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5 Men’s Grooming Mistakes That Are EASY to Fix | Men’s Grooming Tips

What’s up guys! My name is Brock. You’re watching The Modest Man. Today, we’re talking about five grooming mistakes that are easily avoided but a lot of guys are still making. All right! Before we get into it, quick thanks to Aqua Velva for supporting The Modest Man and
making what I do possible by sponsoring this video. They sent me some of their new sensitive five-in-one aftershave balm to try out and I think it’s a great
product if you want to save some time and money and you know, get your
aftershave and your moisturizer, all at the same time in one product. So, this stuff doesn’t burn, it provides all-day moisture, helps prevent bumps after shaving, soothes redness and helps fight ingrown hairs. My favorite part about it is the moisturizer, you know, I love moisturizing at least once a day, especially after a shower or shave and I love the scent. It’s pretty mild but it’s very manly, very masculine, very fresh and kind of reminds me of like, you know, trips to the barbershop with my grandpa as a little kid. So, very nice scent, you know, if you’re looking for a good all-in-one product for after showering or shaving, definitely check this stuff out. All right! As you can see, I’m in need of a shave and a shower but the first mistake I want to talk about has nothing to do with shaving or showering. It’s actually about your teeth. So, mistake number one is not brushing your teeth often enough or at the right times. Now, I hear what you’re saying, you think “Oh! This is such basic advice, I already brush my teeth when I wake up in the morning and at night before I go to bed.” That’s a good start but unfortunately, it’s not enough. So, the times when you want to brush your teeth are after you consume staining liquids or foods. So for example, I just drank a cup of coffee. I’m going to brush my teeth right after I finish that cup of coffee. So, it doesn’t sit on my teeth and stain it and you can see, my teeth are pretty white, you know, and I make sure to brush my teeth any time I drink or eat anything that could stain them like coffee or red wine. Now, this doesn’t have to be like a full-fledged two-minute brush, floss session. You can just do a quick 30-second brush to freshen up your mouth and remove any staining liquids from the surface of your actual teeth and that
way your teeth will stay nice and bright and white for as long as possible. And as added bonus, don’t forget to brush your tongue, okay, like especially after you drink coffee. A lot of that coffee breath is actually coming from your tongue. So, when you do brush your teeth after you drink coffee, make sure to get your tongue too. The second mistake is using shampoo too often and using too much of it. So, shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, especially the cheap stuff that’s find on the grocery store, it’s filled with harsh chemicals and you really don’t need it to keep your hair clean. So, you know, when you use shampoo your hair feels all fluffy and light. It’s actually not a good thing. So, try shampooing every other day if you normally shampoo every day. Now, when you do use shampoo, try using less of it like a dime sized amount instead of a quarter sized amount. So, tip number two, shampoo less frequently and when you do, use less of it. All right, the third mistake is not using face moisturizer immediately after you shower and/or shave. This is when your skin is still soft and damp and the most receptive to moisturizer. So, you don’t need as much of it if you use it before it dries out and tightens up. So, when you get out of the shower, when you finish your shave, you splash your face. Just pat your face dry, towel dry it and then immediately apply moisturizer. Obviously, if you use aftershave, you also want to apply that directly after you’re done shaving, hence the name. Or you can save some time, kill two birds with one stone by using a combination moisturizer aftershave like this 5 in 1, aftershave balm from Aqua Velva. So, while my skin is still nice, damp and soft and since it’s a moisturizer and aftershave, I’m using it all over my face and neck and of course, if it’s Aqua Velva, it’s got that classic, nice, mild, masculine scent. All right, mistake number four is applying product to your hair while still wet. Now, unless you’re using a specific product and really going for that, you know, shiny wet slicked back sort of look, you almost never want to apply product to your hair when it’s still wet. You want to either towel dry if it short enough to towel dry or blow-dry it it’s too long or just let it air dry, okay? But especially if you’re using like a putty, or a clay, or a wax or something, you know, most of these products have a matte finish and they’re meant to be applied to either damp or completely dry hair. So, for me with my hair at this length. I’m gonna towel dry and get pretty much all the bulk and all the moisture out of it. All right! Now, that my hair is pretty much dry. Now, I can take a little bit of product and work it in nicely. This is a paste that has a matte finish and it’s really meant to go into dry hair. I don’t want my hair to look wet all day. All right, and the fifth grooming mistake
that men make is using deodorant that’s just overpowering, that has too strong of
a fragrance and listen I like Old Spice Swagger as much as the next guy, I love browsing that grooming aisle of the grocery store and smelling all the new deodorants, but if you want to be a little more intentional about the way you smell. If you want people to smell another fragrance that you’re wearing, like your aftershave or like a cologne, then I recommend going with an unscented, fragrance free deodorant, antiperspirant. That way you can still have the protection against the sweat and against smelling bad. But you know, you can let other scents shine through and not be either overcrowded or just conflicted with your deodorant fragrance. So, I like this stuff from Mitchum but, you know, really any unscented deodorant or antiperspirant of your choice will do. All right, so there you have it. Those are my five top grooming mistakes that are easily avoided but that I still see a lot of guys making and my challenge for you is, you know, pick one of them that maybe you hadn’t thought about it, that you might be making and just focus on it this week, play with the experiment with it, see if you can improve in one small way. Big thanks again to Aqua Velva for supporting The Modest Man, making what I do possible by sponsoring this video. If you’re looking for an affordable aftershave/moisturizer kind of all-in-one product, that has a really, really nice fragrance to it. Definitely check out this Aqua Velva sensitive of 5 in 1 aftershave balm. All right guys, if you have any questions about this stuff, any tips of your own. Please leave a comment down below, I love hearing from you and until next time, stay stylish!

56 thoughts on “5 Men’s Grooming Mistakes That Are EASY to Fix | Men’s Grooming Tips

  1. Wont lie, I dont have the time (and a bit lazy) for brushing after coffee. It doesnt help that I drink between two and six cups when at work. In its place I try to have gum on hand. Obviously gum designed to clean/protect teeth, and of course remove it before leaving my work space.

    I noticed you shaved after you showered. How bad is it to reverse that and shower after shaving? It's prob. not the best idea but I find it relaxing.

  2. It's actually best to brush before a meal (especially breakfast). Brushing after can cause increased wear and abrasions of the teeth. Much better to brush before and reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth from sleep.

  3. What are the chances that you, Jose Zuniga, and Aaron recommend the same product as well as mention the fact that it reminds you of your grandfathers.

  4. Dime size? Quarter size? oh shit, I've been doing it wrong all this time….I dump like a handful of the stuff on my head……

  5. Great tips!  Good ol Aqua Velva!  Haven't tried the 5 in 1 but I've been hearing about it more and more recently.  Will give it a try.  Enjoy your videos!

  6. Where's your sunscreen? That should be #1. Also, bad advice to brush right after coffee; the acid in coffee should be rinsed by drinking water & waiting 30-60 minutes to prohibit the washing away of acid softened tooth enamel. Fact check it.

  7. What happens the day we are not suppose to use shampoo? Use only water? I work in a very harsh enviroment (construction) and with all the dust and debris, with only water i still feel dirty.

  8. I've tried not shampooing every day and not using too much shampoo but if I use a dime sized amount of shampoo I get no suds (with a million different shampoos from cheap to expensive to all natural, etc) and it ends up not cleaning my hair well. Also if I don't shampoo every day my hair gets really oily and grooming products don't work well. Any suggestions for someone in my situation?

  9. Hi Brock….just discovered your channel and I'm really enjoying it and learning quite a bit. I have a question I'm hoping you can answer.
    I just picked up a used Seiko SARB065 (Cocktail time) watch. It included the black Seiko strap as well as a couple of Navy Blue lizard print straps which I really like a lot. What belt/shoe colors will compliment the navy watch strap best? Or at least what belt/shoe colors should I avoid? TIA

  10. First of all, I love the new look! You are rocking it! The deodorant mistake, I have a strong body odor when I sweat, so unscented does not work for me, but it really depends on the body type! I need to use a strong or firm deodorant spray to keep the sweat away, but I do add fragrance that can compliment the spray, other wise it can be indeed overpowering. Other than that the tips are on point!!

  11. I just noticed that you've cut your hair! Any particular reason? I remember you said you wanna keep it a bit on the longer side

  12. IMPORTANT: Several people have (correctly) pointed out that brushing your teeth immediately after certain foods/drinks, especially really acidic stuff, can harm your enamel. To be safe, it's always a good idea to rinse your mouth out after coffee, citrus, etc., then brush (lightly) about 20-30 minutes later.

    Good looking out, everyone!

  13. Ehhhh. I realize that I will totally be in the minority here, but I'm a big believer in having a proper skin care routine. And that starts with washing your face with proper face wash. Something gentle and non-foaming. I actually don't wash my face in the shower. I stand facing away from the shower with my head titled up slightly so in the event that I'm cowashing or washing my hair with shampoo, none of it runs on my face.

    I'm never going to use any kind of 5-in-1 product. Huge red flags going off here. At the very least, we need to be washing our face, using some kind of toner, moisturizer, and SUNSCREEN.

    Also, curly headed dudes, don't towel dry your hair, use an old t-shirt instead.

  14. Hey Brock, I recently sent you an email about which sunglasses looked best on me with photos. Did you get that? If you did could you please respond? Thanks!!

  15. Hey man, just come across your videos. Wish I knew half of this stuff ten years ago! Also love the fact you look like a normal guy, not a model. Hate styling vids where the guy steps out the shower and runs his hand through his hair and it's instantly all in place!

  16. I've watched a few of your videos and its good but the product place kills it for me. I might at well watch a ad clip.

  17. Yeah but my hair is so fine that if I put putty in it when it's dry I actually can't get it into my hair. It has to be wet or else I ant get my fingers through.

  18. I brush my teeth thoroughly twice a day but my teeth are still yellow-ish. I drink a lot of tea so that must be it. Dammit!

  19. What do you think about using mouth wash instead of brushing after every staining food/drink? I'm paranoid about receding gum line

  20. What do you think about oil pulling? I heard a lot of good reviews but still skeptical about it. Thanks for all the tips btw.

  21. You forgot about your feet and hands, Brock. Men often neglect those parts of their bodies yet they're tell another person alot.

  22. I haven't used shampoo in the past 6-7 years – instead I use baking soda. And everybody is complementing my hair!
    I have to add that I let my hair grow into a medium long, majestic mane, so it's quite a spectacle (I'm male), but my point is, no one has told me my hair is dirty or greasy.
    So you don't have to be afraid of losing anything by using less shampoo, or none at all (provided you still take care of your hair in other ways)

  23. I'm kind of wash my hair using shampoo everyday
    because my head overproduce an oil.
    Once I start using shampoo every other day,
    dandruffs come to me very quickly. ?

  24. Wtf you're so lucky that little antiperspirant is all you need, I sweat sooooooooo much so easily. I put on a decent amount of strong anti perspirant and it does almost nothing

  25. Hey B! really like your videos, I think it is ok for you to go for the short guy thing, but I find your channel good for everyone. Your tips are great for the average guy that never thought it needed to know these stuff. You are indeed a modest man (in the good way). I Just really wanted to give you a big UP because I was one of those guys that will never follow a "beauty vlog". By the way, I found you trough your watches videos, witch are very good. I think you should consider branding out for another average/modest man interests, because i just think you are a great communicator! keep up the good work.

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