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Best Selling Makeup Products of 2019 | Makeup Must-Haves For Indian Skin

The beauty industry has been in full bloom this past year with 2019 being a big breakthrough for India because a lot of international skin care and makeup brands have found a home here as well! Today I decided to gather some of the ride-or-dies of 2019 and share them with you guys! It’s not too late to go out and get your hands on them and start flaunting glowing skin & flawless faces! The first product I’m going to be talking about is the OLAY Total Effect 7-in-1 Night Firming Cream. Now a moisturizer is an absolute must-have no matter what your skin tone, texture or type maybe. And this being a cult favourite, comes as no surprise for a variety of reasons. It works for both dry & oily skin types because of its lightweight texture and it has hydrating as well as anti-aging properties that leave your skin feeling smooth, supple & firm. It also contains vitamin E & glycerin that prevent fine lines, wrinkles and also promote cell regeneration to make your skin feel plump through the course of the night! The next product on this list is The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask. Now the sheer diversity in this range of face masks is what makes it an absolute favourite amongst skincare addicts of all ages! I prefer the Shea Butter Face Mask because I have extremely dry skin and it gives my skin an instant boost of hydration and leaves it with an illuminated finish! Now if you have acne-prone skin the Potato Face Mask is an absolute must-try because it instantly soothes inflamed skin. And because this whole range is natural it’s great for sensitive skin as well! The next product on this list is the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation. Now all Huda Beauty products have been an absolute trend all of 2019 with people falling in love with her lipsticks, concealers and even this full coverage foundation that has actually found it’s place in my everyday makeup kit as well. Even though it’s a little pricey, I believe it’s an investment because of it’s rich formulation and liquid to powder finish which means I can even skip concealer & setting powder as well! Now it’s also a very shade inclusive range so whether you’re very fair or deep skin toned, you’re bound to find your perfect match! The next on the list is the Maybelline New York FitMe Concealer. Now amazing meets affordable with this concealer range that’s specifically formulated for Indian skin tones & our humid climate! This full-coverage concealer can be layered and blends out with ease. It also leaves a very natural finish and doesn’t look cakey at all. It also comes in 9 shades that I often use for liquid highlighting and contouring as well! The next product we’ll be talking about is the Benefit Lip & Cheek Stain. Now, skin tints can be extremely fast drying and need to be quickly blended in using the warmth of your fingertips. Unlike a lot of the products that I’ve used before, this one is extremely long-lasting and gives your skin a beautiful flush even if you’re not wearing any other makeup! Jumping into eyes, the next product we’ll be talking about is the NYX Professional Ultimate Shadow Palette. Affordable and budget-friendly, this product comes in 8 versions ranging from warm neutrals to bright vibrant colours. Now unlike a lot of other products I’ve used before, the mattes in these palettes can really pack a punch and help you to create multiple eyeshadow looks ranging from classic to extremely bold. Also, if you’re a beginner at makeup the warm neutrals palette from this range is a must-buy! Next we’ll be talking about the Chambor Long-Wear Eye Pencil. Now long-wear eye pencils are an absolute necessity in our humid weather and this particular one has made it to the top of the list because of its weatherproof abilities! Use it to line and define your eyes for a smouldering effect without any fear because it’s also enriched with vitamin E that nourishes your eyes with every stroke. The next product we’ll be talking about is the L’oreal Paris Million Lashes Mascara. Now inspite of the sheer number of brands focusing on long and voluminous lashes, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the top of the list is made by a drugstore mascara. Its unique wand gives you natural wispy lashes in just one application and bold and dramatic ones with multiple coats! The last product on this list is Maybelline New York’s Color Sensational Lipsticks. Now if you’re someone that shies away from using liquid lipsticks but still wants that matte finish, this 35 color range is an absolute winner! Creamy lipsticks do tend to fade away after a few hours of being applied but this particular one leaves behind a soft tint instead of getting patchy! Now, it’s time to jump into this new year armed with the best products that are going to give you flawless skin and take your makeup game to the next level! Until next time, stay tuned & stay Glamrs!

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