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Charcoal Face Mask Review | Does this REALLY WORK?  LET’S FIND OUT!

hey everyone it’s Tallitha here! if you’re new to my channel welcome and
please hit that subscribe button down below and like this video so I’ve always
seen people using charcoal mask on their face saying that it gets rid of
blackheads and stuff like that and clears your skin makes it smooth and
I’ve never really tried the mask before but the other day I was walking through
Walmart and I saw this It is the purifying black charcoal mask hydration
and moisture premium charcoal mask sheet so I decided to buy it and try it and
the instructions are on the back right there so I’m going to try this on camera
and see if this really works I don’t really have blackheads that much but let’s
see if this thing can surprise me tear this off smells nice this is the mask Let’s do this wait a minute Looks so scary okay so we are gonna leave it
for 15-20 mins I’m going to leave it for 20 minutes going to leave it for 20 minutes
and then I’m going to peel it all off replenish moisture and soothes skin this is a spa night for me I am rejuvenating Look at this Alright let us wait 20 minutes 20 minutes later okay so the 20 minutes
has passed and I’m gonna peel this thing off my face now so let’s see if I get
the same results as these other youtubers it’s not even that sticky nope it’s apparently not a blackhead remover like the other charcoal masks I see so
popular on YouTube my skin does feel nice. I’m gonna wash this off so
we’re switching to vlog style okay um well my skin does feel… feels good it feels
really soft and like it feels different I don’t know how to explain it feels
really cool too my face feels really different guys so although it didn’t
pull blackheads out of my face like I expected this works I feel rejuvenated I
feel like I’ve done something good with my face this is the end of this video
thank you guys so much for watching from my bathroom I think you can find
this in any Walmart really but I’m going to try to find a link so you can
buy online if you want to thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to
subscribe like comment share and I’ll see you next time I post videos every
week so turn on your notifications so you don’t miss a single upload from me bye you

3 thoughts on “Charcoal Face Mask Review | Does this REALLY WORK? LET’S FIND OUT!

  1. omg i love this mask!! i did the black mask challenge on my channel and it hurt so bad … you should do it 🙂

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