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남자의 생명 머리,눈썹,입술 관리데이/Korean Men’s Beauty Day

Hello, this is Petey. It’s been awhile saying hi within my name. The topic of today’s video is .. A soul of men I’ll take a video about ‘the soul of men’. People say that guys should take care of hair of course, And eyebrows are also important, and the lips too. I really agree that there’s nothing to throw away. So for today, it’s going to be about ‘3 things regarded as a soul of men’ I’ll take care of my hair, eyebrows and lips in this video. It’s Petey’s beauty day. So I’m trying to see the difference between taking care of oneself and not. Right now, my hair and eyebrows has grown a lot. I hadn’t been taking care of it to take this video. I didn’t get permed for 6 months. So my hair didn’t get puffed and my eyebrows too, oh, you can’t see it. There’s many fine hairs right now. For the first, I’ll go get my eyebrows done. The waxing shop I’m going today is in front of the gate 9 at Hongdae station. Where Olive Young and KFC is. It’s in the first basement level and I’ve come here since I had discharged from army. They really are good at eyebrows. I have arrived. Eyebrowbar Browno in Hongdae (Saying hello) I got my eyebrows waxed. It’s very neat and clean. I have reservated a hair shop. So I’ll hurry a little. This is the 3rd store of ‘Id Hair’ in Hwajeong. Gyeonggido Goyangsi Deokyanggu Hwasinro 272 street 52 WonbinPlaza 2nd floor Here too, I’ve come here since I got discharched from the army. So about 3 years? I was looking for the right place to get my hair cut, and I found here through Instagram. So I’ve come here since then. ‘I-SAM’ is a very good hairdresser. I’ll get counseling what to do on my hair today. Right now, I have no volumes and look very messy. I want to get my hair done fast. What perm will you get for today? I can’t make up my mind what to do today. May be ‘Parted Perm’ Or ‘Volume Perm’ (Getting couseling) They putted something weird on me. To prevent my hair getting into my eyes. Looks like a hat. They gave me a drink. I’m getting my hair roled. To tell you the truth, I don’t take this in video often because I look so ugly. Not ugly at all. I have a broad forehead. Right? 🙁 You guys are seeing ‘Petey getting permed’. Stop it~ You look like a rich madam who lives in Hwajeong. Wearing a leopard printed jacket. Do you usually care about your hair? (shaking head) Not really? I take care of my hair somethimes. I’m not good at doing my hair. Dyson Dryer Drying time Not good at drying, He is learning how to dry his hair well. Finishing with hair essence. Finished getting my hair done! Thank you. After getting his hair, Petey’s going home! How is it? It’s definitely different. My bang used to be like, up to here. Seeing eyebrows, he looks much better. Let’s go to the final step. Say ‘Let’s go’ once. Let’s go! Yeap, I got my hair and eyebrows done. And I came to studio. Now, I’ll get my lips done. Before that, I got eyebrows waxed, right? There’s empty spaces. I’ll fill the empty spaces with this eyebrows pencil. Because I’ve got waxing already, I’ll draw very sofly on the upper part like this. Because I have line already, it doesn’t matter you draw well or not. Just.. like this.. I brought two lip products for today. The first one is Am I doing right? Misonyun Purple Miscentric Color Lim Balm Red from ‘ Misonyun 21’ The reason I chose this brand is I’m a bit like.. misonyun (a pretty boy in Korean) Very shameless.What are you? It sounds like kidding but I thought that the name of the brand is very boyish and I liked the packaging too. There are Red, Purple, Pink and Orange in total. I think that men should go with red. So I chose red. The color is red. I’ll put it on my hand first. As you see, the color is very soft. If I try this on my lips, You put it on your lips once or twice. If put on too much, it can be too excessive. The color is very natural. It looks but rosy. And the next product is I’ve used this brand since I did part-time job at OliveYoung All in one Power Lip Engine which MIP and Battle Ground has collaborated. The package is very unique. You know Battle ground, right? So men can feel free to use it. I think they collaborated to make it familiar. It’s an iron case as you see. So I don’t feel uncomfortable with it. A bit manly? And it looks like black. But when you apply this, it’s pink. I’ll also try this on my hand. Mip on top / Misonyun on bottom. The upper one is Mip And the bottom is Misonyun. The upper one looks definitely natural and pinkish. I’ll put it on my lips too. I have erase this fisrt. I have erased the one before. I’ll apply this on my lips. The color is very natural. It has good moisturizing ability but not sticky. So I think guys can use this very well. I got this as a free gift on my phone. The phone grip! That’s it for today. I had time to take care of myself from hair to lips. What to you think? Do I look different? My hair was up to here My eyebrows looked messy. I didn’t have confidence for awhile. Getting care like this, I feel like gaining my confidence back. I’ve applied lip products for 2 years, and now, I don’t have confidence if I don’t apply this. Take care of yourself well, and become a person of a nice image. I made this video for you to become a person like that. I’ll wrap it up now. Bye~

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