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75 thoughts on “5 Best Hairstyles for Round Faces | Long Hairstyles

  1. great video tutorial here. For more ideas short hairstyles for round faces visit https://hairstyles101.com/30-great-looks-with-short-hairstyles-for-round-faces/

  2. 1) This woman does not have a round face
    2) You can't just say "don't have bangs, don't have short hair." That is absolutely incorrect. There are so many types of bangs and so many types of short hairstyles that can really flatter a round face. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

  3. saw that her face wasn't round….. so went to the comment section and did not pay attention to what he was saying. later realised that he was just saying what the haircut should be if it's round…..

  4. My hair is naturally curly and dry. I can't do something about it. I also don't wear makeup on usual days or even schooldays

  5. This video is honestly infuriating this mans talking to this women about her “round” face. Most likely hurting her self esteem telling her she can’t wear these different hairstyles. And she had the most versatile face shape ever. Oval and slim. She’s beautiful and every hair cut would fit her face perfectly. People like me who actually have a round face. Can’t find videos because people like him think this is a round face. It’s not

  6. 1. Model has an angular, oval face. 2. A side swept bang with volume can be really attractive and even complimentary on a round face. 3. This video was awfully unhelpful.

  7. Seriously whenever I search for round faces on YouTube I never get a model with round face but the person talking tells its a round face and don't match with round face. FAKE PEOPLE😒

  8. Who is defining these rules? I have a round face, have curly hair and I want short hair. I'm so tired of rules. Sometimes, styling yourself feels like I'm writing a program of something. If this, then that.

  9. First of all the guy is talking about what hairstyles that are supposed to fit round faces the best and demonstrating on a model that doesn't even have a round face to start with. Seriously there's a whole myth about the round faces and how they can't rock very short hair or bangs, it's completely false, again, it depends on how you cut the hair but for example round faces rock curtain bangs extremely well because it's a long type of bang that will smoothly frame your face and give more structure.

  10. Sorry Sir, but that is one of the stupids Videos ever… her face isnt round.. its shape small and long…and the first thing you ever began to know …never make a middle cut with a round face…just make it on the side. This Hair dressers acts like he is a Pro… hes not and so Thumbs down !!!

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