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let’s apply a sunscreen this is the look I showed recently on my Instagram story when I was in korea and I’m filming this in korea today is February 2, 2020 the weather is very cold so I prefer cream-typed sunscreen I won’t choose something too light because my skin will get dry let’s apply some concealer this time I brought moonshot cushion in 201 a little bit lighter than my actual skin tone so I’m applying my concealer first since it’s a bit darker I will blend it out with a cushion puff this is moonshot micro correct fit the micro setting fit one gives less amount of coverage than this one when you come to Korea, keep an eye on your foundation because sometimes you use the shade that matches your skin tone but when you come to Korea, it gets brighter as time goes by I will apply cushion foundation Later I will have to wear a mask I don’t even know why am i putting a lot of makeup lol this cushion gives a really good coverage if you’re looking for a good coverage cushion try this one all of moonshot cushions are good for setting powder the current weather is from -1 to 3 celsius so I will set powder only on some area on my face I’m using dim light on hourglass palette just set the foundation lightly and focus on the under eye area where you apply the concealer we have to keep the moisture on our skin a little bit too dark… even though I will put on a cap and wear a mask (because of corona virus) I still wear full make up lol but well, just in case for blush i’m mixing these two colors the colors are so pretty I think I applied a bit too much lol then I will apply the lighter color across my nose and skip the tip for brows I’m applying heavy rotation eyebrow mascara first I want a natural look, so I pick a very light color even though your eyebrows are dark this color won’t make your eyebrows look unnatural next I’m using bobbi brown eyebrow brush with my jsm artist contour palette I’m mixing these two colors start drawing from the end of the brows because I have quite a lot of eyebrows hair and we already applied eyebrow mascara so I will apply only some parts that are necessary for eyeshadow I’m using moonshot eyeshadow palette I just bought it from thailand the colors might seem too simple but they are so pretty and the palette give you just enough colors to create many looks for this look I will use these warm colors the other half is pink tone so i’ll use only this side even the lightest color in the palette is visible I will apply this color all over my lids see the difference? “No,” they said. next I will apply this darker color the colors are very pretty I really like it I’m applying this color on my creases make it visible when you open your eyes and apply some on 3/4 of my lower lids and that’s it for eyeshadow i’m gonna attach eyelid mesh this is from Thai brand ‘hello eyetape’ then I’ll reapply eyeshadow to make the eyelid mesh looks natural gently tap so the glue is dry let’s curl the lashes and apply some mascara I don’t apply eyeliner for this look because I will focus on pretty eyelashes time for mascara this is my all-time favorite mascara for lips I’m using these two colors I will apply the red color on the inner of my lips this lip tint gives quite juicy finish but i don’t really need it I only apply to make my lips moisturized and colored If you want to apply a velvet lip tint in winter make sure you moisturize your lips very well otherwise your lips will be very chapped Blot you lips with a tissue paper once and reapply the velvet lip to make it last longer as you can see i’m matching my lip color with my eyeshadow but keeping my cheeks pink to make them look healthy and cute then i’ll apply highlighter this one doesn’t give that much glow though I’m filming this with my iPhone x front camera the makeup looks really good on camera even if you lie down like this your makeup’s still good I hope you guys like this makeup look If you like it don’t forget to give a thumbs up leave some comments and subscribe to my channel i’ll see you in my next video bye~

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