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바이킹 스테이크 산 쌓아놓고 실컷 먹기! 36만원치 순삭?(feat.TGIF) Korean mukbang eating show

*Mukbang Exploration: Mysterious Tzuyang *Hungry predator hunting for meat *Tzulion: Can I get 3kgs? 3kgs..? *Bring me 3kgs! Okay, I will bring out 3kgs *3kgs of Viking Steak *Satisfied *Beautiful~ *Mukbang~ *Congratulations *I am a hungry lion Hello everyone I am here at a family restaurant As you know, I am a huge fan of steak TGIF introduced Viking Steak I heard it’s just a big steak I got an invitation to come eat I will be the very first person to try this steak at TGIF (Korea) *TGIF (Yeongdeungpo District) How do I order? Viking steak is from 400g and up
*This will be launched in Feb 13, 2020 Well, then.. Can I have 3kgs? 3kgs..? Okay, I will bring out 3kgs Can I have 2 pastas too? 1 of each Can I try the ades too? 1 of each flavor Every flavor..? Okay, ade beverages. Every flavor *Stuttering *Starving *Beverages I didn’t know there were so many flavors *Strawberry lime, white wine, lemon, orange, green grape, red grapefruit, red wine, pineapple *Viking Steak *Sampling different kinds of ades Food, Hurry!!! I’m starving.. That’s so big You ordered so much, so I had to divide them into 2 plates *2nd plate Be careful, Thank you! *Insane amount of steak! I want to pile them up in 1 plate Ribs Ribs! *Ribs Tower Thank you Wow the silverwares are big too I’ll show you the size of the rib The ribs are this big I’m supposed to use the knife to cut it up, but I’ll eat it as a whole It’s delicious.. *Eat the rib as a whole I’ve never seen ribs this big before I’m supposed to use the knife It tastes better like this It looks like I’m at a Ribs restaurant? I’ll cut up the next rib *Viking Cream Pasta *Viking Tomato Pasta *2 Types of Pasta Thank you This is steamed It just looks like Steamed ribs The Tomato Pasta is made with pappardelle noodles.
It looks yummy Steamed ribs on top of both It’s big Since you have a lot of steaks, we will heat them up whenever you need us to heat them up *Taking back the cold ribs Thank you! I’m curious of the steamed ribs.
Wow it’s soft *1 bite of the steamed ribs This is really tender *Happy The pasta looks tasty too Check out this Tomato Pasta Am I supposed to eat the ribs with the pasta? Am I? *A bite of the pasta without the ribs I’ll try the Cream Pasta now I love Cream Pasta with a passion I’ll rip a small piece out Small little piece And eat it with the Pasta It tastes so much better with the meat Rip out a little bit of meat, And just like this, *Tomato Pasta and Steak It looks yummy It’s very addicting *So let’s do it again, I’ll cut this piece up nicely This rib is huge Let’s get a lot of meat I feel like a butcher Here comes the bite *I have to enjoy it but I want to clap So good. It’s totally dipped in there *Cream Pasta and a whole rib *Suck out the bone *In 1 bite! This is cooked more towards well-done Medium well done(?) It looks good, right?
Let’s take a big bite It tastes different because it was well-done It’s good It’s very chewy *Inaudible *Translation: It’s gotten more chewy This sauce tastes good This sauce tastes good too But if I had to pick one.. They’re both delicious.. *Let’s get the next piece *It tastes good every time *Already done with the 1st plate Check out its amazing colors I love it red *Ecstatic This one is well cooked Wow, that bite was amazing I love the fatty side of it The grease makes it so much better I’ll cut up the last 3 ribs and stack the meat here *Migration *Preparing to devour them all at once All done! I got them all together It’s so convenient! This drink is very refreshing I can eat this with the pasta now The meat and the pasta Oops, It won’t work! *Let’s use our tools! Nevermind~ *Gave up It’s the same when it’s inside the mouth It’s delicious! They go really well together I thought I won’t be able to finish all of the drinks,
But I did.. *Wait for me! I don’t like too much sauce Wait, that’s good It tastes good even towards the end of it *Last 2 pieces Only 1 left. I’m sad *1 last piece One, two, three, four Beautiful~ Mukbang~ You seem so happy~ Lovely~ Beautiful~ Congratulations Con! Grat! ulations! Congratulations! *She just ate her supper and was congratulated for it I’ve never seen anything like it That’s usually for like a group of people We wanted to congratulate her for eating 3kgs of ribs We prepared something small It was my first time eating 1 kind of steak especially this amount It was a wonderful experience maybe because they kept heating the meat up for me Thanks everyone!

100 thoughts on “바이킹 스테이크 산 쌓아놓고 실컷 먹기! 36만원치 순삭?(feat.TGIF) Korean mukbang eating show

  1. 먹는양도 양이지만. 고기 다썰고 파스타 빙빙돌리고 손목터널 증후군 생기겠다~ㅋ그리고 젤 하이라이트 갈비대 붙은살 아까워ㅠ

  2. 남미에서 자주 먹었던 갈비같이 보이네. 아주 고소하고 맛있지. 고기는 먹으면 먹을수록 양이늘지. 브라질 추라스케리아에 가서는 한시간 반동안 앉아서,,느긋하게 먹고 마셨지. 남미식 갈비가 생각나네. 똑같은 사자얼굴 아이디가 있더라구. 내 다른 유튜브에서 봤지.

  3. I'm worried for your throat, teeth, jaw, and colon. Too many beef with no proper fiber consumption like vegetable or fruit.
    It makes me scare everytime you consumed a lot with extreme hot-cold-hold-spicy-hot kind of food.
    This happened to yuka kinoshita several months ago when her throat couldn't take it anymore, so she must do some rest phase so that the food didn't do harm to her body.
    Please, take care of your health.

  4. 쯔양님 먹방 보는 단계
    1. 아 저걸 어떻게 다 먹엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    2. 어느새 순삭….역시는 역시다.

  5. 무아지경 이런건 옛날 스타킹이런대서 나온거아님 ?
    라끼남이런 잘되는 유튜브좀보고 편집해주세요….
    베끼라는게아니라 잘되는 프로그램을보고 요즘 트렌드나 추세같은거를 보고 자기 색깔을넣는거지.
    화질이랑 쯔양 음식만좋고 나머지 부분은 좋은게별로안보임

  6. 진심 정말 맛있게 잘 드시네요~ㅎㅎ (부럽습니다 ㅜㅜ)
    저도 언젠간 이런 먹방 한번 찍어보고 싶네요 ㅜㅜㅎㅎㅎ

  7. 고기가 쫄깃쫄깋하다는건 질긴건가여?ㅠㅠ먹어보고싶은데 교정기땜에 질긴 고기는 못먹어서요ㅠㅠ

  8. 쯔양님..s20울트라 얼릉 사세요…동영상이 많이 좋아질듯. 흔들림 잡아주는거 보니깐…쯔양님이 쓰시면 좋을듯

  9. 사자쯔양! 어릴때 저랑 누나도 치킨이나 고기같은거 너무 잘먹어서 엄마한테 늑대 소리 듣긴 했는데 쯔양은 사자군요! 모시겠습니다 충성충성 ^^7

  10. 1:16 직원분 놀래심 에이드 종류별로 시킬수 있다는 사실을 처음 알고갑니다. 근데 무슨 맛들일지 궁금하긴 함.

  11. 확대할때 영상 뭔가 갑자기 날스러운게 되게 유투브스럽지않고 방송처럼 프로같지도않은게 뭔가 되게어색해서 먹는거에 그닥 집중이안되고..

  12. 먹는 장면 편집이나 요리하는 모습 편집은 진짜 좋은데 자막이랑 효과음 이런게 너무 아재같다….

  13. 편집스타일은 방송국혼종느낌인데,, 유튜브에서 보기엔 적합하지 않은 느낌+왠지 모를 아재스멜ㅜㅜ

  14. 마지막에 여자 서버가 '3킬로나 드셨으니까' 하는데, 옆에 있던 남자 서버가 왜 웃음이 갑자기 터졌는지 안봐도 뻔 하네요.. ㅎㅎ

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