥 #SenatorSanders 🔥🐦

  10. Do you guys not realize that polling data exists from 2016 to present showing that #BernieBeatsTrump by the widest margin of any candidate?!

  11. They called Obama a Socialist thousands of times for 8 yrs and he won both elections by a landslide….let that sink in…🤔

  12. I have never seen media agents stump for Dems so blatantly.Right. Vote for Socialism & open borders & bad foreign & domestic policies with Democrats. Don't read the results under our current President at White House sites🤔😂

  13. They always say opposite of truth…..meaning he's the one they are afraid of. Sanders is the most honest….uncorruptable. That's what the GOP fear

  14. I thought this Conservative columnist gets it but he infact doesn't. Bernie will smoke Trump but Biden will get his bottoms handed to him

  15. Lmao I love how this guy is like “don’t hope for Bernie, he just might win!”
    And then he says “I buy the conventional wisdom.”

  16. What people are afraid of is welfare for normal people. Currently people are ok with the welfare for the rich and the corporations.

  17. I like Bernie, but he will need to convince centrists to move far left. Btw, for you centrists afraid of voting for a socialist, he will still need the support of congress.

  18. Bernie represents the kind of dramatic change the American people were hungry for in 2016. The DNC did everything in their power to make sure they didn’t nominate someone who represented that hunger, and as a result we have Donald Trump as a President. Let’s just hope that when Bernie is the nominee those same people who would’ve voted Bernie over Trump in 2016 will still be there.

  19. I know some hardcore Trump supporters who want to vote for Bernie because they want Trump to face off against Bernie and they think Trump will win in an overwhelming landslide.

    So…. They want to vote for their opposition, because they want to see them lose? Shit makes no sense these Trump supporters sure are a handful to deal with.

  20. The Scandinavian countries, Germany, France, England are Democratic Socialist countries and they have free markets. Who still falls for this garbage. Bernie then, Bernie now

  21. What Bernie Sanders would do is make Americans great again because America is owned by the one per cent or the swamp drain it the greed has got to stop the 99% should take it back wouldn't that be something

  22. If you had any doubt about Bernie, a scared CNN means he's doing something right. The only people calling Bernie a socialist are MSM, hmmm what's that about? ??

  23. Wow soon CNN will endorse Trump against Bernie.

    Just like what they did in 2016. They knew Hillary wouldn't win against Trump but still made her a candidate.

  24. Younger people have a different “perspective…. a different understanding of history” in reference to Socialism. HOLY MOTHER OF THE LORD! It has nothing to do with Communism, the Soviet Union or even just plain Socialism for that matter! The DEMOCRATIC socialism the progressive movement is pushing is more in line with the forms of government in Sweden and Denmark. So yes, I guess us youth have a different perspective of history … in that we were actually taught it. Common CNN you at least supposed to be liber… ohhh yea! Sorry my bad Neo-liberal! Right makes total sense now.

  25. The best Biden has done is place fourth in the first two contests. Sanders was won both of the first two contests.

    Ignore facts if it helps your narrative.

  26. The Republicans called Obama a socialist so it doesn't matter. Biden has a terrible record, can't come with up with a complete sentence, takes money from billionaires, and has no enthusiasm. Sanders has the most diverse coalition, takes zero money from billionaires, and has a consistent record to back up his policies. Sanders is the best candidate, and has the most momentum. The establishment democrats and MSM are so threatened by Sanders that they are asking GOP voters who they would like to win the nomination.

  27. We should definitely listened to this pundits they have been so spot on since 2016. Remember when they accurately predicted Hillary has it in the bag, Trump is a joke and will never be elected…oh wait! Yeah, we should definitely listen to them.

  28. If Bernie wins the democratic nomination I believe he will win against Trump. He is focused, appeals to supporters across the spectrum from the working class to the far left, and has a level of honesty and transparency that none of the other candidates bring to the table. At the end of the day Americans are tired of candidates who make excuses for why change for the better is too hard, and the truth is Americans are still hoping for a candidate who will shake the system whether the DNC allows that sort of candidate to succeed or not.

  29. Pfft. Bernie is 10 times more likely to beat Trump than Biden. Bernie will bring out people who don’t normally vote by the millions. Trump would get annihilated in the rust belt.

  30. Sanders will be crushed in the battleground as soon as his demands to nationalize every industry under the sun and his other communist ideology is made public knowledge and this is why Democrats are absolutely terrified that he will be nominated. Bernie Sanders would never get anything done if elected anyway. The Democrats would completely shut him down. They are all talk when it comes to their class envy BS. They and their donors are all rich and they are not going to cut their own throats for the riff raff.

  31. They are still suggesting that Biden is somehow more electable than Bernie. These people just never learn. Also, who cares about that socialist label? They called Obama a socialist too and they will call any Democrat a socialist. Biden has run in three national elections and hasn't come close to winning a single primary but he's still the most electable? Give me a break!


  33. If CNN thinks a guy who views economic problems as too many deodorant choices can beat Trump they are insane! When city kids find out Bernie is against sneaker culture, he loses the vote. When everyone finds out Bernie will triple their gas bill, he loses votes. When voters find out Bernie is against the right to own a home, he loses votes. When people find out Bernie will raise your taxes by 50% to pay for VA style healthcare, he loses the vote. Bernie is HUMAN GARBAGE

  34. I don't think I can agree with his argument. The two didn't-think-could-win Presidents he exemplified were both Republican. We are still ideologically, fundamentally a right-of-center country where people are more inclined to lean conservative than liberal. If Bernie does manage to win the WH, seeing how he still isn't offering much details for how to pay for all of the things he wants, I strongly doubt even moderate Democrats would vote in favor of dramatically increasing government.

  35. After 2 1/2 minutes…..the guy had said virtually nothing. Bernie might win. Ok. Got it. Republicans might regret wishing for him. Ok. Got it. Sanders might change the paradigm. Ok, got it. Knew it because it was….ah….well…..should I say it…..VERY OBVIOUS!!!! This is how CNN is filling space and time??? Tell you what. Let me come on and give a radical perspective that will blow the corporate news minds. Ah, the political system is a joke as is the electoral system. We have the ONLY election in the world where the winner of the popular vote does NOT WIN (or in Parliamentary systems where the winner negotiates with other parties to form coalition to gain a majority, this being a more complicated affair).

    The Electoral College, Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression, Fake News promoted by the Doofus in Chief, his Communist Republican henchmen like Moscow Mitch, etc., Right wing radio racists, fascist fake christians pushing for a Satanic beast, aka Trump, to be their leader…..all of this makes elections fraudulent right from the start.

    And the corporate media LOVE it!! Controversy makes them profits, the only thing they are interested in. Objective news reporting, No. Facts, NO. Mostly 75% of the tie talking Trump….giving him and his crowd credibility to a mass of cult-loving, ignorant as hell, gullible fools ready to elect a Putin shill. This has got to be the best plot for a novel…..except the real story, non-fiction, is so incredible that no one will say it: Trump is a traitor and has committed treason. All the evidence is there. It explains his behavior at Helsinki, in the Middle East, his sycophantish love for Putin as reported by those who have been around him when they have phone conversations; his 5 secret meetings were no one knows what was talked about; his constant praising of Putin; his attacks on our State Dept., our Intelligence apparatus, his constant firing of all of those around him who suspect or know the truth, the deep fear the Republicans have at the revelation that Trump is a traitor and they went along with it,.

    Folks, this is NOT rocket science. The Russians have been giving, loaning Trump hundreds of millions of dollars, buying up his properties, supporting him in his elections…..ARE YOU ALL FUCKING BLIND?

  36. "he is going to completely change the direction of this country… "

    Ahm, yes… that's well overdue, don't you think?

  37. 🤓🤓🤓🤓Bernie! Trump cheated you and Hilliary out of the Oval Office in 2016. What do you plan to do this time now that the stakes are much higher and trump and his trump republicans are desperate for a second term. After all, trump can't let Obama be a two term president and he's not. Trump is banking on being the first second term president who was impeached.😳😳😳😳😳

  38. I read the descriptions and I said to my self, now how do they know that a mass movement of millions more people would not come out to vote for Sanders. That is what you called Russian roulette they are trying to play there. People are sick of the system while Trump uses tax payers dollars to fatten his pocket.

  39. Does nobody appreciate the number of examples of socialism already present in this country? Let’s concentrate on policy, not labels.

  40. It’s time to start educating people on the difference between Socialism (Government owns most companies) Corporate Socialism (Our current system – government designed to benefit large corporations and the top 1%) and Social Democracy (Government designed to benefit the most people)
    The failure to drive this point home is scaring people we could bring in.

  41. Bernie isn’t going to take the Free Market away lmao….. also, even Trump is scared of Bernie? Y’all haven’t heard that leaked clip yet lol

  42. I'm an idiot and I know the difference between a social democracy and communism. Bernie's programs are dependent on capitalism staying strong. Why does no one get that? He isn't talking about nationalizing industry or ending corporations. That is pure republican propaganda. They are trying to take advantage of an under-educated America by spreading this sort of misinformation. A social democracy is all for the people by the people like is says in the constitution.

  43. If I was an American my dad wud be dead by now, when he had a stroke they fitted him with new type of pace maker from Sweden only 3rd person to have one, ahead of its time 15 years ago could record Info on heart and wireless send to laptop, he went straight NHS no looking at insurance papers wondering if they would payout, don't let them roll over you fight for what you should have always had, every American fighting for health care has my respect, because it frightens me what my life would have been like with your profits is all healthcare system.

  44. If Bernie has them worried, he's the one to bet on.

    The Rep Party was SUPER worried about Trump before he was their nominee. Who's to say the same logic doesn't apply?

  45. This is such twisted thinking…. thank god for the internet so voices could be heard….this is pathetic the polls say Bernie has the best numbers on beating trump….report that !

  46. "I don't think Sanders can likely beat Trump!"…

    Meanwhile, a new nationwide poll that came out yesterday has:

    Bernie 47%
    Trump 43%

    I know it's still early but…👀

  47. Bernie Sanders policies will likely make more businesses in the small and medium categories, less risks, less burden on new employers for healthcare, businesses with healthty practises will be more competitive, because employers that are in shitty conditions doesnt have to stay in jobs where they are abused, It is not a totally free market now(luckily) and proper competent regulations will make it the trade work for more people and companies, but offcourse amazon might get a smaller marketshare, and that is terrible….. no.

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