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跟我一起看Pony Makeup影片 【分享个人意见】

Hello everyone, it’s me, Sylvia I want to make new content to make videos I look some internet celebrity
makeup videos on YouTube Let ’s take a look at the makeup skills
and mastery of Internet celebrities I will share my thought See how well celebrities do I believe everyone wants to see it Ok, first one, who do i choose? You guys saw thumbnail and you already
know that is Pony Makeup Obviously, she is super famous
I’m sure you will know about her If you don’t, I hit you Let’s watch pony makeup video together I just look for a video to watch She is so pretty Like a angel or God woman Super pretty The cosmetics she uses every time
is not use her own brand Pony effect brand The makeup brands she uses every
time are so expensive At this time we must know that we must work hard to make money to buy good cosmetics Because I don’t think everyone can afford
expensive cosmetics Those are really too expensive Do you wash your hands? The foundation should put on the back of the hand first and then apply on the entire face slowly She puts makeup on every video differently
(Creative, special and uniqute) You see her concealer has dug a big hole You have to find this brand It’s mean this product is very good She covered the line of her dark circles with concealer I also learned from her I do this all the time You can try this No need to apply the entire dark circles Just cover a line She just used a beauty blender to blend foundation But this time she blend the blush with finger In fact, she should also use the
beauty blender to blend the blush She can do it whatever she want As long as she is happy But normally people nowadays use
beauty blender to do so I also use my fingers to apply highlight You can use finger
but normally they use brush You can study it. You use your fingers to apply highlights or you use brushes to apply highlights. Actually, the effect is different This is important, you must know She used her finger to gently pull her eyelids
to draw eyeliner It’s fine, but…. Please don’t do that You pull like this, the eye shadow you
just painted is ruined Don’t do that Please use cotton bud to gently pull up And slowly create a eyeliner I have seen a Youtuber, she used cap of
eyeliner to slowly pull up and draw eyeliner Please don’t use finger Nope. It ruined your eye shadow She always do like this in every video She clipped her bottom eyelashes with a curler I do this before It’s doesn’t work I don’t think she can make it
Probably she has special skill I don’t think everyone can do it There is no necessary to curl your bottom lashes The lower eyelashes were originally down Kevin老师said, the more you curl it
the more it look short Just apply mascara and you good to go It will stay still,
it won’t fly away I don’t think everyone can do this This is very hard I’m not sure how she do this And I can’t see the different Still all the same Lower eyelashes are down No need to curl it anymore That’s right ! Good job See, told you. You need a cotton bud to do this Ok, finished Pony is super pretty Some how she look like a God woman Well, Korean is very popular now We should support her
She is very talented This is the end of the video Which internet celebrity makeup video
do you want to watch? You can leave a message below and I will read it Bye bye

6 thoughts on “跟我一起看Pony Makeup影片 【分享个人意见】

  1. 新的系列影片 😍 喜欢的话去like和share,反应不错的话,下次再来拍这个系列 ❤️

  2. 用手指晕开霜状或膏状腮红- 手指会有温度/油脂 所以力度要拿捏好不然会把之前上好的粉底推开,所以尽量用刷具/blender 会比较建议。

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