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60 thoughts on “Beauty Expert’s $709 Nighttime Skin Routine | Allure

  1. Me: “Ooh, the oil cleanser. Always so satisfying to watch. I can’t wait to see it make her eyebrows melt away-“
    Her eyebrows: stay put
    Me: ?

  2. Don’t they have bathrooms at allure? Christ, she just washed her face with the dirty water she used to wash her face the first time.

  3. Her routine isn't actually 18 minutes though? Just this video? She clearly talks so much more than she would whilst doing it.

  4. For someone who seems to be so educated when it comes to skincare and skincare ingredients, I’m very surprised she was so ok with using skincare in jar product…

  5. What's up with the fake sound effects over top tho? U can tell they r adding additional rubbing sounds when she's washing her face, it doesn't match up with her hand movements @ all

  6. A $300 gold derma roller that should be thrown out after one-time use, just like all rollers. Bent and non-sterile needles (yes, even gold ones) pose a serious risk. Either go to a professional or use single-use devices (which all professionals use).

  7. I love these videos, they are my favorite. I know Michelle is busy but I always love watching because she gives really good info!

  8. I never understand why people with clear skin wear foundation? Lol isn’t I’d better to not wear foundation and then you can use just one cleanse

  9. You guys really should list all the products used in the description so we don’t have to go back and find the info for a specific product as it flashes on the screen for a few seconds.

    There was a ton of great info in this video though, so thank you!

  10. Guys she isn't doing her skincare routine in her bathroom probably because she's pregnant and this is easier for her without all of the hassle.

  11. Why does she have so many steps in her skincare routine? It seems like using fewer products on your skin would be better because putting so many chemicals on your skin everyday and rubbing your face seems like it would just damage your skin and make you age faster. using fewer products and also cheaper products would be better.

  12. if you really get sent that many products and don’t have uses for all of them It would be nice to donate them to women’s shelters! they are always looking for cosmetics and skincare products

  13. Before the video started I thought she was like late twenties or something but she said kids and I kinda paused
    so it turns out she's 44…

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