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100 thoughts on “Arabic Eye Makeup with @Nazanasghar

  1. I saw the video and I don't know why all these negative comments…she looked so cool the whole time for me.

  2. This artist is insanely talented. Beautiful. I LOVE arabic eyeliner! And with the cobalt blue it's just to die for. Huda seemed very uncomfortable. But hey, when you have a profession and another person with the same profession work on you it is often a bit awkward.

  3. Huda is insecure about her own ethnicity, her arab culture like a typical American coconut hence she is uncomfortable with arab inspinsp makeup. Lol she is like 40 and never done Arab style makeup on herself and claims she is an mua? Okaaayyy lol. She is a hustler and has everyone fooled. She uses the arab world for money. She is those typical people proud they can't speak their own language. Embarassment. Arab women are strong, amazing, classy and have integrity. Huda is definitely not that, just another fame and money hungry Kim k wannabe.

  4. She was so bitchy tho !!! I didn't like her attitude at all. This makeup artist is so decent since she could handle her shitty manners. THE FUCK WHO THE HELL SHE THINKS SHE IS ??? Superstars and they are so humble with their makeup artists while تتكبري أنتي!

  5. They cannot be called "Arabic eyes" because Arabic is a language! Why must you act so dumb? You are Arab, you should know this better than anyone.

  6. Genuine question. Why do people use thebword atabic instead of arabian. Shouldn't it be "arabian eye make up" or "arab eye make up?" Arabic is a language?

  7. absolutely beautiful! i want to recreate this look on myself and my clients thank you for the cleopatra-esque inspo…….highly taleted artist !!!

  8. Muy linda quedaste, el maquillaje esta genial y divino, un abrazo desde cali, Colombia. Trataré de hacerme el mismo, vamos a ver si me queda jajajajaja !!!

  9. Wasn't this the makeup look she had on when she was filming the skinny arms cling wrap tutorial video??? Looks very similar!!!

  10. وين الاقي فرش حلوه زي الي تستخدمها تنفع للظل تعبت وانا ادور الي عندها خبره بهلاشياء تقولي ومن وين اشتريها وش اسماءها ؟؟

  11. OMG!! You look stunning!!🤩🤩🤩🤩 I love love love this makeup on you. Actually I'm not a big fan of eastern makeup, but thissss….. is absolutely gorgeous on you!!!😍😍

  12. this is basically the best Arabic makeup look you've ever worn and it's sad how fake it sounded. you didn't like it, that's fine. but to say you have never worn this type of look before is just wrong. I think you need to take pointers from her in nearly every direction because the eye makeup was astounding. Flat out.

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