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5 Warning Signs You May Have Skin Cancer

Have you ever wondered how you can tell
that you may have skin cancer? What if you don’t have any moles on your bodies
to see if you may have skin cancer? Is sunscreen the only way that you can
prevent skin cancer? Well, this video is going to talk about that since May is
Skin Cancer Awareness Month. In this video we’re going to be talking about
the five warning signs to look for to see if you may have skin cancer. So, since
more people are diagnosed with this type of cancer more than any other cancer in
the U.S. each year, we thought that we would share these very simple tips with
you. Okay, so for those of you who’ve been watching my videos, you know that when
I’m standing in front of a black wall, you know that pictures and words are
about to come up. So here’s the first tip. The first one is ASYMMETRY. So if
you have a mole or birthmark you want to make sure that the border of it is
pretty balanced. It’s not a perfeclar-, circular shape, it’s irregular shape, then
you might want to look into that. The next one is “B” for BORDER. So if the border,
again, is irregular, it’s faded, it doesn’t look equal as far as the shape of it as
well, that is something that you want to take a look of in to. “C” is for COLOR. So
color is if it is an even color then it’s okay. But if it’s an uneven color,
and the colors can range from black, brown, shades of pink, and even red, white,
and blue. So the next one is “D” for DIAMETER. So if the spot, the mole, or
birthmark is larger than six millimeters, or a quarter of a size-, quarter-of-an-inch,
about the size of a pencil eraser, then you might want to start paying attention
to that mole. The next one is “E” and depending on what list you see, it may be
ELEVATION or EVOLUTION, how it evolves. So you want to start taking a look at it
if the elevation is irregular, or you know, uneven or jagged, you want to start
paying attention to that. As well as the evolving. If the mole, or birthmark, or
spot starts to change in appearance, whether it’s the color, the border, you
might want to go ahead and take a look at that as well. Now here are some other
warning signs. If the mole or the sore does not heal, it can-, and it, it doesn’t
heal, it keeps oozing, or bleeding, or scabbing over, but it never heals,
that’s another one. If there’s redness all of a sudden, or swelling, if the mole,
or birthmark, or spot becomes itchy, these are all other things that you want to
pay attention to. The last one is, is if the birthmark, the mole, or the spot, if
pigment starts to spread beyond the actual border of the mole, so let’s say
there’s a-, there, you have your mole, but then actually like a brown, or black, or a
different color starts to spread beyond the border of
the mole, then you may also want to pay attention to that. And another one is, is
that if you have a lot of moles throughout your body and one particular
mole looks very different from your other moles, that’s another sign to pay
attention. Now if you think that all you have to do is wear sunscreen to avoid
skin cancer, not according to the Stanford University Dermatologists who
revie-, who reviewed the CDC survey data on people who wore sunscreen. And
what they found out was people who tended to wear sunscreen on a regular
basis actually spent more time in the Sun than people who irregularly or
infrequently used sunscreen. And so the people who used sunscreen regularly were
out in the Sun more often, they actually tended to BURN more than people who
avoided the Sun and wore clothing over their, their body to avoid the Sun. So the
consensus among researchers is the most important step to take to avoid
Melanoma or skin cancer is to, not avoid ALL Sun exposure, but to avoid sun burns
because sunburns, the number of sunburns that you’ve had, especially under the age
of 30, increases your chances of getting some type of skin cancer. So, when you are
checking your body for skin irregular-, irregularities, the most thing that you
want to do is you want to obviously you’re going to think of checking places
like your face, your arms, your legs, however, skin cancer can appear in
areas where you may not think that they would appear. So that would include your
fingernails, your toenails, in between your fingers, your toes, and even the
soles of your feet. My brother-in-law actually, they found cancer, skin cancer
INSIDE his bellybutton. The other two areas are your scalp. So obviously, if you
have no hair, it’s obv-, you know, most people would put sunscreen on their
scalp. But for those of us who have hair, we don’t think that we can get it on our
scalp. And the other area is the groin. Okay, so for men, men are actually three
times MORE likely to get skin cancer than women. And, they usually get it on
their neck, on their ears, as well as their back. And women get it on their
legs. And the most common age range that most people find the skin cancer is
between 45 and 54. And if you’ve had a family member who’s had skin cancer, your
chances also go up. So once again, if you think that JUST wearing sunscreen will
protect you from the UV rays that are linked to skin cancers, then please watch
this video that we’re going to put in the link, or in the card below, of
sunscreens, what the Beauty Industry doesn’t tell you about sunscreens, and
then our next video that we’re going to be doing about sunscreen is the TRUTH
behind high SPF sunscreens. So we’ll see you in the next video.

15 thoughts on “5 Warning Signs You May Have Skin Cancer

  1. Does skin cancer run in your family? Have you had skin cancer before? Please share your story! Do you think we are too obsessed with sun protection?

  2. I'm lucky not to have skin cancer but I don't think we are too obsessed with sun protection at all. Just aging of the skin alone is worth obsessing over sun protection.

  3. My mother had Melanoma Cancer inside one of her eyes. Sadly my mom died because the cancer traveled in her blood stream & went to her liver. She was only 54 yrs old.
    I got a different cancer on the back of my neck & thought is was just a new mole😳
    I moved to Salt Lake City not knowing that here in Utah is the #1 state of Melanoma Cancer patients!!! Yikes!!! I wish I can move out of this state!!!😱😳😨😩

  4. Skin Cancer is my worst nightmare. I am currently 34 and had 4-5, two being very intense, sunburns. I haven't seen any of those symptoms mentioned so far. Is there anything you can do for your health, in general, to avoid cancer from appearing (other than not sitting in the sun anymore)? Or is it a done deal? Faithful subscriber here <3

  5. Excellent video, thank you. Very informative and concise. I really appreciate it as I'm trying to keep an eye on my husband's back and I think this has been the best description of what to look for. Much appreciation x

  6. My mother had one of those nasty looking growths on her back oh, I might have mentioned before, so had her screen and it turned out that what look like a little bruise like maybe from your thumb on her belly was an actual skin cancer. She had had numerous x-rays in the area so I wondered if that could have caused it. Other than that I'm not aware of family members with skin cancer but you know how that goes, if it's not checked you may be walking around with skin cancer. Very good information given in this video. Thanks!

  7. BAKING SODA: I have a few spots with some of these appearances, one being twice the size of a pencil eraser. The large one I've had for 3-4 months and it was growing and beginning to itch. I started applying a baking soda paste (BS and water), just letting it dry for about 30 minutes and brushing it off. The largest spot is about 1/3 the original size now after applying the baking soda paste about 6-8 times. Will continue this since I'm getting good results. I started this since learning that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

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