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Bloodlines and Lifelines [Full Episode] | Escape From the Bloodkeep Episode 5

– [Brennan] We find our vile villains here, in the skies above Gorgar. On board the Siren, flagship of the Forgotten Fleet. Markus, come home. – Uh yeah, I wanna come home, but without you. – [Brennan] And a goblin

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Coronavirus: Can You Get It from Your Dog?

– There is an email from Chandler who writes: I’m allowed to walk my dog during the stay in place order but can my dog pick up the virus from outside and transform it to me? So, Dr Batra, can

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Oral History: Dr. Allen Spiegel, NIDDK Director Emeritus

[music] SPIEGEL: I arrived in Boston at the age of three, in 1949. I’m going to use the word “allegedly” here because we want real facts as opposed to alternative ones. So a lot of what I’m going to say

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Coronavirus, Economic crisis and how to use them for the left

Just a heads up, this video is visually pretty bad. The script is good, and I make some points every leftist should hear but I am afraid I can’t add visuals to this video. I’ve had some family troubles this

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GIANT Blackheads Removal 2020 | Satisfying Acne Treatment

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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GRWM: 10 MIN MAKEUP ROUTINE BACKPACKING | how to pack light & thoughts on makeup as a backpacker

hi my name is Amanda Felise and this is me backpacking from Europe to Singapore completely by land come join me in my hostel room in St. Petersburg as I get ready for a day out good morning it’s my

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