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BEST GERMAN DRUGSTORE SKIN/BODY/HAIR CARE of 2019 Yearly Favorites: dm & Rossmann + Apotheke | GRWM

good morning everyone in today’s video
I’m going to do my best in 2019 German drugstore favorites the two drugstores
that I mainly go to in Germany are DM and Ross Mon and I actually also spend a
lot of my time in Apple takis here which are pharmacy and skincare stores so they
carry higher end brands but still drugstore like la roche-posay Bioderma
Vichy things that basically we would find back at Target at home yes I just
woke up so my hair is like really messed up this is actually my second video
about German things that I’ve tried so I’m really excited to do this video I
did videos about us favorites makeup skincare and life style if you missed
that everything will be linked in the description box videos and products in
this video I also want to include body care and hair care products so let’s get
into the video I’m going to do my skincare on my face as it get ready with
me so the first German drugstore skincare
favorite is the Garnier skin active micellar water this is the one for
sensitive skin so it’s in the green packaging have you been watching me for
a while you know that I love the pink one which is for all skin types but my
husband picked us up last year and he says he prefers it over the pink one I
don’t really find a difference I like this because it’s affordable you can get
it anywhere and it does the job really well I already used it prior to filming
so my bad but I basically just put a little bit on a cotton pad this is a
reusable one that my husband and I have been using obviously not the same one
this has been really nice too I actually got these cotton pads on the German
Amazon website and then on the other half because it’s such a big cotton pad
by the way this is the box that the cotton pads came in and you get 20 of
them six of them are these scrub bamboo Terri pads 80 percent bamboo 20 percent
cotton those are the white ones that I like and then the ones that my husband
likes to use their soft bamboo velvet pads 75 percent bamboo and 25 percent
kind you also get a cute mesh laundry pouch so basically what we do is every
time we use them we then hang them up on our little
to push clothing hanger that we got from Ikea and then wait for them to
completely dry before we throw them in the mesh bag 20 of them do fit in this
tiny mesh bag but because it is so small they get mushed together and don’t wash
and rinse properly so what we do is we take a bra bag or any laundry bag put
them in there and then throw them in the machine it’s very environmentally
friendly I love them and we store them in a container like this that I got from
Ikea I think you guys know my favorite toner from the German drugstore is the
Alcina skin manager AJ effect tonic I forgot the percentage of eh-eh-eh in
this products all right on the screen it has just the perfect amount of ha2 leave
my skin really smooth and brightened and I actually just finished it up so this
is my last application of it which actually almost dried up because I
applied it to my cotton pad and then I decided to fill it has a pump up here
that you place your cotton pad on and then you pump the product out if it
could just get it to work sometimes this packaging is so low-key
it has a lock on it so in case you’re traveling with it which is not a good
idea because I’ve had this leak many times in my suitcase then maybe the lock
might save you I actually wanted to stop using this product because it contains
fragrance in it and there’s quite a bit of fragrance in it the other toner that
I have been loving that I can only get at Ross right now is the Garnier skin
active toner with rose water I have been raving about it ever since
I got here in 2017 and it does contain a little bit of salicylic acid it says
around like 4% and that’s toward the bottom of the ingredient list and I
realized that only recently like when I bought it I was thinking like no wonder
it leaves my skin like really smooth and glowing so this is the cotton pad after
I use it it’s so gross my cotton pads compared to my husband’s are always like
there is no comparison mine are just dirty as for a lip care this has been my
favorite lip balm since 2017 when I got here this is the
Lovera natural cosmetic lip balm this is a repair lip balm and I get this at DM
I’m almost out of it but I do have a new tube that’s sitting in my purse when it
gets like this I just scoop it out with a
fingernail I love it because it leaves a film on the lips that lasts all day of
course until you eat or drink and it helps to repair any cracks that you have
here bleeding dryness for serums I have two favorites and they’re both from the
same brand the brand is called de tox and this is their vitamin C serum that
I’m actually really really happy that I picked up because it has been working so
well for me and I’ve only had this for we’ll ever since December of last year
so it’s not a yearly favorite but I know when a product works so well when you
basically see immediate results and I’ve been using this product for about two or
three weeks now and I love it I use this every day and I and I put this basically
all over my face every inch of it my neck and my chest the other serum that I
love from this brand is the hydrating H serum that one has hyaluronic acid it
also contains b5 basically ingredients that are so hydrating for the skin so if
you’re dealing with dryness dehydration your skin needs a little bit of plumping
I highly recommend that product this one on the other hand I just wanted to try
it because I finished up my vitamin C serum that I was using for a really long
time this contains 10% vitamin C which I was
kind of worried about because that’s a high percentage but it doesn’t sting my
face at all and I love using vitamin C serums and morning especially because it
makes your sunscreen work even better this contains grapefruit water and
hyaluronic acid as well just like the hydrating H serum
I saved the box for the vitamin C serum right here on the box it has these
labels and they say vegan cruelty free clean Beauty bio detox silicone free
paraben free free of artificial colors and allergen free perfume so there is
fragrance in here but I can’t detect it where it’s like perfume it doesn’t smell
bad at all going on the skin is still
doesn’t smell bad so if you’re looking for fragrance free products it’s not
that easy to find but des talks I find is a really good choice to get that much
closer to fragrance free so this is what the serum looks like it comes out
in a dropper I take just maybe two pumps of it or two drops of it start in the
center of my face and work my way out the immediate results that I get from
the serum are glowy skin and smooth skin and I did take probably half a drop and
put that on my neck and my chest so all in all I take like two and a half pumps
whatever’s left I just put on my hands I will say that there’s this crusty bit
that forms right underneath the cap I’ve also been talking about this tea tree
oil since the very beginning this is the brand that’s gesund up loose and I get
this at DM this is Australian tea tree oil it’s a hundred percent tea tree oil
and I just love this for spots for pimples for rashes and a little bit goes
a very long way you don’t want to use too much you also don’t want to use tea
tree oil undiluted because it’s very strong this kills bacteria in terms of
sunscreen oh my gosh I think I picked this up in the summer
because I ran out of my Holy Grail one that I get back at home and this is the
LA roche-posay SPF 30 and filius ac matte fluid I picked this one up because
it is for oily to acne prone skin and it leaves the face matte but not dry
looking it’s the perfect makeup base it’s easy to go on the skin it sinks in
very fast because it is a matte fluid so you have to shake this sunscreen and
what I like to do is use the length of my middle ring and pinky fingers to
gauge how much sunscreen I should be using on my face the scent of this is
actually fragrance free but it has a little bit of an alcohol scent which
doesn’t bother me at all because it dissipates so fast and it’s
not an overwhelming alcohol scent put the sunscreen on my ears as well don’t
miss her ears I can tell when a sunscreen is really good when I could
put it all over my eyes then I just take a little bit and put it on my neck and
my chest it sinks in so fast so if you have combo oily skin I definitely
recommend trying this sunscreen my husband doesn’t like this because
it’s a little bit drying for him so if you have drier skin or combo dry skin I
would not recommend picking this up so my husband’s favorite lip balms from the
German drugstore are the ones by lobello this one is the original one it comes in
the blue packaging and this reminds me a lot of the Nivea one which is also
really good but he likes the Lebel oh and this one if you’re looking for one
that has an SPF in it sunscreen great to use especially during the summer then we
recommend the one that is in the yellow packaging it’s pretty strong if you know
lobello or Nivea I find them to be quite strong now since I’m getting more like
sensitive to fragrances so that’s it for my best in skincare from the German
drugstore and at the Apple take-up I’m gonna take you guys to our very noisy
bathroom I’m gonna go in there because there are way too many products for me
to bring here and I think some of them are wet this is another skincare product
that I wanted to share with you guys this is the a baleen tweezers from DM
they’re so comparable to my favorite tweezers by tweezer ‘men these are so
much more affordable and they do pretty much the same thing and now let’s move
on to the best German drugstore body products for
body care at happy la roche-posay Lippa carb
Balma AP + it’s a very thick lotion and I love to use this especially during the
winter when my skin is really dry and this is great because it’s for itchy
skin as well the next body care product is the
Garnier body body repair cream milk this is for a very dry skin my husband
actually really likes this because he really likes lightweight lotions this
sinks into the skin really fast even though it is for very dry skin it’s not
that heavy like the LA roche-posay one I actually bought this during this summer
because Caroline hyerin’s loves this body lotion and when I saw it
at DM I freaked out I’ve spoken about this in numerous videos of mine for body
care that after every shower that I take I use an oil this is the oil that I
picked up at Ross mom and this is Mama’s baby dream body oil it has a very strong
baby powder or baby fragrance so it does contain free rinse I’m actually been
really liking it if sinks into the skin are really fast this has almond and
macadamia nut oil so it’s very nourishing and it doesn’t take that long
to sink in it leaves my skin very soft and very smooth I do have a body
sunscreen that I really like from here and it’s the one by Garnier I don’t have
it with me because I brought it home but it’s so creamy and smooth I think I
would rather use that than the Sun balm one that I was using all last summer and
the summer before that because it’s as drying and it is moisturizing but not
greasy this is a foot cream that I picked up when I first got here to
Germany in 2017 and I’ve been using it ever since there’s still a lot left
because our feet aren’t that bad we have a lot of lotions we have oils but this
really comes in handy when your feet are like super dry and crusty so in the
shower I leave the foot file this is a double sign of foot file one has a
rougher side which is this one and the other side has a smoother buffing side I
can only use the smoother side because the rough side hurts the heck out of my
feet the rough side is great for my husband’s though so we use that in the
shower and then afterward we put this on put socks on and our feet are so baby
smooth and soft so this is the Alberta natural cosmetic five and one foot cream
it has so much fragrance in here too it’s so strong it smells like what a
foot cream smells like like every time I smell this I’m like oh my god I smell
like beef if you don’t like very fragrance products then I wouldn’t
recommend this but if you have super dry crusty feet I would recommend picking
this up asked for body soaps my husband has been really liking the Dove ones
this one is in cream oil this is the original and I believe he just finished
the one in shea butter he actually switched using bar soaps because he
feels like they’re better for his Bo and besides bar soaps are a lot more
environmentally friendly so I’m on board with that
something else that I’ve been using since 2017 is the body wash by original
source this is a great brand because they’re cruelty free they use a hundred
percent recyclable bottles for their products and they’re vegan I really like
their body washes because they smell really good this is the one in creamy
vanilla and raspberry they do make a lot of other scents and then for hair I
mentioned this in my December 2019 favorites this
is the vichy Dirk hose ultra soothing shampoo for dry hair
this is sulfate free which is the reason I got it the fragrance in it is not that
powerful it’s actually very pleasant I really like it
I’m getting really into these French brands and this is the first Vichy
product that I ever tried and I recommend it for those of you who wash
your hair every day because it is sulfate free my hair hates sulfates like
it feels so dry and straw-like and I feel like this shampoo also doesn’t dry
my hair out because my hair tends to get very dry and frizzy when I hear I love
the texture of it it’s very silky and smooth this is a comb that I bought also
when I first got here to hear me and this is from Ross bond this is just a
simple hair comb I keep it in the shower because when I put conditioner in my
hair I comb my hair out so that the conditioner is evenly dispersed as for
hair ties I’ve been loving the Invisibles of course I can get in the
back at home but I first found them here they don’t hold my hair up because I
have a lot of hair and it’s really heavy but they’re like my go-to hair ties they
do snag my hair sometimes though I also bought this set of bobby pins from DM
and I am looking forward to wearing them again because I completely forgot about
them actually really hard to style your hair when your right ear muffs all the
time but oh my gosh I love these these give such a cute like classic style to
your hair it’s just very playful and I really like that the next video that’s
gonna come up in the series is gonna be my life style favorites for here in
Germany so definitely subscribe so you don’t miss that video if you haven’t
caught my last video in this series my best of 2019 German drugstore makeup
favorites I’ll leave it on the screen and also leave my December 2019
favorites and empties things I couldn’t use a video on the screen and you can
watch either one next

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