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10 DIY Weird Makeup Ideas / Funny Pranks!

Eyeshadow in a laptop, a computer mouse hair brush, an mp3 face powder,
and a portable speaker hairspray! Watch our new video to find out
how to disguise makeup products to look like gadgets! Blondie is cleaning the house. She’s even dancing with a vacuum cleaner! If you clean, then you should do it with music! Blondie’s performance of Bo-Clean-ian Rhapsody
is a huge success. Blondie can’t imagine her life without music. That’s why Jessica decides
to give her an unusual music player! Coat a rectangular face powder compact
with blue acrylic paint. Draw a ring on a white foam rubber sheet using compasses. Cut it out. Cut a rectangle with rounded corners
from metallic paper. Hot glue it to the power compact. Make it look like a screen
and a button panel on a music player. Add symbols on buttons using a marker. Attach a metallic paper Apple logo to the back. Jessica gives Blondie the new music player! But it’s more than just a regular gadget! You don’t need earphones to use it! A makeup brush would come in handy! Instead of songs, I downloaded face powder
to this music player! Jessica has been on the phone for an hour. And Blondie has been jealous
about her friend’s eyebrows for an hour! She wants to have the same ones on her face! Jessica’s perfect makeup secret
is in her unusual case! I wonder what she’s got in there! Cover a phone case and an eyebrow kit
with spray acrylic paint. Cut a heart out of fabric with double sided sequins
using a template. Attach the heart to the kit using double sided tape.
And attach the kit to the case. Blondie is done designing her eyebrows! Wow! Now that’s a 4D effect!
Blondie’s eyebrows speak for themselves! Jessica wants to fix her friend’s makeup! She takes out her secret stash! It’s an eyebrow kit in a phone case! She quickly improves the situation! A few strokes, and Blondie’s eyebrows are back! That’s way better! Jessica is a famous blogger! From now on she films everything she can! Even her roommates and friends! Come on, Blondie, say hi to my subscribers! But Blondie isn’t a public person! Then you can film me instead! And Jessica shows her new invention to the world! It’s a flash drive lipstick! Hot glue a mini flash drive to a lipstick tube. Clean the surfaces beforehand. The topics of Jessica’s blog
are technology and beauty! And her way of combining a flash drive
and a lipstick will definitely get a ton of likes! A USB lipstick is just what the world needs! Good job, Jessica! Jessica is filming something for her blog again! In this video she will
scare her friend in a funny way! Surprise! Blondie is fed up
with her mischievous friend! You and your Internet fame! Don’t be angry, Blondie! Jessica gives her friend her favorite Go-pro camera
to make up for what she did! Coat a decorative box with acrylic paint. Hot glue a contouring palette inside. Attach an elastic ribbon loop to the cap. And insert a brush. Add makeup glitter and white eye shadow leftovers
to coconut oil. Melt it in a microwave. Pour the mixture into a round pot. Glue the pot to the lid of the box as a camera lens. Attach printed Go Pro details. Add a label with a black permanent marker. Jessica knows that Blondie loves makeup
more than gadgets! That’s why there’s a contouring palette
and highlighter hidden in this camera! Now Blondie can start her own beauty blog! And of course Jessica will be happy to help! Blondie is writing a novel using her laptop. And Jessica wants to know what the new story is about!
Come on, Jessica, don’t distract me! Then she takes out her MacBook too! This gadget is so unusual! Put a printed MacBook keyboard
into a big makeup palette. Print out a MacBook screen image. Cut out a rectangle inside
to be the same size as the mirror. Attach the piece to the inside of the palette lid. Cover the outside with a white soft foam sheet. Cut a signature logo
out of glittering foam rubber sheet. Attach it using double sided tape. Add a leaf on top. Jessica is an IT girl in the beauty sphere! Her MacBook gradually turns
into an eye shadow palette! There are a lot of shades
in it ins tead of buttons! And there is one mirror window
open on the home creen! Even Blondie stops typing
to take a look at this creative laptop. At the end of the day,
makeup is a lot more fun for girls than gadgets! And Jessica has stylus makeup brushes
to go with her bright laptop! Cover toy tablet styluses with Elmer’s glue. Sprinkle them all over with glitter. Add hairspray so that glitter stays in place. Attach tips of makeup brushes to the styluses. Use hot glue. Jessica applies eye shadow
using the bright styluses. A MacBook and a stylus
are a great choice for a makeup artist! But Blondie also has something
to amaze her friend with! Beauty-tech support gave her
an unusual mouse hair brush! Color a hair brush with acrylic paint. Trace a strip of a soft foam sheet at the front. Draw button outlines near it
so that it looks like a computer mouse. Define the drawing with black acrylic paint. Shape light clay into a scroll wheel. Make lines on the wheel using a modeling tool. And attach it to the mouse hair brush. Wow! That’s a real beauty gadget! A wireless mouse hair brush handles
your hair perfectly! Blondie is looking for something
to charge her phone with! Jessica just saw a power bank. She’s so naive! Blondie knows that this gadget isn’t real!
It’s undercover mascara! Wrap mascara in blue light clay. Roll it into a cylinder. Add a logo with white acrylic paint. Cut a circle out of a white foam rubber sheet. Draw USB connectors with a marker. Tie silver satin strings around the mascara. Attach the foam rubber sheet piece. Cut the clay so that the mascara tube opens. Your lashes are the only thing
you can charge with this device. It won’t work with a phone! On the other hand,
Jessica can quickly fix her makeup! Jessica finds a portable speaker
right after the portable battery! It’s such a pity that it’s broken and doesn’t work! But Blondie reveals the secret of this gadget again! This speaker is actually hair spray! Trace a can of hair spray on colored foam rubber sheet. Wrap the can in it and fasten it with hot glue. Cut two circles out of an orange foam rubber sheet
to be the same diameter as the hair spray can. And a rectangular strip to fit its length. Attach the strip using double sided tape. Hot glue the circles to the sides. Mark speaker details with a pencil. Add control buttons using acrylic paint. Cut the foam rubber sheet at the joining
so that the hair spray opens. What a surprise! A hair styling product in a regular speaker! Jessica wasn’t ready for such an invention! Blondie borrows a fitness bracelet from her friend! She’s been working out pretty hard
but the tracker doesn’t show any results. Where are all the calories that I burned? Jessica’s fitness bracelet turned out
to be out of order! Not at all! It’s because there is
lip balm inside this bracelet! Trace the inner part of a fitness bracelet
on a plastic cap twice. Cut the pieces out. Wipe off the marker traces with rubbing alcohol. Hot glue the plastic detail into the bracelet. Mix lip balm remains and makeup glitter. Melt it in a microwave. Pour it into the bracelet. Attach a piece of self-adhesive metallic paper
to the other plastic piece. Write the time using a marker. And cover the lip balm with the cap. Jessica shows her friend the true purpose
of this fitness bracelet! It makes everyone beautiful! Just apply it to your lips
and look extra pretty while working out! Did you like our makeup that looks like gadgets? Then write in the comments what you like more! New makeup products or new devices? And don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up, subscribe to our channel, and click the bell so that you don’t miss
new makeup ideas on Troom Troom!

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