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Best Budget Skincare with Nadine Baggott: Under £20

– There, I’ll sh– (laughing) Hi everyone, welcome back
to “A Model Recommends.” I’m Ruth Crilly, if you
haven’t watched before. This is my channel and this is Nadine, who is just gatecrashing basically. – She’s in my house. – I am in her house.
– She’s gatecrashing. – If you don’t follow Nadine, then her channel is linked below. And, we have done our makeup best buys for under 20 pounds.
– Yep. – Over on her channel, so you need to watch
both videos in tandem, not in tandem, that’d be ridiculous. (Nadine laughs) One on the telly, one your laptop. But you need to watch one after the other. So make sure you go and do that ’cause the makeup goodies
are brilliant buys, aren’t they, I think. – I feel like the most expensive thing I mentioned was a lipstick, but most of them are under 10 pounds. – Yeah. – They’re brilliant, brilliant choice. – In fact, I think we
could’ve done this video pretty much under 10 pounds
as well, or around 10 pounds. So, these are our skincare best buys. – Under 20 pounds. – Nadine has decades of experience as a beauty editor in the beauty industry, and budget skincare is pretty much your area of expertise, isn’t it? – I’m passionate about,
– Yeah. – Finding really good budget skincare, because I feel that in the
last three or four years, that whole budget market
has got better than ever. – So, this is the ordinary
Squalane Cleanser. – Yes. – No sharks hurt. (Nadine laughs) – Only olives. – Only olives, it comes from that. – Only olives, and it’s
just a really beautiful creamy gel, would you say?
– Creamy, unscented cleanser. – Yeah, gets everything off. It’s so, so cheap. Also, it’s so moisturizing. I mean it’s like, I feel, like, you know, sometimes when kids or adults have eczema, and they give them the moisturizing cream to cleanse with?
– Yes. – I almost feel like
this is that moisturizing but its not, it’s a proper cleanser. It’s gonna get everything off. – I’ve got a cleanser,
I’ve got a gel cleanser, but it’s a makeup melting
cleanser and I really like it. And this is the Curel
Makeup Cleansing Gel, and I really like it. – How much is this one?
– This is now available at Boots. – Yeah, I’ve seen this brand
and I have got that at home, I just haven’t got around to, sort of, testing it out properly yet. – And so it goes on–
– Oh it’s a gel. – So it goes on as a gel
and you automatically think that it’s gonna foam up and it’s going to be dehydrating, but it’s quite thick. Feel that, stick your finger in that. It’s quite think and almost gel-oily, Lube like.
– It’s really nice. – Almost lubricant like. – It’s almost lube like. I had a dream last night
when I was thinking of things I was gonna bring with me to feature. – Feel how soft that is. – I had a dream that we
started talking about lube. – Always – And now we’re talking about lube. – I know, it’s really
lovely, it’s non-foaming, it just turns to milk
when you rinse it away, and it’s beautiful. The entire range is really nice. It’s ceramide and glycerin based. – So, two really good options for dry skin or any skin actually. – I would use that one in the morning and that one at night to remove makeup, but they both remove makeup. I would use, team mine, obviously,
with my microfiber cloth from Primark, pack of three. – My next thing, we’re doing
four things each aren’t we? – Yes. – My next thing, I’m on
my second one of these. The collagen boster from The INKEY List. I think it’s about seven or eight quid? – All their products are so reasonably priced.
– Oh, it’s so good. I think I like it more
than the hyaluronic acid. – I find that–
– Why? Whatever, I don’t know, I just find that whatever I mix this with,
or put it on underneath, it almost forms this
really bouncy treatment. It’s just got this ability to transform whatever you put on after it into… It’s just the texture
on it becomes so nice. I feel like it supercharges stuff. – To me, it feels like a really nice multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, but I presume it’s got
loads of peptides in, right? – I think so.
– I’ll see. – Hold on, let me get the ingredients. (grunting) – I’ll tell you why I think you like that, ’cause I think you’re
really busy in the morning. I feel like that is a hyaluronic
acid, stroke glycerin, stroke peptide… – Oh it’s Matrixyl 3000. – There you go, peptide. – Yeah. – Yeah. – To support the skin’s
firmness and elasticity, to provide a plumper, smoother appearance. And that is exactly,
if I hadn’t read that, how I would describe
what I feel like it does. So I just think, for that
price, under a tenner– – How long’s that last you,
if you use that everyday? – It’s lasted me ages–
– Has it? – Because it’s so liquid, I really don’t use very much at all. Actually, when you tip
it out, loads comes out, so have to just, sort of, really– – Now I did shake it and it– – So you have to really,
sort of, you know, die much.
– Tiny amounts, yeah. – And then that will pretty
much do my whole face. Aah, it’s just so nice even just when you put it on your hands. – It is really lovely. – That’ll do my whole face, and then straight on with moisturizer. – People always say to me, “What should I use with dermarollering?” And I always say, “Use
a really good peptide” That would be a great peptide– – Ooh, Okay. – To use for dermarollering,
really good, really good. I’m going to mention a hyaluronic acid that I’ve been using for ages, and I’ve talked about so many times. If you follow me, you’ll
already know this. You can fast-forward. But if you don’t, I really love Hada Labo. This is 16 pounds off Amazon, but its going into Superdrug. (shushes) – Is it? – Don’t say anything. I’m not sure if I was
supposed to say anything but it’s going into Superdrug. – I might have to edit that out, Nadine. – No, I think it is going. – I think we’re allowed–
– You’re always getting me into trouble. – I think we’re allowed to
say it’s going into Superdrug. So it’ll be in Superdrug imminently, which means that you will
no longer have to go online, buy it from Amazon, all those places. It’s the English-American language version of the cult Japanese ones, and it’s just brilliant, 16 pounds. – 150ml though? – What’s wrong with that? – It’s huge. – Yeah. – I mean there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s amazing.
– Such a great multi-molecular hyaluronic acid. – You would expect to get a body product in something that big, wouldn’t you. I mean, what skincare do
you, apart from cleansers, do you ever get in such a huge bottle? I’ve got the one– – The red one. – A friend of mine, Lisa,
she’s a makeup artist, she gave me the one with retinol in. – Really lovely. – So the one I’ve got is
just low level retinol. – Yes. – So use it at will
– it’s a low level retinol precursor, so its fine. Yeah, absolutely don’t worry about it. – Marvelous, well, I like mine one, and I haven’t tried the
plain one, but I shall. – Try, I mean, I don’t think
you’ll note in the short term, I don’t think you’ll notice any difference between the
two, I really like that. – Oh really? – In fact, I’ll be really honest and say that there isn’t a single product in that range that I don’t like. The moisturizers are really nice. The blue moisturizer at night is lovely, if your skin’s feeling a bit dry. – You just get cracking on those, Nadine. I’m gonna go for … Oh, do you know what I’m
just gonna do my last two, ’cause they’re linked. – Okay, go on. – So I’ve been doing a really
intense retinol thing recently and my skin has felt–
– With Medik8. – With the Medick8. – Watch this video, it’s really good. So many people then
slid into my DMs going, “Is it as good as Ruth says it is?”, and I went, “Yeah.” – It’s kind of the opposite of this video, ’cause this video is all the
cheapest things on the market. – Yeah. – And this is mega expensive but so good. – But I think this is really interesting because I think what we’re saying here is the things you can save money on are really good moisturizers,
really good cleansers, really good hyaluronic acids, and then the two things
I would spend money on are a retinol or vitamin C, although I’ve got budget
vitamin C coming up. – Yeah. – Has r-Retinoate been making you peel? – No, because I’ve been using it once every three or four nights. – Okay. – I’ve been going really easy on it. However, my skin has felt, you know when you just know something could just tip it over the edge? And you’re just–
– That. – Yeah, and it’s just
a little bit, you know, a bit itchy and irritable. So, in between, I’ve been cracking out all of my soothing–
– Yeah. – Stuff and creams. This one I featured
– Straight to that. in that video, – This is the Tolariane
Fluide from La Roche-Posay. – I’ve mentioned those products so much. – I bore myself–
– They’re so good. – Hearing myself say the name now. – I know, but you got me addicted to them. I came to your house– – Yeah. – About 16 months ago and
fell in love with them. – It’s really fluid, as it says, oil-free but really hydrating. – And it comes in three
separate formulations. There’s a light one, – Yeah. – A medium one, and a rich
one, they’re brilliant. If you’ve got sensitive skin, you’ve got dry skin, if you worry what you’re gonna use if you’re
a guy, they’re brilliant. – Oh, and also, I think, you
know people that have got skin that’s really spot
prone, sort of bumpy, angry, even, you know, you might have acne or be using your Accutane, and you don’t want to use something, they’re scared of using
something that’s oily to get the hydration in? – The fluid is brilliant. – The fluid is amazing,
there is just no oil, you won’t feel any greasiness, but it just somehow gets it in there. So I think that’s amazing
and it’s about 15 quid, but Escentual always do… – Online there’s a… – They always have codes–
– It’s called escentual.co.uk – Don’t they. – May have codes, yeah. I always say La Roche-Posay
is my go-to if you have skin issues at all.
– Sensitivity, yeah. And then the other one, the
aloe cream from The Body Shop. – I don’t know this one. – So I don’t tend to use
pots of stuff so much now. – No, neither do I. – Because it goes down my
nails and it gets on my nerves, but this one, I just like it. It’s just soothing, it’s very plain. – Ooh, it’s really rich. – Yeah, but it’s a step up, so if I wasn’t gonna use this, and I felt “No, I need
something a bit extra.” Sometimes I even layer this,
it’s like a super serum. – Yeah. – So rather then using a serum, I layer up a lighter, fluid, moisturizer, and then the rich moisturizer on top. It depends how dry I am, but the retinol does make me loads drier. – That’s unfragranced,
that, I really like that. – It’s good. – So it’s The Body Shop
Aloe Soothing Day Cream, ooh, yeah, I like it, for sensitive skin. – But there’s no reason
you can’t use it at night. I don’t know why it’s a day cream. It doesn’t matter, it’s just a cream. – Yeah.
– Day or night. Like this one, I think. – I agree, really nice. – So two really nice
options if your face feels like its falling off. – And I’ll do my final two,
which are miniature ones. So, I’ve got a Simple Calming Moisturizer. – Oh, I like that packaging. – So nice, it’s really sweet. Again, you’ll really like this. I would put this in the Toleriane
Fluide kind of category. Oh, no, it’s slightly richer. But I really like it, I
think it’s quite lightweight, sort of fluidy lightweight.
– Lovely, yeah. – Unscented…
– And what, that’s a mini one? – Yeah.
– Or is that… – That’s the 50 ml, it
does come in a larger size. – 50 ml is still massive! – But that’s perfect for traveling. – Is that for face though?
– That’s when I first discovered that, yeah. – Wow, but 50 ml is normal. That’s what you would get in… I mean that’s, what’s that 50 ml? And that’s their full size. I would say 50 ml is a normal… You know, if you bought
a Clinique moisturizer, it would be 50 ml, wouldn’t it? – Yeah, ’cause that’s 40 ml, look. – Yeah, just the packaging’s so big – Anyways, I really like it. I think what they’re doing
is really interesting. I think the really cute
little packaging is really easy, really
simple, easy to understand. Don’t expect any great actives from it, it’s just really nice, easy,
don’t have to think about it, moisturizers, and I think the
thing about moisturizers is they should simply moisturize. You should look for
your actives elsewhere. Now talking of actives, ooh, look at this. I mentioned this–
– Is that Eucerin? – On my channel. This is the Eucerin
fresh-pressed vitamin C, but its not called
fresh-pressed vitamin C, it’s called Hyaluron Filler Vitamin C, and I found out the other day that they were developing
it exactly at the same time as Clinique and Clinique beat them to it. – Ooft. – So what you do, is you
get a little pack of them. You can buy them in certain
amounts of days to use, and the reason that it’s pure vitamin C, is because you push the
bottom, let me push the bottom. – So it’s powder. – Ooh (laughs) That was the money shot. And then it mixes it in, and then the vitamin C goes into it, but you gotta use it within a few days. – Okay. – That was literally the soft
porn money shot, wasn’t it? – I am gonna–
– Or even hard porn. – [Ruth] I’m gonna slow that down. (sputtering) (laughing) – It’d great if had gone on to the camera lens, wouldn’t it? – Sploof. – Such a great product,
so reasonably priced, they’re bringing out a hyaluronic
acid imminently, as well. So, basically, the foil
comes off the bottom, you push it, it mixes it straight away– – Have you just mixed that one? – And then it’s ready to use. – Yes. – Ah, Okay. – And ready to use. – So fresh pressed, is it a slightly different price point?
– It’s essentially– Yes, I think that’s about,
I think that’s just, that’s 15.99, I think, that one. That comes in a group of three. – The lid won’t go back
on, is this the right lid? – Yeah
– Oh, how do you push it on? (laughing) – All the expertise on this channel.
– Oh my God. – I just think Eucerin are doing interesting things in skincare. Watch out, don’t dismiss them. All of these… – Why would you dismiss them?
– Because I sometimes think, people think that the old-school brands aren’t that high tech and they look– – Euceril is so high tech. – They look for new
– I love Euceril. – And exciting, and I just think all of these things,
even The Ordinary now. So INKEY List is in Boots – Yep, and Cult Beauty, – And Cult Beauty. Eucerin is in Boots, Hada
Labo’s going into Superdrug, Curel’s in Boots, Simple’s
in Boots and Superdrug. They are our high street, by the way, if you’re not watching this in the UK, they’re our high street drugstores. They’re just available everywhere. – Yeah. – The best aisle in Boots. – Can I just say, as well, that Eucerin do one of
the only eye creams, dedicated eye creams
with SPF, that I like. – Yes, they do. It’s a great product.
– It’s such a good eye cream. There’s a hyaluron filler, isn’t it, eye cream?
– Their SPFs are really good. Their SPFs are really good, full stop. And it doesn’t go into your
eye, the hyaluron fill, as well, it’s been formulated– – Yeah. – So that it doesn’t
migrate into the eyes. – And it’s really rich and lovely, and anyway that’s another one, don’t know if that’s under 20 pounds, so might have to check that out. – Well, do you know what’s interesting, I chose this on because this one was, but, actually, most of the
products are sitting around the 20, 25 pounds mark, but they’re all really great products. – [Ruth] That’s it. – Okay. – All right, now make
sure you go and watch the makeup picks over on Nadine’s channel. – Yeah. – I’ve got to, now, go
and edit out all of our rude comments and swearing. – We’ve basically, what
we’ve got to do now is, we’ve got to edit out
all mentions of penises, – Cum. – Money shots, yeah,
lube, sorry about that. – Or we could just leave them in. – Yeah. – Make our lives easier. See you next time. – Bye.

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