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Biometric experts discuss technology, security of iPhone X Face ID

mobile phone smartphones are integral
part of our life, Right? Over 80% of the adult population in the United States
have a smartphone. With the new iPhone face ID the technology has improved sufficiently and made it very strong both for authentication as well
as for spoof resistance. Different people have slightly different
arrangement of the you know, eye to eye distance, eye to mouth distance, nose to
eye distances, and so forth. So the shape information can be utilized to do the
recognition. The second type of difference of course is a texture right
so we have you know slightly different skin textures, those can also be used for
doing face recognition. In order to handle this kind of different face matching/view angles..
during the enrollment when you capture faces you wish to capture
face from all different view angles. therefore during enrollment Apple will ask you to face the camera and rotate your face left to right up and
down right so that eventually it can capture face from left ear to the right
ear all the way in front of forehead including the neck part. Even though part
of face such as mouth, such as forehead are occluded, there is still a chance that
the visible part will be able to recognize the faces. So if even you have
lots of beard a 3d sensor can see through the facial hair essentially get to your
skin to ask me the shape. When you use infrared sensors you could
live with low light environment. You know in the dark in a low light infrared can still capture data so you can still do a face recognition. I think
that’s very important for iphone because people use the phone in all different kinda lighting conditions. If you use 3D sensors and the problem will be
less because 3d sensors only cares about the shape information don’t care about
the photometric property on faces. So I think in the long run many of those
attack could be reliably detected hence your phone will still be safe. now at some later point there is no reason why we cannot have both touch ID as well as face ID in a mobile phone and In fact that’s a very strong possibility in fact
there may be even iris recognition in there. So this is called multi-biometrics.

1 thought on “Biometric experts discuss technology, security of iPhone X Face ID

  1. And you can unlock it with multiple people lol, major security flaw build it the phone.
    So much for the security. Will stick with fingerprint scanner for now.

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