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Camila and Tessa face each other | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Nanny Ichu? Tessa. Well, well, well! This is interesting! Camila, have you met Vito’s… …wife, Tessa? Tessa, I’m sure
you’ve met Camila. She’s your husband’s
ex-girlfriend. Cut it out, Melissa! What? You haven’t changed,
Aunt Melissa. You still have no class. If I were you, Tessa, I’d be wary of
Aunt Melissa. Because she has the
tendency to spill other people’s secrets. Ask Aunt Tatiana. I never asked for your advice. Nor did I ever want
anything from you. Okay. Wow! That was such
a passionate defense, Vito! I almost thought you
were her lawyer. And you still have
the nerve to deny nothing’s going on
between you two? There’s nothing going on
between us, Tessa. Tatiana! Tatiana! Tatiana! Why did you do that? You know Luis
needs our support. He’s working with Camila! How do you expect
me to support him?! Because Luis is our only
chance to clear our name! We cannot be as proud
and above everyone as we used to be! You know what, Alice? If you want to continue
being a martyr, by all means, go ahead! But leave me out of it. Camila! Camila! Vito, I’m in a hurry. Camila, wait!

100 thoughts on “Camila and Tessa face each other | TKB (With Eng Subs)

  1. Hay direct at writer wag nyo na pareho camilla at Vito,dapat d matuloy annulment nila,Ibalik nyo na si Papa Fabio miss ko na mapanood malamya na naman manood

  2. akalain mo nag aaway ang dalawang Reyna ng Universe at International tas may pa bongang pasarela pa. FIERCE parin?

  3. Wow Tessa seriously sasabihin mo ang mga secreto mo k Melissa. Haha parang binroadcast na niya sa buong Las Espadas, ikaw rin sinampay mo ng iunderwear mo sa labas ng bahay nio lol

  4. 3:19 Hair stylist ni #JanellaSalvador please… Dapat ganito ang paglalagay at pagmamatch ng color sa hair extension.

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