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50 Character Slots, Face Edit, Jacket Layer, Back Pose and More! | Gacha Club

hey y’all Len here today I’ll be
showing you guys a lot of spoilers yet again looking at my script right now
there’s so much to cover oh my gosh if some of you are wondering why I’ve been
out it’s because the issues somewhat hit me hard
and then I used that as a nice excuse to play Minecraft yeah I got addicted to
it’s thumbs up to that if I sound bad I’m actually pretty sick at the moment
like I’m literally trying not to cough so I hope it won’t bother much in this
entire video anyways let’s get started most of the spoilers I see are like
taken from my features that should be added videos I don’t know I could be
wrong if I am right though please give me a prize for those ideas
at least a small reward… yeah moving on there’s like a lot of spoilers spammed
in a single week so this is a lot to handle a bit a small price for salvation
he added more features and of course move the release date even further
sadly the last time I heard about the the release date was that… it’s coming this March
but now it’s April, everybody, hopefully it’s not one of those April Fool’s prank
though I feel like Luni is gonna prank us very hard. Soon.
ok enough talking I’ll start showing it and use spoilers now though do keep in
mind I got most of these information from Kii or Kai
I don’t know so make sure to subscribe to this very amazing person Kii is
actually one of the moderators in gadget club discord so I’ll place the link to
the Gacha club discord and to his channel in the description below he
might actually have more spoilers alright now let’s begin with Luni’s
messages he shared about the dress-up notes a near character template front
and back posts yes gods has answered hand gestures more
color options possibly the mouse merging of accessories organized poses pet
features like talking and pet only 50 character slots import an expert feature
the jacket layer socks layer (it’s now unattached from the pants…) ears and the eye
gradient as for the studio notes there will be multiple props which is very
familiar for my videos gotcha units that can be added to the studio
probably a scene maker instead of the confusing skit maker which helps to scene creations yes there’s a slideshow feature now probably a wrist feet head
rotation which I think is already added not too sure though these are the club
rivals which I kind of find weird like I don’t think it’s even equal but whatever
it’s now supported by many languages short stars to make the translating
easier and the in-game chat is now back though you have to unlock it through a
level or with real life money so they did state that they will be sharing
their discord server which is far much easier so do that instead of us trying
to level up there will be no genders for the characters but you get to choose the
icon (it’s basically the same thing) the clubs will be categorized for the preset
characters and there will be a chance for you to add your character in the
preset by joining the future events Alliance or a faction system I’m
guessing this is going to be the online side of this game, a clubhouse idea to
visit certain clubs though he stated that it’s maybe going to be added I
guess and then we have again the nose option props now have two colors and the
walls and floors are now customizable with three color options not sure how
this works but ok all old poses and new poses are in though the animations will
be removed this is very sad please… not the animations… I need it and
we have Luni stating that if the character code idea works will be
having 100 more character slots (I hope it works) and we can now gacha for pets
not that it matters much cause people just want customization
2 OC preset contest for both Android and iOS release and there are now seven
elements not sure why DJ’s included though apparently its an elements the
battle system is simpler and their rarity rare rarity… ugh cant speak today
the rarity system is only different when it comes to DJ and corrupt characters
cause they’ll be harder to get and we have each hair having their own
independent color options so that’s nice and now for the images so yeah my ears
are coming true you can now adjust the facial features so you can make more
unique characters at this point and another one of my ideas the display
option which disables certain body parts so if you want a floating head why not
head size Heights and rotations as you can see there’s a lot of things going on
right and left accessories can now be edited for each clothing and accessory layers a very nice image of this beautiful
character then we have the character profile info the character slot with a
few more options like copy, copy clothes and copy colors the hair color variants
with the outline colors categories for the poses and yeah and the party gacha
Club contests it is now ending so submissions will only be accepted until
February 2019 so join it while you still can anyways thank you for watching and
please consider subscribing for more updates like these and see you on the next video

100 thoughts on “50 Character Slots, Face Edit, Jacket Layer, Back Pose and More! | Gacha Club

  1. Bruh first they said late 2019 then they said early 2020 then they said March now THEY SAY APRIL now this dude saying its probably a April fools joke.. I just don’t know anymore 🙁

  2. From sep. 2019 to oct. all the way to April? Luni I know you wanna make it amazing but release it and then add updates

  3. Luni: it's coming on August
    Aug: it's coming on September
    Jan: its coming on march
    Feb: It coming on April

  4. I think that the girl and boy option got taken out cause of the non binary ppl? Cause they look either girly or masculine but they don't want to specified the gender..

    I think that's sweet (if it's true)

  5. Omg people are gonna be creating nightmares with the rotating and disabling body parts features 😂😂😂

  6. Wow
    When looking at Gacha life 2 is such an improvement!
    I'm really happy that there are lots of new features!
    Can't wait for April!

  7. Lens: What if it was an April fools joke?
    Fans: Hahaha, yeah, so funny…..ok guys, what's the plan?

  8. Ok but honestly I’m actually mad right now, we’re just gonna get to April and he’s gonna move it again, I’m so tired of waiting🥺
    This has already been a terrible year

  9. Ey len! Got an idea how bout diff eyelashes? Do you think thats a great idea? I dont have insta and i cant text in discord so pls do it for meh ;^;

  10. "android beta on april" welp i'am getting the ipad ready well its april and the problem is "when is it gonna be realeased"? Like april 7 or 3 i dont want to wait another month ok

  11. 1:43 “only on anderoid”

    Me who has an apple: *looks under bed*

    My old LG phone under my bed collecting dust: “It Is TiMe…”

  12. Luni: Ahh yes yall can get the game in March. 🙂
    Also Luni: Oh sorry never mind, I'll release it in April.. didn't say which year though c:

  13. Me: Thinks I only have to wait a month
    Me also: checks for updates

    Luni: The beta will be on Android in APRIL

    Me: cries in Spanish

    Me also: NOT ANOTHER MONTH 🙁

    Also no offence I know the updates take a while so I understand, so don't murder me with your sandle of doom :>

    Me when it's march: dies in Spanish because Gacha club took to long

  14. I think I know why he moved the date,maybe because he has seen lots of cool designs for Gacha club,and luni said "Re-Drawing" it,and there might be lots more clothing in Gacha club, and since luni is trying hard to make the game (Gacha club) try to be alot patient,even tho I'm not patient either 😅 but, I'm trying to. And since lots of people are bothering Luni he might CHANGE the date again,Btw 16 days left for the contest to end! ✌️ try to make your art work, I wish you you guys luck!


    Again Luni might CHANGE the date again

  15. Luni: the date's gonna be im March
    Me who's born in March: Ah Yes,My March Birthdays will rise and use our powers-
    Luni: Changes date to April
    Me again: You motherfri-

  16. Can it do this
    السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم وَ رَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكَتُهُ اسْمِي مِيخَائِيل مُتَشَرِف بَمَعْرِفَتِك
    هَٰذِهِ اللُّغَةُ الْعَرَبِيَّة



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