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♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – [Bleep]! This is a jam! – I don’t care if it’s never gonna be as popular as “Gangnam Style.”
But man, he’s got it. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ ♪ (brassy intro) ♪ – Is this Psy? – Oh my gosh. Is he back? – Is he back with a new single?! – My boy Psy back at it again? “I just hit 40, babe.”
Okay. 40’s the new 30. – This is already pretty catchy. – We got another hit up in here. – I love how much effort
goes into these music videos. – Woo! – Hey, he’s got some moves. – Hey! Pen-Pineapple-Pen guy! – Oh my god!! Pineapple-
Apple-Pen is there! – A little sponsor in the back. – It’s like the new “Gangnam Style.” – Dude, he’s just
coming out with hits, man. – It’s pretty creative. – Oh my gosh. Yes. – Oh, God. The choruses are so catchy! – Hey, it’s kinda catchy. – I’m assuming the song’s
called “I Luv It.” – This song is genuinely good. This is getting played
this summer, for sure. – Greatest comeback ever. – Oh yeah, he’s flexing the views.
He’s flexing the views. Okay. – Oh, look at the views. Okay, okay. That might’ve been a little
full of yourself there, Psy. ♪ (techno dance music) ♪ – There’s, like, the new dance thing, right? – ♪ (sings along) ♪ That’s a new one? – This is such a banger. I love it. No pun intended. – It’s been how long and I’m
still in love with K-pop? – This is going to be stuck
in my head for like five days, I already know. ♪ (song concludes) ♪ – God, that’s so awesome! – That was hot. That was
“fresh off the stove” hot, man. I loved that. – This music’s, like, overwhelming. (chuckles) I’m overwhelmed. All of my senses are overwhelmed. – His courses transcend
language, you know? It’s just one word repeated
over and over and over again. It’s not even in English, but everybody knows the lyric
to “Gangnam Style,” the chorus. – (FBE) Well, he actually
released two songs. – WHAT?! – Show it to me! I know you guys have it! – Ohh. I love it. Let’s– ♪ I love it, I love it ♪ Yeah. ♪ (jazzy pop intro) ♪ – I’m digging the sax. – (snickers) ♪ (Psy rapping) ♪ – Why is he the fliest Korean
man in the [bleep] world? ♪ (bouncy interlude) ♪ – [Bleep]! This is a jam! – That beat! Oh my god! ♪ (Psy singing soulfully) ♪ – God, he’s actually a good vocalist. – “Heaven. This must be heaven.” Damn. – “Heaven just walked in
and knocked on my door.” Oh, is this a love song? – It’s that iconic pelvic
thrust, that Psy thrust. – He’s a good dancer, I’ll give him that. – “New face.” (laughs) – “Someone, someone new.” – Even when he’s dressed
ridiculous, he looks so cool, man. – Hey, hey. “New face, new face, new face.” What? – Yeah, I like that. – (singing along) ♪ New face ♪ – God, see what I mean? Like, one simple phrase
that’s just repeated over a really hard-hitting beat. – (chuckles) – He’s got it, dude. He just got it,
dude. This is my guy. – (snickers and chuckles) – Oh my god. (giggles) What? – ‘Eeyyy, we want some new face! – (snickers) He got a dab in there? Okay. – I think I like the other one better. – What does that even mean?
“Hey, we want some new face”? – Oh, dude, it’s so good. – (snickers) – ♪ New face ♪
– Ooh! Did he do a double-dab to end it?
A freeze-frame dab? Psy, you’re better than that! Come on! – I was digging the first one
a little bit more. But you know, this was cool. – They have good beats to them.
I could see how they’re catchy and people listen to them and like him. But it’s not really my type of music. – I like it. It’s a nice beat. It’s just so much going on. And as always, these kind of videos
are just so random. – I love that. That was awesome. What the heck, dude?
He’s so good at what he does. – I don’t care if it’s never gonna be as popular as “Gangnam Style.” But mean, he’s got it. He kills it. – (FBE) So these videos just
dropped a couple days ago. Is it possible that anyone
doesn’t know Psy at this point? – I’m sure there’s always gonna be
someone that doesn’t know you. I mean, and no matter how popular you are. – There’s some people who just
don’t care about what goes viral or what’s trending. But to those who have been
on the internet, you know. – Even my grandma knows who Psy is. He’s made his way in the music world. – It’s, “Oh, he did
‘Gangnam Style,’ right?” It’s like, “Yeah, he did a lot
more than that.” – (FBE) Psy, of course, is best
known for “Gangnam Style,” and that song is now five years old. – Five years old? – Hold [bleep]. I am old as hell. That one of the first things I reacted to. ♪ (Psy rapping) ♪ – I was 16 when I reacted to that. Oh, God. That’s weird. This is awesome. (chuckles) – That’s five years old?! Are you kidding? I remember when I reacted to that. – Is this another weird
music video? Come on, guys. – (FBE) So we have to ask, how does it compare to “Gangnam Style”? – It’s not gonna be “Gangnam Style.” But it’s got the components
to be “Gangnam Style.” I think they’re better, to be honest. – I love “I Luv It.” But “Gangnam Style” is cool. It’s classic. But I liked this beat better. – The second song really has the ability to become the next “Gangnam Style” because it’s so funny. Which song I’d prefer
to listen to? The first one. It’s a little more serious.
It’s a little more fun. And I enjoy it. – The two go together,
like Psy and “Gangnam Style.” It’s just like you think of one,
you think of the other. So whenever you see him with a new song, you think of it. And you’re just like, “Oh, is it
as good as the last one?” “Gangnam Style” is like up here, and those songs were like right here. – “Gangnam Style” will always
be a great piece of work. But, you know, this is cool too. Will I put it on my Spotify playlist? I don’t know. Will I jam out to it the way
I jammed out to “Gangnam Style”? I don’t know. Also, I’m older, and I feel
like my music taste’s just kind of in a different place now. – “Gangnam Style” was its own thing. But he is clearly just
doing that classical pop. Every artist and entertainer
have their thing. Psy’s is his pelvic thrust
and the glasses and the tuxedos. Knowing what you’re
good at and perfecting it and sticking with it is what– you know, what’s what you should do. – (FBE) As finally, as we discussed, it’s been half a decade now
since “Gangnam Style.” – Don’t say “half a decade.”
Just say five years, man! (loud whimper) – (FBE) Do you think that Psy
will always have this attention? or do you think it’s gonna become
less and less over time? – I think with any artist, it will become less and less eventually. – People are always going to be looking for the next “Gangnam Style”
from him, you know? So if he produces the next song
that’s completely shit and then produces another one, he’s still gonna get the same
amount of people going, “Oh, Psy produced another song. Interesting. Let’s see if it follows up.” – He’s always gonna get that recognition and always will have that notorious
fame for what he’s doing. – I haven’t forgotten Psy
for “Gangnam Style.” And I think it’ll be a while before anyone really
forgets “Gangnam Style.” – He’ll always have that reputation
because of “Gangnam Style.” So if he releases music,
it’ll still be popular. It’ll still get attention, because
he’s the “Gangnam Style” guy. – Thanks for watching this
episode of College Kids React. – What videos should we cover next?
Let us know in the comments. – “Psy” you later. – Hey, guys, I’m Kyle,
a producer here at FBE. – And I’m Kenira, a production assistant. Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. – We’ve covered Psy many more times, so make sure to go
check it out down below. Bye, guys.
– Bye.

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