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극건성 피부의 스킨케어 루틴🌝✨

Hello~ this is Sophia Today I am here for
(don’t know where my accent came from) To share my cleansing & skincare routine you’ve been asking me First of all, my skin type is extremely dry skin I will share the appropriate cleansing and night care for skin type like me Let’s get rid of the makeup first I’ve extended my lashes recently so I will start removing eye makeup first I use cleansing water from Bioderma It is very soothing and removes the makeup well If I don’t wear that much makeup or If I am feeling lazy I only use this moving on for the face cleanse I will use the cleansing oil from Manyo factory Clean your hands once more after washing your hands pump the oil for 4 times at least I didn’t know either that you need this much for the proper cleansing and this is not that heavy I used to only use cleansing water but soon the sebum will saturate in the oily area causing blackheads and whiteheads I am avoiding my eyes because I don’t want to lose extended lashes when you rub enough you can feel the whiteheads rolling around on the surface they are rolling around If you have the issue with whiteheads I recommend this product As I know they are on buy one get one sale on oliveyoung Because I paid about $20 for one bottle If you frequently use the cleansing oil, I recommend to get bunch when they are on sale Carefully rub around nose and chin Since I did the rolling good enough time for the emulsion! Get a bit of warm water Rub them For emulsion wait a while for the full effect for about 30~40 seconds!! this emulsion step makes a whole lot of differences you can see the whiteheads coming out… (I switched to the smaller screen to save your eyes) do you see all these? when I used 1 to 2 pumps and didn’t do the emulsion, I wasn’t sure if the whiteheads are actually being removed After using generous amount and doing emulsion, I can feel them coming out If you are concerned about blackheads and whiteheads, don’t spare the oil see how it’s all gone? this is all for the cleansing because all of the makeups are removed you don’t need second step Cleansing oil does all the job and for me, if I use the products with the strong removing ability It sort of dries out my skin but this one does not feel like it sucks out the hydration I have in my skin I approve this but since I had an extra amount of makeup today I will use a bar soap for the second cleansing this is a soap for the foam and since it contains essential oil it smells really nice see this rich foam see this rising bubbles since I am showing you the cleansing routine, I cannot really show you right now but for days when I don’t wear makeup, I just use this soap to clean my whole body in the shower and it does not dry out your skin which is the best I don’t rub my face to remove the water I just do tap tap gently comb the lashes when they are wet this is a clear pad from COSRX I am sure many of you heard about this famous pads I used a lot of them
(emptied 3~4 of it) right now I have original verison but I used to use the moisture version because it’s hydrating… I know I am pointing out dryness too much Because my skin is dry and senstivie, if the product is too strong I feel the itch this product does not irritate your skin so I like it the next product I am using is the ample from The Ordinary I like any products containing hyaluronic acid I like the sticky looking hydrated skin yes and this does that and again I have a thin skin so other products with thicker texture won’t absorb well to my skin because this is not so heavy this one is light and does fill up the moisture of my skin I use this for both days and night this works great before the makeup it lives the adhesion on the skin the next step is… I will use the mask sheet it says this contains 85% of material from tiger leaves these sheet masks are amazing I’ve actually got this as a present, and I love it!! I told my friend how wonderful this product is, so she bought one for herself also she’s loving it as well this is how it looks for most of the sheet mask, most of the liquid are left in the package this one, however, does not leave anything behind it’s all still in there I don’t think sheet mask will totally change your skin or whatsoever it simply hydrates your skin for a while this breaks the stigma I had this is quite expensive for the sheet mask
(for whom who only uses $1 sheet masks) but this one is worth $5 I’ve never seen anything better than this Now that I put this one, I will go rest for awhile I took off the sheet after the time for most of the sheet masks, even after you use it you can even squeeze them to collect the leftover essence but you barely see any leftover in here my skin just absorbed them all later, I would love to finish with DMT from Physiogel but I just ran out of it I really love that product it’s another skin of mine made of liquid but since I’ve finished them, I will be using this one from COSRX Propolis Light Cream It is a cream full of nutritients at night I can leave my skin a bit oily so that it can stay hydrated till the morning so I would use them in the evening before the makeup in the morning I will use as little product as possible for this kind of rich cream you need to tap a lot to absorb them Today I shared the cleansing and night routine with y’all If you have sensitive and dry skin like me I hope this video was helpful this is how I take care of my skin thank you for watching today I’ll see you on the next video Bye~

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  1. 소피아님 영상은,,, 넘 재밋구 이쁘구 컨텐츠도 다양하고 유익해서 넘 좋아요😭 다음엔 teeth 악세사리 제작하는 영상도 올려주세요!! 💜💘💓

  2. !!!속눈썹영상 곧 업로드됩니다!!!

    오늘 영상은 스킨케어루틴인데요!!
    혼자 영상을 촬영하다보니
    화면을 확인해야돼서 렌즈를 끼고 세안했는데
    평소엔 렌즈를 빼고 세안합니다!

    그리고 저는 모든 스킨케어에서 제품을 얇게 아주 여러번 레이어링합니다!
    제품을 너무 듬뿍 얹으면 흡수가 안되더라구요.
    그래서 시간이 좀 걸리더라도 여러차례 걸쳐서 흡수시켜주고 있어요!
    트러블이 있을 때는 갑자기 제품을 바꾸거나 단계를 추가하지 않고
    평소 사용하는 가장 순한 제품을 여러차례 발라주고 있어요!
    (제 경우엔 피지오겔 dmt 로션이 잘맞고 순해서 애용합니다)

    그럼 담 영상에서 봬용!!!

  3. 스킨케어 영상 신난다:3 소피아님 최신 큐엔에이 너무 궁금한데 언제쯤 하시나요 너무 이른가 흑흐극

  4. 0:17 제가 나오네요!
    의견 적극 수용해주셔서 감사해요❤❤ 진짜 필요했어요❣❣❣

  5. 헉 오늘 dmt 처음으로 사봤는데!!! 소피아님이 좋아하시는 아이템이었군요 왠지 기분이 좋아요 >.<💕

  6. Could u put English subtitles on All your videos. I would love to watch you but it's hard to understand everything. Plus I think it would help with all your views. Thanks

  7. 당신 진짜 얼굴에서 반딱반딱 광이 나••• 최고야… 오랜만에 보니 더욱더 요정 같고 예쁘네요…

  8. 소피아님ㅠㅠㅠ이유는없어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ그대 너무 매력적인것ㅠㅡㅠ………뭐 저렇게 본인한테 메컵과 찰떡인것만 휘감고다니시나여ㅠㅡㅠ항상 영상 몇번씩 돌려봅니당 넘 조아요ㅠ감기조심하시구 12월두 행복하세용🤧

  9. 문신하면 진짜 잘어울리거같아요 근데 아플수있어서ㅠ 스티커타투나중에 붙이면 간지날거같아요옹..

  10. 마스크팩 평소에 소퍄님처럼 엄청난 효과가 있다고 생각하지 않았는데 탬버린즈…!완조니 사고싶어지네효💚

  11. 정말 궁금했는데 동영상 찍어주셔서 너무 감사해요 !! 소퍄소퍄 사랑해요 무덤까지 충성할게요 메모해놓고 사겠읍니다 😽

  12. 언니가 조회수 겁나게 신경쓴다는 스토리 보고 너무 귀여워서 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 지금 겁나 많이 돌려 보는중이에요😘😘

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