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애정결핍의 발렌타인데이 메이크업 Valentine’s Day Makeup of Someone who Suffers Lack of AffectionㅣSEOULITE 서울라이트

Hello my ants, this is Seoulite, Jeje. I brought all the hearts existing around the world since it’s Valentine’s day soon. I blushed my cheek with a heart shape, and using a heart sticker, I expressed my love towards you guys. And I’m going to give you a chocolate at the end, so prepare the chocolate right now! Then, let’s start the Valentine’s day makeup. Let’s go! Now, I’m going to start. I’ve finished all the basic skin care, and before I go into base products, I’m going to start off with a sunscreen. [HAZZYS MAN RULE 429 Whitening sun all-in-one] [Whitening + Tone up + UV protection all at once]
It’s a product with UV protection plus a whitening function. After I got rid of my flat warf, I’m trying harder to protect my skin with sunscreens. But because this is a product that also has a whitening function, I’m looking forward to it. I think it’s a perfect item for men who are lazy to use all the other base products. We’ll start off with a cream-type sunscreen that’s not thick. This is done for my skin to be healthy even 10 years later, so I’m going to apply it to my neck as well. It’s not thick, and there’s no lump appearing, which I’m really happy about. My hair has grown so long now, right? I’m going to let it grow more. I don’t know how long, but I will still keep it grow. I’m going to do some bronco-hairstyle and film a video. But whenever I say something like this, I end up cutting my hair. Everyone loves my long hair except my mom. So I’m finished with the sunscreen, and there’s also a good quality lip balm in the same edition as the sunscreen So I’ll apply the lip balm before I begin. [HAZZYS MAN RULE 429 Hidden tips herb lip balm] This lip balm gives you a lively-pink lip color, [Due to the tea tree ingredients, it has soothing effect and feels fresh when applied!]
and because it has tea tree ingredients included, it feels fresh when you apply it. It’s also moisturizing, so I use this daily these days. Now let me go into the base products. This is not a foundation. [HAZZYS MAN RULE 429 Complete Cica BB Cream] This is a BB cream for men, [With the herb’s soothing effect, people with sensitive skin can also use it!]
and there’s cica ingredients included for people with sensitive skin. This covers the skin naturally, so when I go out somewhere I use them often. One pump. I’ll use the brush from Jess&Zeb. First, spread the cream out on your hand, and apply it onto the brush. The color fits naturally onto the real skin, so it’s a perfect BB cream for men. Also with this brush, people who are not good at makeup could also create a perfect skin. Around your nose, leave the outer part out, and cover the inner part. Oh, right! I saw people with long bangs use this kind of clip, make the hair straight, and attach the clip like this. Oh, I look bad. You should really be careful of the cold. Wash your hands and feet well. The best way to get away from corona virus is to wash your hands well, and also to wear masks always You must wear masks for yourself and also for the others. I’ll finish the skin with the Olive Young puff. With this puff, I’ll cover the outer part as well. Even to the neck. Now, I’ll cover dark circles and other spots with the concealer. [HAZZYS MAN RULE 429 Hidden Tips Cica T-Stick] When you turn the lid around, there’s this cream coming out on the sponge. I hurt myself here not long ago, so I’ll touch it lightly. Oh it still hurts… Dark circles, and laugh lines. This product covers spots really well. Usually men concealers are kind of thick and rough, but this product is not like that. It’s soft and thin. So I usually use this to cover spots on my face. With the brush I used before, [I’ll cover the spots with the brush] Now I’m finished with the concealer as well. I’m finished with all the spots and my dark circles. Because it has tea tree ingredients included, it’ll have soothing effect on the areas I’ve covered up. You will be satisfied once you use this. Now, I’ll contour my face with Bbia Last Blush 4XL Almond Blossom Color, which is nearly broken because I used it a lot. I’ll use the Jess&Zep brush. Apply it on to the brush, take some out onto the palm, cover the parts next to your hair line, chin, and cheekbones. The brush is shaped like this, so it’s really useful to cover your face line. I’m roughly finished. The clips are trying to go up. [ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Mini Hershey’s Cookies N’ Cream] They made it really cute. There are 6 colors. I’m going to add some shade to my eyes using these two colors. It’s kind of dark to use only one color, so I’m going to mix two colors instead. I’ll connect it to the nose line as well. Also under my eyes with the same colors. [ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Mini Hershey’s Original] I’ll use this product for a darker color. Darker than a brick color. Color the front and back of your eyes, connect them, and spread them out. Because it’s a Valentine’s makeup today, chocolate color? Be careful not to go up to the eyebrows. Looks like chocolate, right? [RAREKIND Mini Album 1st Mix & High Coral] I’ll apply a red color around my eyes. The color I like. I’ll apply the red color around the eyes, even underneath my eyes. With this dark brown color in ETUDE HOUSE Hershey’s Pallete, I’ll draw a line, as if I’m using an eyeliner. Just to draw guidelines with the bullet brush. As you can see there’s a shining pearl shadow. With the finger. Now I’ll draw my eyebrows. I’m not going to use other products. I’m just going to use the colors in this palette. Yes. With this color. Now I’ll clean up around the eyebrows with the concealer. Two more things to go! Blusher and lipstick. [ETUDEHOUSE Powder Rouge Tint Almond Choco] I’ll put on this tint. What?! Wow it smells like chocolate. It’s really matte, so I’ll clean up around the lips with the concealer. After the lips, I’m going to use the blusher, which I think is the most important part today. First, let me apply the stickers on the my face. I’m not going to stick this ‘I love you’ sticker, but around here will be good. I think I can even finish the makeup here. I’ll blush the cheek intensely around the hearts. [ROMAND Better Than Cheek Cherry Chip] It’s a light pink, but I think I can layer it to make it darker. Let me try. Yes, I’m done with a heart-blusher. Now, I’ve prepared a lot of stickers. I have things like small hearts… With the small hearts, I’ll stick them around the nose, as if they’re freckles. Because it’s Valentine’s day today! Oh they might look like red dots. This is enough, and now!! Let me take the sticker off! Wow it’s pretty. Kind of funny I think. [OLENS One Day Russian Silver] I’ll use the lens to give a fancier vibe. Oh I left something out. With the blusher I used before, I’ll make my nose a little bit red as well. The bottom part of my nose. Now, the makeup is finished. I’ll do my hair, wear clothes, and come back. Please wait! Ta-da! I’m back with all these hearts. I put the heart stickers I bought on the my hair. It looks like I’m using some kind of camera application filter. Also, this is ‘Day Percent Sweatshirt’ which Dayoung is selling right now, and I wore it today because I thought it would look really well with my makeup. Isn’t it so pretty? As it is the Valentine’s day today, I’ve done a fresh? cute and lovely makeup today. How was it guys? You might like to try it out on special days or when you go to a party. I also brought some chocolates to eat with you guys. I’ll have one bite, so you should also prepare a chocolate and join me. Surprisingly, there are so many hearts today. Even here. I’ll have one bite. Wow! You should have one as well. Open your mouth~ I wrote down all the products I used below the video, so have a look at it. Then, see you soon in the next video. Bye!

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