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Asian Bridal Makeup Tutorial – Indian Bridal Makeup In Hindi 2018

Hello everyone, Namashkar ! welcome to my channel dreamy priyanka Today I’wll be sharing a Indian Bridal Makeup Today I have created a very glam yet subtle bridal makeup which is perfect for any Asian Bride I hope you will like it If you like this video then click the like icon and share with your friends and family as much as you can before watching the video please subscribe to my channel You will get a red color subscribe button under the video title Click that button then you will get a bell icon click that icon too so that whenever I upload a video you can get a notification. So let’s get started At first I am applying a face mist to keep my face hydrated Then using a sponge I am pushing the product into the skin So that the product get absorbed into the skin then I will start by eye makeup If you are doing bridal or any kind of heavy makeup then always start by eye makeup Because you can clean up everything after that otherwise you may have to face problems. I am filling my eyebrows Start from inside and always choose 1 shade lighter then your hair color If your hair color is black and you are using black shade then it would look very unnatural So try to use dark brown or dark grey Draw line along the length of the brow then fill the brow using small strokes fill the inner corner very lightly Next apply eye primer to the eyelid It’s very important to apply eye primer before doing eye makeup eyelid colour gets even and you can apply eyeshadow very easily Cleaning up the brows to make it look precise Now applying setting powder to set the primer Now I am taking a light brown shade as my transition colour Applying on the crease line Blend it in a swiping motion Always start with lighter colour Next taking this deep brown shade applying on the crease line slightly under the light colour blend it also in the same way Then starting from lashline to crease apply kajal or gel liner It dries very quickly So you have to blend it very quickly and taking this black shade to blend this then blend it very well now I am taking this reddish brown shade and blending with the black shade Next I am taking a peachy toned shadow and blending the edges very well to defuse all the harsh lines you can do this without adding any shadow with a clean brush gonna use this shimmery champagne shade to highlight my browbone Now cleaning up my face with some makeup remover taking a plenty amount of moisturiser on to the palm slightly warming it up then applying on my face thoroughly that will make a perfect base for my makeup Next step is primer which will make my skin smooth and makeup long lasting To cover dark spots, pimples use colour corrector or concealer I am applying concealer around my mouth and on the pimples which is a lighter shade than my skintone blend it very well For foundation choose a shade that mathes your skintone But for bridal I prefer one shade lighter Apply on your face and neck then blend it well Next to highlight my face will apply some concealer one the high points of my face high points means under the eyes forehead chin down the bridge of the nose and nose tip will contour my face I am applying a gel bronzer on the cheeks forehead and jawline Then blend it very well Contouring helps to enhance your face Choose bronzer according your foundation shade just for the wedding day Applying compact powder where I have applied concealer Now applying powder bronzer Apply blush above the bronzer Do smile and apply blush to the apple of your cheeks for a healthy bright looking face Applying dark brown shade on the lower lashline Then using this brown shade gonna blend it well Draw a dramatic eyeliner You are bride and this bit of drama is must afterall you should look like yourself at your most beautiful applying kajal on my lower waterline curl your lashes hold it for 5-10 seconds Try to apply black blackest mascara which makes eyes stand out the most Apply highlighter on your face Today I am going to use 2 lipshades and I am ready I hope you have enjoyed this video Thank you so much for watching this video. If you love this video then give me a big fat thums up and share this video with your friends and family so that I can get their love as well Comment down below how was this video and subscribe to my channel to watch mose such videos ok so see you in my next video till then bye bye

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