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– Hi everyone! At the urging of the associated press, the courts have finally unsealed Bill Cosby’s 2005 deposition. In this case against former
Temple University employee, Andrea Constand, Cosby admitted
that he bought Quaaludes, with the intent of giving
them to young women he wanted to have sex with. Now, I know I already
talked about this case in my What’s in My Bed Bill Cosby edition video, which if you haven’t seen
you can watch right here, but in light of these
new revelations I wanted to revisit this story and talk
about how things have changed now that Cosby has admitted
that he bought Quaaludes with the intent of having sex with woman who were significantly impaired and unable to give consent. So, without further ado, this is Contouring the
Truth with Bill Cosby and Megan MacKay also is there. So you’re gonna want to apply your regular base all over first. This color is called crime. It’s gonna look a bit grim at first, but that’s why we contour
it, to make it look better without actually changing anything at all. The first step to contouring
is creating shadow. So you’re gonna want to take a bronzer or a foundation nuts
a couple shades darker than your natural color. You can sort of adjust the shade based on how shadowy your past is. And you’re gonna want to
apply it in several key areas. The first place you apply is
just along your hairline here. You know like it’s a shadow
from that fake-ass halo you pretend to wear all the time. The next place you apply shadow is the hollows of your cheek bones, just below where your cheek bones are. And you’re gonna want that
application to be razor sharp, like you’re cutting through
corroborating stories of, what is it 48 women now? We literally lost count
of the number of women that have accused him. You’re also gonna want
to dust some bronzer or foundation just along your jaw and with a really light touch. Kinda like you’re underscoring
the character testimonials of people who don’t
really matter to the case. Like people who have seen your live show, or people who have seen your TV show, or like Whoopi Goldberg, you know? Finally you can use shadow
along the sides of your nose. Longer lines will elongate your face, and lines closer together will make your nose appear narrower. Like you’re using your moral
high ground style comedy to make it appear less
likely that you did it. Like, oh he spent years telling young me to pull up their pants, why would he tell young women to pull down their pants, alright? Next part of contouring is highlighting. And you can use powder, cream, liquid, whatever type of product you like. As long as it’s a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin tone. We’re gonna be highlighting
a few key areas of your face to make them look lighter or less serious than they actually are. You’re gonna want to
highlight the area in between the two contoured lines on your nose. Like, oh it was just a cup of tea. And then, continue that
line all the way up to the middle of your forehead. It was just a regular drink. You’re also gonna want to
highlight your under eye area and making a triangle so that you can blend the two colors naturally. Like, oh I was just giving
her herbal medicine. Which, by the way, what
the (bleep) is that? Your cupids bow right here should be highlighted just a little bit. It was just three half pills of Benadryl. I don’t take a lot of Benadryl, but that still sounds like a lot of of Benadryl to take at once. Finally, just a little dab
right on your chin, right here. Okay, fine, it was Quaaludes. Oh no no no, blend it
in, quick blend it in. Shhh, shh, shhhhhh, “Okay, okay, never happened.” Shh, shhh shhh. To blend you can use a dabbing motion or gentle back and forth. And make sure you blend
out any harsh lines, like you’re a doddering
old man who can’t seem to keep his lies straight. Once you’re happy with your look, you’re going to apply a finishing powder. Either a translucent one,
or one in your own color. Basically, what you’re doing
with your look right now is you’re sealing it up to prevent undue oppression, embarrassment, and annoyance. It’s like Cosby said when
he requested that case be sealed 10 years ago. I guess that’s code for: I want to attack, or attempt to attack one woman, essencially for every week of the year and I want to continue to sell tickets, and make money, and have people
love me without consequence. My biggest problem with cases like this is the way we treat the
victims that come forward. If we’re truly a judicial
society and we’re willing to give Cosby the innocent
until proven guilty benefit of the doubt. Why can’t we extend that
same courtesy to victims who come forward and say
that they’ve been assaulted. And treat these people
who come forward seriously and with respect until
it’s empirically proven that they’re making it up. Which, by the way, happens in like four percent of rape cases. If you like this video click suscribe. I make a new one every single week. You can also find me on
social media down below. And there’s another video in
the bottom left hand corner for you to check out if you’d
like to watch another one. I will see you guys next week, until then, goodbye, ta-ta for now.

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