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Banish CEO’s Acne Story on How to Clear Hormonal Acne, Scarring & Hyperpigmentation (ft. Daisy Jing)

hey guys welcome back to Beauty Within it’s your host Felicia and today I have such a special host with me Daisy Jing So she is the CEO, girl boss of Banish and you also do a podcast you have your own YouTube channel basically started the brand from the ground up and why we have her on today’s because you know on this channel I love talking about acne and there’s no better person to invite on the show and then Daisy to share with you guys her experiences because you’ve also gone through some acne related issues, right? can you tell us a little bit about it? yeah thank you so much Felicia so I’ve had acne since the third grade and my skin has been my biggest physical insecurity every skin problem I’ve had it when you’re getting acne at such a young age you’re like I’m gonna do everything to get rid of it I think my family and I we spent almost $20,000 we went to so many different dermatologists we would drive four hours away to see other people it was weird cuz it was like the more stuff I put on the more pills I ingested the worse it got I fell into this depression because you know when you’re trying so hard and people are promising you the world and you’re seeing all these advertisements for clear skin and people are calling you pizza face oh my gosh you’re washing your face and your face starts bleeding because it just scabs everywhere I mean I was just so so depressed in 2009 in my darkest darkest days I turn on my webcam and I filmed a video called “growing up ugly” and I showed all the sides of my face and everything and I think the biggest thing is it’s not about being perfect and that’s why my TED talk is called “a tragedy called perfection” cuz just because you use these products does not mean your skin is gonna be perfect I always tell people it’s not about perfection it’s about being better than you were yesterday and realizing that even if you do have acne or scarring or problematic skin that doesn’t mean you’re any less so it’s so important that we learn that skin is so much more than just on the outside and that’s so perfect like we vibed so well so that’s what we’re going to be exploring today we’re gonna dig into Daisy’s mind a little bit and know a little more about what she went through what your experiences and your tips are because I think learning through experience is probably like one of the biggest things that you can gain from going onto your YouTube channel it’s called The Acne Channel and it’s where Daisy shares a lot of her experiences from 2009 up until this point and going through like the most tumultuous acne journey what was that like and how did you start to learn more about your skin what to do so after the reception of that growing up ugly video I was like people want me to talk more about my skin people want to know what’s working and what’s not and so I started documenting that journey and I would buy different skincare products and I’d be like “this works, this work” and then I was trying to figure out why do some products just make me break out why is it the more I put on my skin the worse it’s getting and then I started researching all the ingredients mm-hmm and I realized wow I couldn’t believe a lot of the ingredients in the skincare actually made it worse and they were causing my skin to break out oh my gosh like what? um you know a lot of silicone ingredients yep so it kind of makes the skin feel nice yeah soft and blow out yep but to have it in your serum and putting it on a night every night would just cause my acne to flare up, right? or things like mineral oil artificial colors or fragrances are added in skincare so it looks really sexy you know in the bottle or you know putting it on on the skin it feels good but over time it would just accumulate and make me break out and I was like oh my gosh this is what’s going on so I would start talking about that and then I started going to more natural route so I go to Whole Foods or health food stores I’d actually buy the raw ingredients kind of mix them up, put them on my skin kind of steered away from the mainstream because I realized I am allergic to everything that’s out there like hypersensitive towards these ingredients yup so can you share with us what your skin type is it’s very thick it would be oily very huge pores I relate to you so much it’s like but when did that was it always like cystic acne you were fighting or was it kind of hormonally induced in the beginning in the third grade it was like the teenage acne so that’s the t-zone where you get the tiny little bumps doesn’t tend to scar but then towards high school and college it was just full-blown cystic and I was all
along the side the U zone yep the U zone yep right before my period, I would get one to
two humongous cystic things and that would just leave a huge scar on my face (Fel: yeah) so over the course of a few years you just get like 40 scars on your face and they take so long to heal from and they’re deep and they hurt when
you touch them yeah they hurt and they bleed okay so it was deep cystic acne would you say it was hormonal? definitely hormonal induced but I do think diet played a part (Fel: okay) then you started researching into like published articles on skincare looking into ingredients and then what happened after you started concocting your own kind of formulas? yeah so I would used to put layers of benzoyl peroxide, you know, on my face I would take antibiotics. I mean everything, right? and what were you saying about the benzoyl peroxide? It bleached it bleaches you know my towels, my bed sheets… I had white stripes on my bed sheet my hair had like highlights oh my god I mean but you think about it going into your body yeah and so currently I’m six months
pregnant and you’re not allowed to use benzoyl peroxide because it has a systemic effect maybe on the baby you’re just like oh my god I was doing
that for several years why was I doing that to myself so I went more of a natural route and it actually really helped but I was left with terrible scarring then I was like I want to find a solution for the scarring and I think the scarring is something people don’t necessarily talk about it’s very traumatic when you have it yeah there’s acne scars which are actually physical indentations and then there’s acne marks which is like
hyperpigmentation so after a lot of acne, you will be left… because it’s like inflammation on the skin so what were you facing and then how did
you go about kind of correcting it? so I was faced with both so yeah you get the red mark or the mark that is easier to treat and you know with some makeup, you barely see it the indentation part was like uh because you can’t put makeup on and you don’t know how to get rid of it so that was really really difficult and those are the ones that you kind of have to spend money on yeah that’s actually how I stumbled into Banish and micro-needling I saved up for several years to get my skin laser So I went to this plastic surgeon. He said “no lasers don’t work on Asian skin” Hmm because my skin has a brown pigment underneath so if I get lasers I’m gonna get brown dots oh my gosh and make it worse? yeah lasers are not good for people who have ethnic skin so if you’re African-American or if you have darker pigment the colors are not gonna (Fel: interesting) yeah so he said don’t do this but there is this thing called micro-needling bla bla bla this was 2011, 2012 yeah so nobody knew what micro-needling was yeah I was like “no way am I gonna…” like no way it sounds intimidating yeah but then I actually did more research the first micro-needling Dr. Lance Setterfield a South African plastic surgeon wrote a bunch of articles on this and I was like “you know what if this surgeon says I should do it I’m gonna try it” okay so I did it and then I researched and I found that vitamin C, particularly L-ascorbic acid, ferulic acid all that placed on top right after will help the red marks instantly go away and it’ll help build the collagen underneath the skin for the first time in my life people were positively commenting on my skin the anology my mom gave me was like
your skin looks like it’s blooming like you know when the clouds bloom like yeah it had this glow to it so I was like dang there’s something there and then people just wanted to know what I was using and that’s kind of the birth of Banish yeah that was the birth yep you took that and you basically created or whoever wanted to order it you would create it yourself at home on a small
scale and then what happened? I did want to be a dermatologist, right? well that’s why I did pre-med but I was like I’m not doing you know business I don’t know any of this but I knew the ingredients I knew where to source them from I knew what worked and didn’t work for my skin so yeah people just started emailing me, wanting to try it so I’d send a bunch and one became five, became ten people have a pain point which is their skin, acne scarring (and) nothing works for them yep and I solved that for myself and in turn wanted to help other people so that’s (how it started) what are the ingredients that you found out that fundamentally changed something on your skin we have the Banisher, which is the micro-needling device tool but in terms of ingredients, L-ascorbic acid for sure that’s the form of vitamin C that’s like the gold standard (Fel: it’s the pure form) the pure form and that means it will go into the skin and actually like get that collagen building because other forms of vitamin C, I believe, (like) sodium phosphate (and) ascorbyl palmitate those forms yes they go on the skin but they might not necessarily go into the skin cells and build that collagen (Fel: so its thing) so we use that. We use pure L-ascorbic acid and we actually make it fresh every day our vitamin C serum is clear you leave it out for six months, it becomes orange (Fel: it oxidizes) it oxidizes so it really shows to you that like we used the pure ingredients and that is a game-changer you apply it on right after use the Banisher and all just like… your face glows and the red marks are gone immediately and I think there’s different reasons that we get inflammation and breakouts, right? so we were touching on a little bit about sugar but as well as that, there’s stress (and) there’s hormones a lot of our Banish customers they actually say going vegan has helped them because if you think about it. How is meat and dairy made? today unfortunately they’re pumping these animals with hormones you’re putting it in your body it’s affecting with your own natural cycles yep and that can cause everything to go out of whack and the confusing thing is it doesn’t affect everyone the same way (Daisy: right, exactly) it’s just like unfortunately for super sensitive people you have to do your own research and test a lot more and be very hyper aware of what your body is trying to send messages to you for, right? (Daisy: exactly) and what works for one person or again doesn’t work for another person and I think it’s so important to listen to your body like when I was breaking out my body was saying: “help, Daisy!” “you’re putting on way too much” “STOP! STOP!” I wasn’t listening I just kept putting on more and I think our skin is amazing it’s a communication tool yes to us that something isn’t going right okay so we have the Banish products here and all together in the line there’s eight products but they’re all very natural they’re vegan-friendly like pumpkin and aloe vera I realize all the ingredients are so great for sensitive skin but they’re all designed for acne problematic skin, right? whenever I look at what I want in a product I think of what works for me and what doesn’t work for me and I take inspiration from everywhere so I don’t focus on what’s trendy or what’s sexy like Korean skincare you know there’s ten steps it’s just too sensitive for my skin I will break out if I have that many products but an example of an inspiration was our newest product, the Fighter Gel was inspired by my trip to Budapest where I went to the Szechenyi Bath and bathe and I noticed my eczema went away my acne just wasn’t flaring out my skin was so clear and bright and I was like: “what is in the water in there?” I did more research and ingredient was sulfur so we have MSN which is a form of sulfur in our Fighter Gel and I wanted it to be based in an aloe vera gel (Fel: yes) because aloe vera is very hydrating it has antiseptic properties most of our products are based on an aloe vera gel and I also wanted it to be super minty so our cleanser or elixir (Fel: I realized that with the cleanser) because you know in the morning you just want to (Fel: refresh) wake up you know like Avene or La Roche-Posay (Daisy: yep) their entire brand is also based on thermal spring water, right? and I think the water part of it like all the
ingredients… most of the ingredients in skincare, the first one is water and I think it’s underrated how powerful the effect of it can be water is really important, you know, in Budapest the sulfur water the sodium ion pumps and those cells kind of push out all the toxins even more which is why it’s so great at (treating) chronic illnesses, inflammation cancers, all of that so it’s all these little nuances and how these structures are made up
that can make a huge difference over time this one would you say you can slather over any sort of like topical inflammation that you see? so it’s say for eczema, rosacea, psoriasis (Daisy: psoriasis) and people also use as a spot treatment for acne one of my favorites is the pumpkin enzyme mask because I really love when natural ingredients is used in a very natural way utilizing what it already has pumpkins are high in all these different
sorts of vitamins and the enzymes help to break down dead skin and also show radiant skin so how did you come across pumpkin? was it one of those things that like you’re in the kitchen one day and then you tried yourself? yeah I mean basically pumpkin is really high in vitamins, beta-carotene, vitamin C it has naturally occuring glycolic acid too glycolic acid has tiny tiny molecules so go into the pores like a vacuum all that dirty stuff out and then naturally slough off the dead skin one of the good things about Banish is that it’s also very affordable and I think like you were talking about vitamin C and you know the longevity of your products you said the shelf life is six months, right? (Daisy: yep) because of the L-ascorbic acid and how it oxidizes and you need to reformulate so everything’s in small batches we don’t need to use as many preservatives even something like the Vitamin C Elixir we don’t put any form of anti freeze in the product so if we ship it to like the North Pole in February sometimes our customers will say: “Oh why is the bottle, you know, a little leaking?” because the water expands when it’s frozen I mean our products are very pure, very natural I think of it more as a restaurant then almost like a skincare company (Fel: yeah) can you tell us a little bit more about both of the vitamin C? because vitamin C was one of the ingredients that you were talking about that really helped with hyperpigmentation and the collagen production and do you use that with this little contraption here? okay so tell me how all this works yeah so this is our Banisher 2.0 we launched it last year (Fel: yeah) it’s our patented product it took two and a half years before this, you know, they had the derma rollers where
you just roll it on we had some complaints from our customers if you’re pressing too hard and like going like this you can actually leave more scarring okay so with micro-needling how does it work? like does it pierce through just that top, like epidermis layer? so this one has titanium little bristles we call them bristles because they’re so tiny that are gold-plated and they just go into the skin and kind of stimulate that collagen production so your skin interprets that as like a little cut and they’re like “oh my god let’s bring in the collagen and wound-fighting troops” and they’ll start like building more collagen so you’re tricking yourself into thinking there’s an injury when there’s not and then over time you just get more collagen buildup (Fel: mmm) and that’s what makes it like plump and youthful (Daisy: plump and youthful) and clear and then when you pair it with our Banish oil which has that L-ascorbic acid that potent collagen, you know, accelerator it’ll just speed right up and when you have an acne scars you know the scar is like this, right? so you just want to push it up a little bit yep (Fel: mmm) how would I use this at home? we wanted to create a stamper because a lot of people were just
rolling too much and a lot of people also have active acne (Fel: yes) so when you get a PRP facial or micro-needling done professionally they’re gonna just go through all over your face and then it’s gonna and then bacteria is gonna spread (Fel: uh) so I wanted to create something that was just… if you let’s say you had a pimple it left a scar and you just want to make sure it doesn’t further scar you can just really target wherever the area was that’s why we have this here so that would really help with acne marks and hyperpigmentation and then how long does that take for the skin to really heal, to show that new vibrant skin? you will see a glow and there’s very little downtime so we just say don’t wear any makeup right after don’t go out in the sun or roll (Fel: coz it’s so raw) yeah and also we recommend using our products afterwards but if you’re not gonna use our products, don’t use like something not natural (Fel: okay) because if it has like silicones, for example, it might make you break out after a day you should be good to go so it’s a little bit different than the professional ones in which it’s a lot of trauma to the skin and for five days your scabbing and peeling and everything and don’t they put plasma back into the (skin)? yes they spin your blood they put it back on I mean there’s different ways to do that you cannot do that at home no do not try that at home do not try to take your blood and also what we have here is because I
travel a ton and I know our customers are always on the go this acts as a cleaning container so you just fill it up to the fill line, screw it in it cleans you can bring it with you okay and you clean it with alcohol? yep (Fel: okay) this kit comes with this tool (Daisy: that and the oil) and the oil okay so after that you can
just use the oil (Daisy: yep) if you’re too sensitive to the oil you can use our Vitamin C Cream which also has vitamin C in there and then you can spray with the
elixir or you can just… honestly I love all these ingredients so it’s the glycerin and then there’s the L-ascorbic acid the aloe, witchhazel, ferulic acid, vitamin A, rosehip so one of the things I didn’t want to use propylene glycol in the vitamin C serum (Fel: yeah) most serums have propylene glycol what would you say is the purpose of it? it prevents it from freezing it prevents more solvency in the products so we use vegetable glycerin, a more natural gentler form it is a little sticky you know but I was like okay it’s fine if it’s sticky I’d rather have it feel kind of weird but actually work then feel great and just cause you to break our okay and would you say this is
safe for all skin types? yes so you can see it’s clear on your hands
(Fel: it’s actually so are lightweight) yeah I mean if you if you put it on it can get sticky if you just put on a lot yeah I would say this is our cult favorite, our most-repurchased product (Fel: hmm) we all know here that I love my clay mask so you guys have this one here it’s the activated chuckle how does this one work? so activated charcoal is ingredients that really can like acts as a magnet to attract bacteria, oil, dirt (Fel: yes) so going into your pores and get out all that gunk and then you wash it off and it kind of clears it up so we’re basically trying to clear out the skin instead of like drying it all the time what do you see as the most frequent kind of questions or concerns that people come to your website I think people want a quick fix and people want just bam bam bam they want to see results right away and so I always say this will help prevent all that stuff from happening but if you’re getting acne we need to solve the root cause we got to go into your health, your well-being, you know, your gut, whatever if you have some kind of chronic illness if you’re not treating the cause of it but just masking the symptoms by painkillers or whatever you use it’s gonna come back so I think the symptom and figuring out
what causes it is so so important can you share a little bit about the misunderstanding that people with oily skin can’t use oils that it will clog their pores even more? it’s not necessarily the oil that might be clogging it might be the other ingredients things that you might be allergic to so definitely you do not need to be scared of oils if you’re oily skin for me when I was trying to use all those harsh ingredients my skin would triple the amount of oil, trying to compensate it , right? it’s like when you wash your hair too much it’s just gonna be more oily that’s my life no because if you have oily skin it’s basically oily scalp and oily body basically what’s your current skincare routine? I’ve always been minimal well starting this and now that I’m pregnant
Banish products are pregnancy-safe so I was like “oh that’s very convenient” yes but I’ll wash my face with the All Clear Mint Cleanser and then I’ll just spray the elixir spray, the vitamin C Beauty Elixir or I use the Avene water you just spray them throughout the day to keep my skin moisturizd I don’t like putting too many creams or gels on my face if I don’t need to have a humidifier on at all times at night, it’s really minimal I will use the Banisher once every other
week and then I will also use the pumpkin enzyme mask I’ll put that on and
the activated charcoal clay mask on before that time of month when I’m gonna
break out and then I will like kind of rub it in the shower and slop it all off that has really helped and I definitely think less is more and I think naturally our skin should be at its best without putting stuff on it through your journey, what’s your approach towards like self-care and confidence? so if you’re suffering of any kind of confidence issue you don’t feel like you’re pretty enough or your skin is not what you want it to be I always say focus on helping other people for me that was my YouTube channel but then over time when you help other people you’re like “oh my gosh I’m so much more
than my skin” “I’m so much more than the way I look” “I’m so much more…” (Fel: it’s empowering) it’s empowering you have so many other talents than, you know, all the superficial stuff because when you can work on something than just yourself everything kind of falls into place I feel like we get very insecure and not confident when we’re focused on our own ego even me as a CEO, sometimes you know my ego I’m just like “ooh I want to be more successful and have all this and all these awards” but every time I fall into that I’m very miserable and unhappy so I always go back into how can we better serve our customers how can we make our products better how can we do all that and just everything falls into place and then in terms of self-care I have found that whenever you don’t feel authentic that’s when you feel drained and that’s when you need that self-care (Fel: right) when I’m just by myself and away from what people are telling me what to do or all this propaganda or all this media out there you can really figure out like Oh what is it and that’s
why people meditate you know go on silent retreats I think it’s important
to just clutter all the noise later I’ll go back yeah like that whole minimalist
movement like digital minimalism like sometimes you just gotta figure out like
where do I stand and what is important to me I always thought self-care and
like the whole wellness boom was always such an interesting phenomenon because
it’s like they’re trying to sell you like different products right like a
pillowcase or diffuser and although that’s not saying those things don’t
work how they work is not that you’re gonna buy it back and it’s gonna change
your life but those things help to facilitate like
a larger problem maybe it’s a first step in something but the root cause as you
were saying is actually that’s what you need to focus yeah this is probably the
best time to us what is beauty within to you beauty within it means that you’re
fully confident and authentic to yourself and your truth your feel like
you have the freedom to express you and who you are and you’re not trying to fit
any mold of what Beauty says or what society says that you should be so I
think it’s really being your most authentic self I love it so much well
thank you so much for sharing kind of like your story and here and can you
tell us about where we can find you your podcast you can find banish calm and
that’s also a podcast is hosted you can find us on instagram at banish acne
scars and for before and afters we have a gallery at
banished its and they’re insane the before and afters yeah it’s it’s
inspiring all the time yeah we get so many submissions we wish we had time to
like post all of them but yeah it’s definitely submit your before and afters
my personal handle is I’m at d’azyr’s 89 to make sure you check that out we’ll
leave all the details in the description box and we hope you enjoyed this episode
I love do you want thank you so much for sharing your experience and your
thoughts because I think a lot of people can connect to that and I think towards
the end we always need like almost a guiding light sometimes you know that
it’s not you’re not a learn in this even though it seems like it when you’re
going through the darkest times so thank you again and we’ll see you in the next

100 thoughts on “Banish CEO’s Acne Story on How to Clear Hormonal Acne, Scarring & Hyperpigmentation (ft. Daisy Jing)

  1. i’m hypersensitive to every diy thing i put on my face. even honey! my skin gets ichy and i get raches on my cheek.

  2. Thank you so much Daisy for sharing your story & products with us. I watched this with my 13 year old daughter whom suffers hormonal acne. I will be looking into your products and social media sites. Being of darker melanin I have found that more of the Korean skincare products work better on “my skin” and that’s based off my personal preference❣️Felicia❤️👑you are so amazing and beautiful. I absolutely love your top🥰🥰🥰Thank you for hosting this series. You are appreciated🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😘

  3. I want to share my routine for anyone here struggling. This is what finally cleared my mod-severe acne, now I am just working on the scarring and have recently been researching vitamin c and considering the microneedling, so this video was right on time.
    This is the routine that cleared up my skin…

    At night I oil cleanse with straight hempseed oil and then take a very warm microfiber cloth and hold it over my face for 30 seconds and then gently wipe the oil off. Then wash with a gentle cleanser (I alternate between Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser and a couple of the Mychelle cleansers), then apply toner by patting into the face with hands without rubbing with cotton unless you just feel like you have a lot of residue (I prefer rose water toner), then serum – niacinamide in the am (I use Cos de Baha Niacinamide 10) and AHAs or retinol in the pm (I use Luminosity Mandelic Maven Serum and Mychelle Retinal Serum) alternated between every day during the week. To moisturize, I use about a quarter size amount of Lily of the Desert pure aloe vera gel ( yellow container) mixed with three to four drops of watermelon seed oil (can use any non-comedogenic oil) and one drop of geranium essential oil (helps with hormone imbalance and to regulate oil production)…I literally mix it in the palm of my hand and then apply. On Saturday I do an enzyme mask followed by a clay mask for about 10 minutes each. On Sunday I allow my skin to rest. Every other week, I see an esthetician for a professional grade enzyme mask and any needed extractions. I do not do professional grade AHA peels because I have found that the downtime where I can't apply actives to my face to keep my pores clear basically makes me break out again.

    With acne prone skin, we have a higher skin cell turnover, so we have to work harder to keep our pores clear. This is paired with clean eating and probiotics (I try to eat a serving of fermented food that says it has probiotics in it on the package daily… For me this is typically kimchi or kraut). I also take an omega-3 supplement (1500mg daily is the minimum ideal for acne) and pantothenic acid (2000 mg daily).
    Also, watch your carbs. High amounts of net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) spike your sugar, which spikes insulin, which spikes testosterone and can cause hormonal breakouts. I use an app to track mine and try to stay at around 50 to 60 g of carbs a day.

    I did eliminate dairy as well, and recently I will eat dairy here and there, and I literally just get tiny, pinhead sized whiteheads here and there.

    So for me, I think the main thing has been controlling the excess skin cell turnover in combination with a very clean diet. Eat lots of fruits and veggies that are high in vitamins such as vitamin A and antioxidants.

    THIS is what cleared my moderate to severe acne that I would get both hormonally and in my cheeks.
    The only other time my skin was this clear was right after using accutane… Twice… And the acne came back both times after that.

  4. i’ve seen many other videos on microneedling that don’t recommend using vit c right after doing it, contradicting Daisy – thoughts?

  5. As a teenager and until my 22's my skin was perfect. Smooth skin, no pimples. I'm 23 years old now and I think it was because of stress, but I had this huge breakout all over my cheeks. My skin is still smooth and I have no texture, but now that the pimples are gone the marks stayed. I have this kind o purple/red marks all over my cheek and it is so difficult for me to eliminate them, they look like pimples 😪

  6. disappointed in this, the brand lacks transparency, in the end, people with very severe acne problems need to go to a dermatologist where they can be prescribed antibiotics/strong topicals/accutane. Severe acne is a medical condition that slathering fragranced products on your face cannot fix

  7. PLEASEEEE research a little more, I promise i’m not typing just to type.
    After micro-needling / stamping, don’t use a high concentration of vitamin C immediately after. Wait about 3-4 hours realistically. Instead opt for a hyaluronic acid serum + light moisturizer right after your session. The thing with vitamin-c is immediate exposure with a puncture like that can actually cause the product to crystallize underneath the skin, leading to an unnatural rocky appearance. It won’t be immediate but seeing as micro-needling / stamping is a LONG-TERM process, you really want to be careful of what’s being applied immediately after.

    Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist but am currently in school for skin therapy certification & work with cosmetic formulators on a daily.

  8. How exactly is 50$ for a 15ml product affordable? Thing is- every vit C serum out there will help you… and every derma roller will do the same job… It's insanely expensive for something you can buy on Amazon for 25£ altogether…
    (And no- natural is not always better…)

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  10. I also suffer from brutal acne. I'll be forty years old in 2 months and my acne has been with me since I was eleven. I have tried every treatment and product on the market and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to clear my skin. Nothing was effective, nothing worked. Then i found micro needling (and tretinoin ) and I can't even put into words how much my skin has healed . I have several different types of derma rollers but one one has been the game changer for me. The Dr. Pen Number 1. It can go from a depth of zero to 3mm, plus it has four speed settings. My Dr. pen and the assortment of different needle heads cost me less than $100. I highly recommend some sort of micro-needling for anyone who suffers from acne and/or acne scars, hyperpigmentation, pitted acne scars, skin texture. I had all of the above and this is the first time in entire life that I feel confident about my skin. I couldn't even wear foundation because it only made my skin look and feel worse. You can not cover texture. If anyone is thinking about trying micro-needling I suggest doing the research and talking to a specialist to see which device is right for you. I still get blemishes and some hormonal acne but it's nothing even close to what I suffered with for all those years. My only regret is that I didn't know about micro-needling earlier in my life. Acne in all its forms is one of those things that you have no idea how devastating it can been your life until you have suffered with it.

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    I just use it, and then follow with the skincare I already use. I agree that the masks and serums from them are expensive and you can get better stuff at a lower price with Korean brands or The Ordinary/Inkey List

    Another thing to mention that is important here is the company’s philosophy, that’s what got me into buying it. They work in making everyone feel beautiful just as they are. I think that’s something forgotten in most skincare companies and their goal is just sales and perfection.

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