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Alex meets Saal face-to-face | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

Drop your weapon! – Take cover!
– Get down! Alex! What’s happening?! It’s her. She’s the one who ambushed us! She’s the one who killed Olan! What?! Then why didn’t you kill her?! Hurry! Benjie, no! Stop it! – Let go of me!
– Isabel, stop! Where’s Rasheed?! I don’t know!
He was just behind us! We need to get out of here
immediately! But the military is
all over the place! We can’t leave here
without a car! Let’s go through the woods. Clear! Go! We’re going out from the woods. Go on ahead!
Leave her to me. What are you going to
do with her?! This isn’t in our plan,
so we have no choice! Go on! Leave us! They’re here! Hurry! Go! This way! Get in! Rasheed?! Rasheed! Get inside! Hurry! What happened to you?! Hurry, son! – Step on it!
– What happened?! Rasheed… Stop! Hurry! Why weren’t we informed
about the military?! What happened?! Saal, calm down! Rasheed needs
to be treated first. Let’s figure that out later. This is Team Alpha’s leader. All units, be on the lookout! Waajid and his group
are in a white van and they’re headed south. Possibly armed and very hostile. Do not engage.
I repeat, do not engage! They have the governor’s
daughter! Copy, sir! Yes, ma’am! Make a left turn. We need help. Rasheed won’t make it
if we stay here. Leave it to me. That explosion came from nearby. Let’s head there!

24 thoughts on “Alex meets Saal face-to-face | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

  1. hahaha anong malapit eh kaharap niyo nanga yong humagis ng granada 😁 sasabihan mopa na malapit yun doon tayo 👏👏😂

  2. pag moro terorrista agad image? di ba pde gumamit ng iba? or make other story without damaging the image of our moro brother & sister? tsk tsk!!

  3. Kaya nga may nkalagay na "ang programang ito ay kathang isip lamang, etc. Etc. Etc. . Ang haba nun . .basa-basa din bago manuod. 😊😊😊

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