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97 thoughts on “CHANEL Makeup Looks: Get the Terre Naturelle Look with the Summer 2016 Collection.

  1. Chanel, bring Jac back to the runway! Your designs need to be presented in her beautiful figure. <3

    It's nice to see her talking, she's so lovely and gorgeous… HER EYES! #LOVEHA

  2. I really enjoy watching these videos with Jac. I watched the manicure one lots of times and copy what she does and my attempts at manicure no longer make me look like I did some butchering.

    Jac doesn't need much makeup true but neither do most of us if we use the right colours which is the really difficult thing to work out – that and how to apply it well! It's good to see the videos and how the make up looks on different skin/hair/eyes combinations to get an idea of what suits me. Would love to see a couple of models with more mature skin too 🙂

  3. Okay i LOVE Chanel but this tutorial tho…
    Gets a facial, Aplies primer, foundation, concealer, gets her hair done, ALREADY LOOKS GOOD AF
    "Okay, step one…"

  4. Beautiful! "Less is more" I like natural looks than the looks those the teen girls apply much on their adorable faces.

  5. i think this is the makeup we must do not using lots of colors and creams it looks like heavy mask but this is real soft and beautiful.

  6. Действительно получился естественный и освежающий макияж. Красота.

  7. Everything seem so well but she would be treated by dentist first about diastema closure. That's will OK .

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