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Good morning girls! Welcome to my channel. in these days some of you have written to me on my social networks .. on Instagram requesting a video about my beauty routine questions like which products I apply
normally for my face care and here we are to fulfill yours
desire let’s start by saying that I have two routines
one for the morning with certain products that i apply in the morning that are a little less fat, a little less moisturizing because I have to wear my make up over it and I want
that my makeup lasts all day and a night skincare that is
the really super moisturizing and regenerating one, especially in this
part of the year, in winter, my skin tends to be very dry therefore
in the evening I give it all and i hydrate a lot more So if you want to see how
I take care of my skin continue to watch this video let’s start with the first product I use makeup remover and detergent i use this product
every night, is called Acqua alle Rose a micellar water, I like it because it is
a micellar water that don’t irritates. the biphasic ones are
a little too oily so they give me some eye irritation
instead this product is really a lot delicate therefore also for those like me
have a slightly sensitive skin is ideal I take the cotton pads and let’s remove the makeup at this point the second product is one
among my absolute favorites it’s called Cellular Peeling of Reliftalia it’s
a mild exfoliating gel for a daily basis use so I really use this every day and I noticed that since i’m using this product
my skin is much smoother I went to remove with this exfoliant
all the little three-dimensional imperfections that exist
on the skin those small undulations that under the make-up they were not good at all I use this product in this way
I stretch it and massage it inside of my skin once massaged I leave it
act for about five minutes after rinsing at this point it’s time to hydrate! what’s better than a beautiful mask ?! I’m a big fan of mask, patches
anything else! and Reliftalia has recently created a special line of its
patches and masks today we pamper ourselves with a mask and here we have to be careful this is a face mask made in hydrogel but not the classic thick hydrogel, this is very very thin and I love it because it adheres well to all
the parts of the face. it’s divided into two parts the mask for the lower part of the face it is immediately fresh. Then massage the excess on the neck. I use it to the last drop. ok now you see that it adheres just fine right away and now the top that will make me look super sexy, I already know! I already tell you the instructions before putting
the upper part so we keep this section as short as possible, then apply the mask and hold it up for about 30 minutes
you see that in the beginning it will be rich in serum it’s really very soaked and slowly your skin will absorb it more and more because in this
period my skin needs it very much the serum contained within this
mask has collagen hyaluronic acid oil extracts, plants, natural flowers
so all super moisturizing ingredients ok now we start with the top! But usually nobody ever sees me when I do this! I recommend you to be careful that it
adhere well in all areas where you want a deep hydration. 30 minutes. ok girls 30 minutes have passed so it’s time to remove it. I like this elastic material so it really sticks very well to the
skin. it’s not like those classic masks in biocellulose that you put in a way
and after a while they come off and they don’t hydrate anymore. I massage the excess on the face to make it absorb well. If there is some serum left in the envelope I use it for the neck so at this point I let the skin absorb the
serum that I still have on my face for about 5 minutes. so I wait for my skin drink it completely once it is absorbed I do the last step of my facial hydration routine with this product, Hydro-Lift, actually more than a cream Hydro-Lift by Reliftalia is an anti-age treatment, inside it we find: hyaluronic acid coenzyme Q10
Peptides vitamin E vitamin A and a lot of good things! More than this I absolutely love the fragrance and the consistency look immediately after the mask this makes it really a marvel I really feel this effect a little bit buttery
I like these creams with this consistency especially in winter
I really like it for the night time not in the morning when I do make up. But at night I like to go strong. so a good amount ok now for the eye area, we must use a specific cream and I like to use this
cream that is called DNA that stands for Do Not Age by Dr. Browndt and this cream has a
triple peptide inside that is anti aging and moisturizer but the thing that I like best about this is the texture it is a super rich super thick cream it looks like butter! nourishing eye butter and then it also has essential oils inside so it smells like essential oil but I have to say that it is fantastic, the day after when I wake up and I put on the concealer is perfectly hydrated. being so dense
you can also put this cream in the upper part of the eyes area
because it does not move during the night. I challenge any skin to still be dry after doing this routine Very Latest step even my eyelashes need a bit of hydration and booster, specially because I have the eyelash extension done so my eyelashes are particularly
stressed are often in contact with the extension glue and need to be nourished and fortified so every evening
I apply this serum to..let’s say..bring feeding the eyelashes to grow them
more but also more robust more solid and thicker, it’s called Revitlash
advanced anyway I link all the products I have
used in the video here down below so you can find the references of everything. Super hydrated! then let’s do a
recap: I started with makeup remover Acqua alle Rose. Then I did a mild chemical peeling Cellular Peeling by Reliftalia. Then I made the mask. SOS Face Mask by Reliftalia then I have
applied my Anti Age moisturizer cream Hydro Lift! eye contour, anti-aging moisturizing cream for the eyes by Dr. Brandt called DNA and Revitalash eyelash booster serum that’s all! in the next video if you’ll love to I’ll show you something which works even more than all
those cosmetics that you could never apply on face, an advanced aesthetic treatment that I do twice a year I can do nothing else
except recommend it. maybe in the next video I’ll take you with me I’ll show you what this treatment is! It’s a bit innovative we can say cutting-edge. for today it’s all, I hope you like this video follow me on social networks
please like this video and subscribe to the channel and of course for any questions I’m here for you write me in the comments below

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