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Cai Edaño’s Acne Breakout Survival Skin Care Routine | Beauty Secret | Ka-Vogue

Hey everyone, so it’s your girl okay Hi everyone ..what? Hi everyone. Welcome back to my channel. It’s your homegirl, Cai Edaño And today I will be sharing to you my night time skin care routine in partnership with Ka-Vogue magazine and I’m so glad to be part of their team now and… Yeah just to start off Hi everyone, My name is Cai Edaño and today I will be showing you how I do my night time skin care routine I’m so sorry about my look today by the way I was really rushing earlier. I was going to A hang out-dinner party. I’m with Ariana Grande, Like Kylie Jenner, you know, Kendall Jenner Like the usual- the usual gang First things first I have to take off my… Anything that I can take off from my face *the whole face* the fake lashes. that’s the first thing I always always want– I always always …remove Because I don’t know. I don’t really wanna… Because the next item I will be using is oily and I don’t really want to mix them together Holy sh- Oh my god I’m dying I’m dying Wait Okay, well that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be Really? Okay Hi guys ummm.. I’m Cai Edaño The next thing I’ll do is.. I’m going to use Clinique take the day-off Omg I’m really a youtuber now.. I also do this now so I just take… I just use my fingers to use this… and do this I have to tie my hair first What happened oh my god Ouch It hurts… ouch It’s really tangled now ouch I’m never gonna use this ever.. ever Ouch my hair I don’t know why I even used that one I was actually pressured because Ariana Grande and everyone had their pony tails up earlier So I was like, you know what, I’ll do that too I’m not gonna lose over that Coconut oil… was it coconut oil? Yeah I’m just gonna rub it on my face Yas, queen! Am I still cute? This is me working out This L’Oreal Cleansing Towelettes L’Oreal.. Let’s do it like YouTuber, of course see I’m so happy See, you can see my pimple in here I have pimple, mostly on my forehead area This is all my boyfriend-stress I read this article that most acnes on your forehead are either from digestive problems or stress That’s my boyfriend-stress “She got stressed on her boyfriend as if she’s cute” Iz u cute? Iz u really cute? How do I look? How do I look? *Yas, she looking wet* after washing my face, I just use paper towel This Caudalie Moiturizing toner Okay, so after that it’s all dry now.. it’s really nice, I love it Gurl, so I’m gonna use a Vichy vitamin C brightening I’m just gonna drop it on my forehead, on my cheeks I’m just gonna.. pat it on my face because it’s actually sticky until it gets dry… The next thing I use is Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum So after use that, I’m gonna use my moisturizer This is from drunk elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream It’s from drunk elephant It’s protein moisturizer combines an unprecedented array and.. Gurl The last Thing that I use on my face is this Whenever I get acnes and stuff like that, this is very helpful. This is Super Spot Remover From Origins.. and once you put it on your face it will burn a little bit Just a little bit But it means that actually dries up.. like the next day it dries up your acne ‘Cos right now I have a lot of acne.. like I actually have a lot Of course, do not forget to drink some water. It’s important to hydrate So thank you guys for watching don’t forget to hit the like button, subscribe and click the notification bell button So you are updated on my weekly videos Comment down below if you have any suggestions, recommendations for my YouTube, um future YouTube videos Okay, so I’ll see you next time. I love you guys and..

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