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19 thoughts on “Anna Wintour on Euphoria’s Makeup, Instagram and Matching Outfits | Go Ask Anna | Vogue

  1. Will Vogue still be relevant in 2020 given the falling circulation figures and losses Condé Nast have made ?? + who wares sun glasses indoors ?

  2. How can she want to get in a Democrat , so left, and the real middle America, when they sell shoes that cost $1000.00 and handbags that cost thousands. I just don’t get it

  3. HEY…. her speaking politically….. that is RARE, people! These are serious times…. this is not common. She is at the pinnacle of a media that reaches a HUGE audience: democratic, republican, and otherwise. Her role is to remain unbiased while exuding sophistication beyond politics, and EVEN SHE…. is absolutely fed up with this "administration," and reached the point of vocalizing so.

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