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Anti-Haul #5 Anastasia Beverly Hills, HiMirror, Kérastase Hair Coach, Kylie Cosmetics + More!

Hey guys. Welcome back and hello to you new people,
too. Today I’m bringing you, I think, the fifth
installment in my anti-haul series. Just a quick note before we get started because
many of you ask about this. This is my bed. I had it custom-made. I designed it myself. I will put a link in the description box below
if you want to check it out, but the person I had make it, she’s now selling my design,
which is pretty cool. The usual disclaimer applies. Basically, these are products I’m not going
to buy because they’re not a good fit for me. If they’re products that you want to buy because
they’re a good fit for you, you should absolutely do that. This is basically … It’s supposed to be
entertaining, so I hope you enjoy it. Now, on with the show. First up is the new Anastasia Lip Palette. Now, I’m sure many of you are going to be
like, “But that palette looks great,” and it does look great. It’s got 18 shades. It’s only $48, which breaks down to like,
I think, $2.66 per lipstick, so it’s really affordable. It’s a great price. But be honest with yourself. Are you going to use all 18 shades? Are you going to mix the colors together? To me, that is actually a pro artistry palette. It is perfect for a professional makeup artist
or it’s perfect for the blogger, YouTuber who does lip art every day, because I think
you can get something like 48 or 50 different combinations with the different products in
there. But be honest. If you’re not somebody who’s going to mix
your lipstick every day, you may not have any use for the palette. For me, even though I wear a lot of lipstick,
even though I think it looks like an awesome palette and I’m sure it will be very high
quality like all of Anastasia’s products are, I’m not going to buy it because I won’t find
myself reaching for it and mixing things to use it. Okay. Next up … I’m going to butcher this name. I’m sorry. It’s something like Kerastase and it’s their
Smart Hairbrush. Basically, this is a smart hairbrush that
tells you if your hair is dry, if you need to add moisture or product to it. I think it’s super gimmicky. I love technology, and I’ll be talking about
it more in a sec, but you can already tell with your hair if it’s dry, if it’s brittle,
if you have split ends. If you have those things happen with your
hair, you know that you need to go get your dead ends trimmed off. You know that you need to use a hair mask. There’s all different kinds of … I feel
like with hair, it’s really easy to tell when you need to do something with it because it
will look like crap. When your ends get gummy, you know that you
need to get them trimmed off because there’s just too much damage. I feel like it’s super gimmicky. It’s probably going to be, I don’t know, $100
to $200 because all of the smart stuff I looked at recently has been like $150 to $200. I just think it’s crazy. The next thing that I’m not going to buy is
the HiMirror. Now, this one is really intriguing because
I love the concept of it. I just don’t think it’s quite there yet. I watched a bunch of reviews on it. I’ve talked to my friends who have the mirror. They all agree and say that the mirror is
great, but it’s got some kinks to be worked out. It’s basically this mirror that takes pictures
of your skin and then it tells you whether or not your skincare products are working,
which I think that sounds like a great idea. Especially if you’re somebody like me who
has rosacea. But here’s the problem. I’ve only seen people with perfect skin use
it. I don’t know how it would handle my rosacea,
like the redness. I don’t know how it would handle if somebody
has like acne scarring. I don’t know how it would make adjustments
for that. From what I’ve seen, the mirror’s a little
bit flakey. There’s problems sometimes with giving the
hand gestures to make it work. I know that’s one of the things that a couple
of my friends said. That it’s very difficult to get it to work
sometimes and to figure out how it wants to be doing the gestures. I think it’s a great idea in concept, but
until it’s worked out, I don’t want to spend, what is it? I don’t want to spend $259 on a mirror. I think if they ever get the kinks worked
out, I will absolutely be first in line to buy it, but right now, it’s not quite there
yet. Lest you all think that I’m a Luddite, I am
all for technology and a smart home. I have the Ring doorbell. I have the Amazon Echo. I also have Google Home. I use all of those devices. I like having smart technology around the
house. I love it. I want my technology to work. I will tell you, the Ring doorbell saved my
ass. The other day, there was some guy at my front
door and he was looking around and I don’t know what he was doing exactly. But I finally said, “Can I help you?” and
he ran off. The Ring doorbell basically put a notification
to my phone saying, “Somebody was at your front door, but he didn’t ring the doorbell. He was just basically lurking.” Another friend of mine said he was probably
casing my house to break in. As far as I can tell, the Ring doorbell can
help prevent people from breaking into your house. It definitely makes it easier for me to say,
“I’m here. Not here,” if somebody comes to the front
door. It lets me keep an eye on when packages are
delivered. It’s a great product. Completely worth it to me. So I like technology. I just want it to work. The next item on my not going to buy list
is the Milk Makeup Blur Stick. I was looking at this and then I saw the price
tag. It’s like $36 and it’s not a foundation. It’s just a blur stick. So I went to go look at some reviews of it
to see what I thought of it and I watched Kathleen Lights’ video. I looked online to see other reviews of people
who’ve gotten the product. It doesn’t look like it does much, if anything. It’s supposed to basically perfect the skin
so you don’t have to wear foundation. But for most people I looked at, even the
people with nice skin, you really couldn’t see much of a difference. You were like squinting to see if it made
a difference at all. I feel like if you’re going to spend $36,
might as well buy a primer that you know will actually do something with your skin. Like the Hourglass primer, for me, really
works well and I can actually see a visible difference with my skin. The new Urban Decay Optical Illusion Blurring
Primer, again, I can actually see a visible difference with my skin. I don’t want to spend $36 on something that
you can’t see any difference at all. Okay. So this is probably going to be an unpopular
opinion. Next on my list is the Storybook Cosmetics
brand. I love indie brands, but I feel like this
brand is fucking shady as shit because they keep taking intellectual property that isn’t
theirs … That they don’t own or have the rights to, and then saying they’re going to
make products for it. Well, that just kind of seems like vaporware. You’re basically saying, “Oh, I’m going to
make this product. I’m going to take pre-orders for it. And then I don’t know if I’m actually going
to get the intellectual property rights to clearly make it.” I feel like that’s shady. They did some Harry Potter brushes and the
brushes looked so terrible. I mean, they just … I don’t know. They looked like they were crappily put together. I was not impressed. Then I saw that they also put some lightsaber
mock-up brushes together, too. Again, there’s no way in hell Lucas is going
to give them the right to make lightsaber brushes. But thinking about it from a usability standpoint,
the brushes that they … It looks like the brushes that they made are not weighted well. I don’t see how they would be comfortable
to use. They would basically just be something you
would buy to stick on your vanity to say, “Oh, look. I have these cool makeup brushes that look
like wands.” At that point, I mean, I don’t need that. I think it’s cool, but I wouldn’t do it. I don’t know. I really dislike the whole Storybook Cosmetics
brand and what they’re doing. I wouldn’t buy a single thing from them because
they just seem so, so shady. The next thing on my I’m not going to buy
list is the Kylie Royal Peach Palette. I was looking at this palette and I actually
thought the colors were kind of pretty because I do like peach tones. The royal blue looks awesome because I would
absolutely wear the hell out of that color. But then I was like, I don’t know if the colors
are very cohesive throughout the palette. Then I was reading that the Kylie palettes
quality has been very hit or miss, like some are great and some aren’t. If you’re going to buy a palette that’s almost
50 bucks, I think it’s like $45 or $48, you want the quality to be there. Just after I looked at it and realized that
the quality might not be there, I don’t want to spend the money on that. I would much rather put together a DIY Makeup
Geek palette. I put together a peach palette with Makeup
Geek. I put together a tropical palette, all of
these really cool DIY palettes that I actually like the colors and that I do use, so I just
can’t see myself spending the money on Kylie’s when I don’t even know that the quality is
going to be there. Oh, then there’s the palette that I have been
drooling over. You’ll probably laugh, but there’s the Pur
Makeup Trolls Palette. I’m not interested in the whole Trolls revival
thing. I mean, I think it’s cute and all, but the
palette that they put out looks really good. I’ve seen a couple of reviews for it that
actually said the quality is there. The colors look like … Some of the colors
in it look like really me colors because there’s like a hot pink, there’s a deep teal blue,
there’s a deep navy blue, there’s like this white that has iridescent pink and blue sparkles. I think the colors look great. It looks like a good mix of eyeshadows and
the quality’s there. But then I’m sitting here thinking, I already
have a bunch of brights in my collection from Sugarpill and my Viseart Bright Editorial
Mattes Palette. Then I have iridescent colors. So why would I be buying this palette for? I realized, even though it looks like an awesome
palette, it is not for me. This palette is for somebody who doesn’t have
very much makeup in their collection, because I think it would make an amazing palette for
them, but it’s not a good fit for me. I basically talked myself out of buying it,
even though I like the colors, even though it looks like the quality is there. Because I’m like, I already have all of these,
I shouldn’t buy more. Finally, last but not least, the Too Faced
Sweet Peach Glow Palette. This palette, on the surface, it looks pretty. It looks really, really pretty but when I
dug down deeper into it, it’s not going to work on pale skin. It’s going to be too orange-toned, too bronzy. The highlighter’s going to be too dark for
my skin tone. The bronzer would turn orange on my skin tone. The blush would work for me. However, why would you buy a product just
for one-third of the palette? I wouldn’t. The only nice thing I can say about this new
Too Faced palette is that it’s vegan, but it still has that stinky peach smell, so it’s
just ugh. I don’t know. I think they’re going to be riding this Sweet
Peach train for quite a while because they came out with another peach blush and peach
lip oils. Just too much peach. Oh, I had one rant left actually. I’m fucking sick and tired of limited edition
products. I’m so burnt out on everything being limited
edition, and then, “Oh, we’re going to bring it back just because it’s really cool.” No. Stop fucking making things limited edition. I wish brands would put out pure releases
so that they are releasing higher quality products and stop with the stupid limited
edition stuff every month. I just feel like every time I turn around,
there’s another limited edition release coming out and I really hate that hype that builds
up around it. Then you feel you have to buy it before you
even know whether it’s a quality product or not. It drives me crazy. Anyway, please be sure to let me know in the
comments below what you think of this anti-haul video and my little, mini rant. If you like this video and found it informative
or entertaining, please give me a thumbs up and share. I love it when you share my videos. It makes my day. If you haven’t already, go ahead and click
that subscribe button and maybe it’ll work. Who knows? Thanks so much for watching.

92 thoughts on “Anti-Haul #5 Anastasia Beverly Hills, HiMirror, Kérastase Hair Coach, Kylie Cosmetics + More!

  1. @Phyrranyx im sure you have a video about this but what do you use for bronzer for pale skin? I have Kat von D shade and light and some other like bronzer sticks but I was curious about others or even the hula bronzer for for our type skin ?

  2. @Phyrranyx im sure you have a video about this but what do you use for bronzer for pale skin? I have Kat von D shade and light and some other like bronzer sticks but I was curious about others or even the hula bronzer for for our type skin ?

  3. The smart hair brush!?!?! If you don't know when your hair's dirty or needs a trim then God bless you!! 😂😂😂 And those limited editions! I'm fed up also!! It's such a cash grab!! The new thang company's do that's so many brands are jumping on the bandwagon to get more money all the time by creating a feast/famine, scarcity ploy so everyone and their grandma will do a bank run online or in store to get that new shiny thang!!! It's so annoying and so obvious even ABH does this with her unlimited "limited" MR palette!! Wish they would stop that nonsense and just do it for some Christmas items BUT make them top quality and if they see it's very popular then make it permanent!! Then I'd love them for it. But this chronic selling ploy is bad business I feel. Humf!

  4. I feel the same way about the lip palette. I have a lip palette but I never bother to mix the shades, and I can't bring it along with me. I also agree about the Kerastase brush – what were they thinking?

  5. Do you know of a silicone-free primer that's also vegan? It looked like the blur stick made pores less visible in videos I saw where people zoomed in really close & didn't have flawless skin, but people were saying it clung to dry patches, so it wouldn't work for me. My skin usually flips out if I put silicone on my face, but I'm someone who needs a primer, at least on my nose 🙁

  6. Ugh, I so agree. Just think of what great permanent products Tarte, Too Faced, and Urban Decay could have if they just stopped diluting their brands with limited edition, poorly made, gimmicky crap. I'm cool with special limited edition products once in a while, but it has gotten out of control. My trendmood notifications never stop!

  7. I purchased the storybook cosmetics Harry Potter brushes not the one you pictured but the ones they did 2 pre orders for and they are really nice and now they aren't selling it anymore. Of course not they didn't have licensing lol. So now I am staying away from the brand for sure. I'm glad I have the brushes though.

  8. YES, thank you for mentioning Storybook Cosmetics! I almost got swept in (huge HP fan here) but something just felt off to me. I'd rather buy the novelty themed loose shadow from indie brands who are backed with reviews from real people.

  9. ring is amazing!!! on vacation, I have peace of mind!!! lol not makeup related, but it has definitely changed my life 😆 I thought the same about storybook cosmetics, why are they advertising things that aren't possible??? who has that kind of time and what if someone else was already planning something??? lol

  10. I definitely agree that the ABH Lip palette is more geared towards pros and bloggers, which is why I'm considering it for my kit. 😉 However, I'm waiting to find out if they're going to provide a way for us to refill individual colors as they empty because if they don't then it wouldn't be very pro-friendly. Time will tell! I'm not into the Kylie palettes myself and I think the whole Trolls thing is cute for nostalgia and all but … I don't know, I guess the palette doesn't do it for me because I also have a TON of similar shades from my tried-and-true favorite brands.

  11. A smart hair brush?!?! Um… so it tells you if your hair is gross? I'm a mom! It's always gross!

  12. Yes with the limited edition products! Especially when half the time shipping is the same price as the product for me. I need to know if it's actually good before I go spending that money!

  13. I really enjoy these types of videos. Definitely don't need a fancy brush to tell me when I need to cut or wash my hair 😂 I always thought palettes containing many shades of lipstick contour, blush etc. would only be useful for makeup artists.

  14. I just saw Storybook Cosmetics released images to do Doctor Who Sonic screwdriver brushes. While all of that stuff might look cute none of it looks comfortable to actually use at all

  15. I love these anti-hauls! I feel like I do them in my head all the time lately. I have so much nice stuff that I like and want to use before it goes bad. Why do I need to buy more of essentially the same things? Nope. I'm spending my money on hair and skincare instead at the moment.

  16. Ugh totally agree about the limited edition things. It was one of my worst pet peeves with MAC and now everyone else seems to be playing catch up with their LE practices! It can be nice to have something LE and special every once in a while, but every month just seems excessive.

  17. Omg I agree about the limited edition stuff! It's so annoying. And when beauty gurus review them, I'm like "what's the point?"

  18. AMEN!!!!!! I am DONE with limited edition. And then they bring it back like, wtf?! I don't want to see this crap again! I didn't buy it the first time around! Like, milk it for every cent and then some urghhh. I will confess that I am so tempted by that ABH lip palette ahhhhhh!!!! It's matte, it's got the primaries, gorgeous colors, etc. You are so right – it is fabulous for a pro, but for just one person…not so much. I loooooove mixing lip tars, layering lip pencils, mixing liquid lipsticks…I do love custom color for lips! I haven't really been tempted by a lip palette until I saw that one lol! Thankfully it is permanent so I can take my time to really think about it. I sooooo don't need it but…the kid in me whose favorite toy was "art supplies" is going crazy for it lol. 💖

  19. love your videos, very inspirational and its nice yo see more alt women on youtube reviewing products.😀

  20. I so agree with you on the LE burnout. I was wondering about the Peach cheek palette. Too bad it runs so orange. Money saved.

  21. I'm with you on the "limited edition" bullshit. I think it's such a scam to build up excitement as you said…to make people feel like they HAVE to have it or they'll miss out on the product of the century. I got caught up in a couple but I'm done. If I even see the words "limited edition," I move onto looking at something else. Nope nope nope.
    Great video and I'm going to look into that seemingly shady brand. As a new "brand" trying to bust into the market in skincare, that shit pisses me off because some of us put our everything into quality and honor, sometimes to our detriment. To have a company get big on the market on shadiness really is a disservice to everyone. I've been investing in indie products simply to support the smaller business who really deserve the credit. ♡♡♡

  22. I agree with limited edition MADNESS. First off, they make it lower quality because it's not in the permanent collection. Also, they are ALWAYS dupeable.

  23. yup I hate limited edition stuff, most of it doesn't even make it's way to the UK anyway. you're the only person who has said exactly what I think about storybook cosmetics. they seem dodgy as hell

  24. Yes! Enjoyed this video and loved ALL you little mini-rants! When I first found out about limited edition makeup, I burst out laughing. What a joke. We know cosmetics companies often insult women with ridiculous and manipulative marketing campaigns, but my mind is blown when I see all these women on youtube falling for them. Also, why in the fuck would anybody buy anything with the kylie or kardashian name on it??? No, I don't think they have style and I don't think they have any expertise in makeup. Just because people are on TV doesn't mean anything! And, I didn't mean to go on a rant here…

  25. I was excited about milk makeup but I swatched stuff from the line and everything seemed like such a fail 🙄 and then I read the reviews…such a fail.

  26. I like the Too Faced Sweet Glow palette but I'm not as pale as you are. I need to look at that Pur Troll palette now! TOTALLY agree on limited edition!!!!!

  27. Renee from Bad Outfit, Great Lipstick tried a whole bunch of Milk stuff and none of it was impressive at all. Bummer! I so agree about the smart items. Nope. I'm smart enough to care for my hair LOL

  28. I love this type of video when you do them. You've chosen some of the hottest products and debunked them. I already know someone who ordered the Storybook Cosmetics brushes for her teen daughter.

  29. I appreciate your honesty and reasoning behind why you won't be buying these this time around. I actually REALLY enjoyed this installment of your anti-haul series!

  30. What do u think about the unicorn brushes? They went nuts when tarte showed theirs in the future but if they have them on eBay and from China it looks like this isn't a new thing… honestly I think they buy in bulk from china and add their unicorn stamp on them. The reviews aren't good and I could tell right away by just looking at the pictures of the brush hairs that they wouldn't be amazing and the price point isn't there. I might buy the eBay ones to display

  31. Did u buy the ittse lotus collection ? I picked it up because of convience honestly! A pressed shadow that acts like a loose pigment?!? I live pigments but most of the time they live in a box in my drawer. I wore the pink one last night and I really liked it…

  32. I know u have it on your blog but I would love to see your diy makeup palettes in video form.. either as dupes or primary colors . Also is there a detailed section in your blog just for those types of palettes ?

  33. That brush is RIDICULOUS!!! I was just going to ask if you had seen the smart mirror then you popped it up!! I don't buy into that, either. I love your bed!!!! Hi Phaedra!! All the exclamation points! Haha

  34. Phaedra!! Too pretty to be allowed!
    Yeah I always skip lip palettes. I've angered the makeup gods too many times by letting palettes spoil unused. My big thing is if it's a big palette I can't bring along for touch ups. I only have one teeny tiny palette that I can bring along.
    Yes! Yes! No more LE, please! It's one thing to put together a special release but another to churn out crap and only sell based on hype. I'm trying to move away from LE makeup and fast fashion. Besides ethical reasons, it feels unhealthy for me to always be looking for new new new more more more. I'd like to have my personal things be investments, not even only monetarily, but more in terms of my own thoughtfulness.

  35. Those Storybook Cosmetics brushes kill me. I remember the first post I saw on Reddit from someone who actually purchased them and they just looked terrible.

  36. Omg I so agree with you on Limited addition esp living in Australia we tend to only get a small about of stock. I was told they cut the amount of Too Faced PB&J pallets to Australia could have even been in half because it was so popular in the States.

    Plus Mac seems bring out Limited addition every other week now

  37. Thanks for including your poodle! I will wear a pinky coral on my cool tone skin, but not peach. Your logic on everything else makes sense to me too.

  38. Also not getting the Storybook brushes. I like the wand handles (that's how they get you) but the ferrules look like they're just slapped on without any thought. Well, and the handles are made of "base metal", which is likely something I'm allergic to. I already have a $40 wand from Universal that I bought on impulse because I was in Ollivander's and how could I not?! I felt stupid when I got home with it, but made a little display of it to justify it. I do love looking at it. But I'm not also buying a $50 set of brushes just to look at. At least my wand looks good from end to end.

  39. I'm with you on all this limited edition shit. It is what drove me away from MAC when they were still cruelty free. I would much rather buy from a brand's permanent line and get tried and true quality plus the knowledge that if I really love something I can repurchase.

  40. I totally feel you on the limited edition BS. I don't have unlimited amounts of money to spend so I have to be able to save up for things. When they all of a sudden release something and then it's gone it just pisses me off that they make such a huge deal about things but then you can't get it.

  41. OMG I so agree with you on the limited edition everything lately especially because most of those special release products have less then great quality and I feel like brands just go overboard with themes, "cute" packagings and other things instead of just focus on creating simply good products :s

  42. Preach! I'm sick of gimmicky cash grab shite. Make something useful and lasting.

    On that note, the FOMO rage with LE products. The built up excessive hype, then the release, immediate sell out, and, to quote Too Faced "the palette you all lost your minds over!" only to bring it back "by customer demand" or have it sell out immediately and then people test it for themselves and the product is sub-par.

    Make it good, make it count.

    Have a great day lovely!

  43. Your rant…..Yes yes YES!!! I too am so sick and tired of limited edition bs. Like you said, put out fewer products that are higher quality and stop with the limited edition hyped up bullshit!

  44. Ugh… I agree with Storybook Cosmetics… I love all of the movies and stories they are trying to base their products after, so I was intrigued so quickly… but then started looking at what they were doing and realized… eh. I just seen their Beauty & the Beast Rose brushes and they look terrible. :/

  45. I agree about Storybook – I think it's such a shame that a great idea (to merge fantasy novels/movies with makeup) is being turned to ashes. I'm so disappointed that they are butchering it!

  46. I'm so with you on the Limited Edition stuff. I like reading reviews and watching videos before I purchase something but with LE, there's rarely enough time to do that before it's gone.

  47. I totally felt like those storybrook brushes looked like they weren't really usable! Glad someone else isn't going for the hype! The kylie palette caught my eye, but I wanna wait for some reviews to come out about it first. I've never bought one of her products, but I really like the look of this peach palette and I didn't want the one from TF. What are your thoughts on the KVD pastel goth and the TF PB & honey palette?

  48. Girl I'm so glad you reminded me about the doorbell thing because I really want something like that for security. I'm also glad you brought up the storybook cosmetics because I just started following them when I saw the Star Wars light saber brushes they possibly will make. So I will have to keep an eye on them to see if they're legit or if they're not worth my time

  49. I totally feel you on the Storybook stuff. If I'd written something that was successful enough to have merchandising, I would be PISSED AS HELL if someone started making knock offs or other products for sale based around my intellectual property. Fan art is one thing, selling items based on IP you don't own or have permission to use is theft. THEFT.

  50. I agree on limited edition items and especially with Colourpop. I like their products but there's certain collections that claim to be LE but still have around for months after

  51. I'm so behind on my YouTube viewing I'm seriously annoyed at myself for not watching this sooner. I too think Storybook Cosmetics are shady af! I would loooove to talk to you. Would it be ok to email you? If not don't worry I won't be offended 🙂 but we probably have similar information that would make for an interesting conversation!

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