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26 thoughts on “27 Tips MORNING ROUTINE 2020 | Skincare Hairstyle Make up Outfit idea | Toturial |ISSAC YIU

  1. 👽1 Face 2 hair 3 outfit which one is important for you ?
    Um..it is outfit ! not outfut 😂shit

  2. Im here again, issac hyung… next video, i think you must shared tutorial "how to saved arnpit hair", you know what,coz if we have mistake even to shaved it, make our armpit skin to be dark…hehe

  3. Isaac instead of cold water you should use lukewarm water. People say cold water is better but that's only when they've always been showering with hot water which is bad for skin.

  4. 1.face always because i am having acne problem largly
    I am indian and indian man cant makeup so issac can u do something with low budget skincare routine

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