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Can These Portable Magnifying Glasses Make Applying Makeup Easier?

Nicole: Whoa. Nico: So this is the
Younilook Mirror Lenses, and it just looks
like a pair of glasses that you stick onto your mirror to help you put on makeup
without actual glasses getting in your way. Nicole: And it looks
like the first step is to peel it, which
we’ve already done. And then we place
and push on the mirror with our eyes in line
with the lower edge. Nico: What? No. OK. Pull down the device. Nicole: I need to select
the lenses from the case. This is the part that I
was the most nervous about. That doesn’t seem right. Celia: Slot underneath. Is this supposed to be down? OK. OK. If required, extend, lift lid, and pull forward. Whoa, b—-. Oops, sorry. Nicole: Great. Ready to go. Nico: I’m really
lucky that I can see in front of me pretty well. Now. This isn’t, like, so bad, but it’s definitely not good. Like, I’m still squinting
trying to see what’s happening because I can’t really tell. Also, it makes it look like I have a giant head and
a tiny little body. Oh no, I’m definitely
not doing a straight line on my nose. I can’t tell how I’m bronzing. This stuff, like, the
actual face stuff, isn’t gonna be the hard part. The hard part’s gonna
be my actual eye makeup. I can see where my brow is, but, like, I can’t. It feels like I’m going… It feels like I’m going
on my skin, not my brow. All right. It’s honestly a little bit worse when you’re doing
eyeshadow because at least I can tell
where my brow is. I can’t really tell where
I’m blending this eyeshadow. I can kind of feel it, but… I see how it looks
darker than my other eye. I can kind of see my lashes,
so that’s a good sign. I feel like I look like a monster. Celia: I feel like it’s, like, ideal if you can, like, go
looking and then check. Because, like, I
definitely need to check. It’s really hard to do
your forehead in here. Like, this is almost impossible. I’m trying to think of this animal that has huge eyes, and
that’s what I feel like, but I can’t remember
what it’s called. There’s also just, like,
certain parts of your face that, like, the
glasses lenses cover. So, like, my nose. Oh, yep. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m just wondering if this
is, like, better for people who, like, are really,
like, cannot see that well, or if it’s better for people
who have, like, OK vision but need a little extra help. Because I feel like I’m the latter. Nicole: All right, let’s
see which one I’m gonna be. So this is A. Still very blurry. This is B. That’s a no. C. Still blurry. So let’s hope that
it’s gonna be D. And I don’t think D’s
gonna work for me either. So that’s a slight problem, but that’s probably
because I actually have really, really horrible vision and the fact that
literally I can’t see anything in front
of me right now until I get about this
close to the mirror. Right now it goes from
plus one to plus 3.75, which means that my
prescription must be even beyond that. Nico: I don’t wanna
say that this device can’t work for someone with
better vision than mine, I just don’t really
think it works for me. There’s just not enough
of a range of lenses for someone with very
poor vision like me, and I could barely
see what I was doing. Seeing my makeup afterwards,
it’s not terrible, but it’s definitely overdone. Overall, maybe I’d give
it, like, three stars, and I say that because even
though it didn’t work for me, I could definitely see it
working for somebody else. It’s very, just like,
simple and easy to use once you figure out
how to set it up, how to find your lens. Nicole: I guess I would
have to give it a two or a three
out of five, I mean, based on what I could
do with the product and the setting it up, like I said, it seems really user-friendly, and I think that if you are
within the very specific range of this product’s ideal clientele, you know, primarily
glasses-wearers, as well as just having a
somewhat weaker prescription, I think that this could actually
work really great for them. Celia: I think it honestly
did help a little bit. I liked the fact that I could
see, like, my eyes bigger. They weren’t super
crystal-clear, but they were bigger, and
I didn’t have to get, like, so close to the mirror. Overall, I think I’d
give it a 3.5 to four. I know that’s not an
exact number, maybe a four just because, like, I
am leaning a bit higher. I think that it could work
super well for some people, and for some people
it won’t work at all. But I think that’s just,
like, trial and error and seeing if it works for you, and if it does, then
it’s, like, really great and could change
your makeup game. Nico: Every time I get
too close I just slap it.

23 thoughts on “Can These Portable Magnifying Glasses Make Applying Makeup Easier?

  1. It's seems so weird but I kinda feel like it's Unnecessary and kinda just in the Way and overpriced for no reason like why is it so expensive

  2. just imagine using this and your brother comes in like:

    ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) < i am shishter shook right now


  3. It's probably for people with hypermetropia who cannot see objects which are close and don't poke their eye with the product

  4. Useful gadget,what most girls including me do is come 2-3 cms near the mirror while applying make-up or use my hand mirror,just a kind of Magnifying glass really,we can make the same with much cheaper materials.Costs a ton!!

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  6. Ok but like what if you have antimetropia ? (When your prescription in one eye is hella different in the other eye lol)

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