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Yo, check it this is my gurl right here. She’s uhhh… puttin’ on makeup She’s lookin’ at the stuff getting ready to go Uhhhh, still getting ready to go Uhp, there’s me with our baby in the background.. *lip smack* Uhhmm.. God, she’s lookin’ down a lot I don’t know what she’s doing.. Uhp, here we go! Finally She’s applying uhh, eyeliner stuff.. *smacks lips* Umm I’m sorry, I meant that eyebrow liner That’s what she’s doin’ Soo Now she’s just doin’ the same thing I guess… Probably contemplating her life Or somethin’ Gotta make sure those eyebrows are super dark and super skinny ’cause You don’t wanna get mistaken for a dude Girls find it offensive when you…mistake them for men. And now she’s looking at her huge, collection of face modification stuff. Uhp, gotta go back to those eyebrows. So uhh.. Guess we’ll just sit here and watch her do her eyebrows a little more I don’t know why she’s not suicidal Honestly, if i had to stare at myself that much everyday, I’d wanna kill myself. But uh Yep… Uhp, now she’s doing the skin under her eyebrows Not sure why… Now she’s doing the skin above her eyebrows That makes zero sense I guess you gotta make sure your skin is skin colored Another random weapon.. What is this, probably… I have no idea What is this for? Uhp, it’s for her upper eye her upper eyelid You gotta get something totally different to do that Make sure her eyes are eye color ‘Cause they wanna be eye color… and without that Some makeup company just made like seventy dollars… …because somebody doesn’t know that, their eyelids are already eyelid color Now I guess we’re shading in the side of our eyes.. Uh, because she wants the side of her eyes to be.. dark and emo I guess? That, I guess, attracts more people to her Now she’s just smearing a cream all over her face Again, I have no idea why And here she is goin’ in for the big brush Looks like a horse’s tail… …No That one looks like a… maybe a.. maybe a cat’s tail? A cut off cat’s tail She wants to dump this on her face I guess it’s not comin’ out though Like ketchup It’s not comin’g out like ketchup.. Now she’s.. making sure her chin skin is chin skin color.. Gotta spread it in deep so it gets in all the pores so they can get clogged later Now we’re lookin’ at the ketchup again And now she’s painting her face like an Indian Guess she’s an aspiring tribal member? Uhp, there I am with the baby again waiting to go She just has to take a few more hours no big deal Everyone else is standing around doing nothing, but you know She’s gotta get her makeup on so… It’s okay we’ll wait It’s not like you don’t do this constantly every single day Make me wait to do your dumb makeup Guess what? You’re taken So, who you trying to impress, huh? Uhp, now you gotta get the neck lines Make sure you get the neck lines By the way, your face looks green and your neck looks, like, tan Were you trying to look like the green goblin? ‘Cause you look like the green goblin Yeah, go ahead and smile I’m not forgetting the fact that you cheated on me with my brother You think it’s sooo funny You know, you’re lucky he died And you’re lucky I felt sorry for you and took you back Yeah, just keep smiling Uhp, and now we’re putting on our.. freakish eye things I don’t even.. It looks like a torture device from Saw Oh! You didn’t quite do the eyebrows all the way Let’s go and work on the eyebrows again, whoops Not quite square enough at the tips Uhp, almost there we go Let’s go back and do it again Now we’re just randomly winging it F*** it, I’ll just rub it all over the place I literally have no idea why you’re putting on makeup I have no more brothers for you to sleep with Make sure you get the waterbed of your eyes Just like you made love to my brother on the waterbed You have no heart You literally have no heart I don’t know how you stare at those cold dead eyes every single day after what you did to my family You ripped my family apart And yet you still have the nerve to try to cover up how horrible and rotten you are on the outside To make people think that you’re actually decent on the inside I can’t even believe you didn’t even come to the funeral after all the things you said to him You just slept with me and then you slept with my brother Now here you are Stuck with me because my brother died Uhp, now we’re putting on fake eyelashes Just like your fake soul And your fake heart You used us both Yeah go ahead and chuckle about it I see that little smirk on your face Yeah go and try to fix that fake eyelash If only your personality were as curable Every single time you got pregnant with my brother or my baby Next day you’re like “Can I have an abortion?” You’re the one who told us to finish inside you and then you just wanna get an abortion It’s called birth control lady You know what, I’m not putting up with this anymore I’m gonna f***ing kill you so you can join my brother and then I’m gonna kill myself I f***ing HATE YOU DIE b**** f****ing die *crying* die like my brother.. *sobbing* die like my… *more sobbing* *still crying*

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