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孕期护肤知识分享 孕期护肤营养心情吃什么(下集) | Skin Care and Personal Care during Pregnancy Part 2【Eng Subs】

(Personal Care during Pregnancy Part 2) (Food during Pregnancy) The next topic is what to eat. Speaking of food – I think it’s a very interesting topic. Like me, I’m living in New York and I come from a traditional Chinese family. And my OB is an American doctor. There is a big gap between Chinese and American culture about what to eat during pregnancy. The traditional Chinese doctor might tell you you can’t eat this or that, or it’s too cold to your body. Also the parents will convince me to follow the traditional ‘rules’ on food. For example, they tell me I can’t eat crabs and popsicle… anyway there are many taboos on food. However, in US according to my OB, the rules are clear and simple. My OB told me there are two things I can’t eat. The first thing is uncooked or raw meat/fish/egg, for example, medium rare steak and sashimi. It’s because the risk of the bacteria. If you are contaminated with them then it could cause very bad result to you and your baby. For me – I like sashimi a lot. Uni Don is my favorite… however I can’t have it during pregnancy. The second thing is the processed, ready-to-eat deli meats. There might be a kind of bacteria (not sure what it’s called) which could cause very serious damage to both you and your baby. If you want to eat processed meat makes sure cook it before eating. Beside those two rules, you can have whatever you want. Please click the button right here for subscription~ Besides food there are also two things, alcohol and nicotine, are not recommended. It’s harmful to the baby in any period during pregnancy. My OB also mentioned about coffee – I’m a coffeeholic lol. It will be extremely painful for me to cut off caffeine. The baby’s metabolism is not ready during pregnancy. They are not able to have a functional metabolism by themselves – still rely on moms. A big amount of caffeine during pregnancy will affect the baby directly. It will make the baby very excited, which is a bad stimulation to the baby’s endocrine system. So my OB suggests that the maxi intake of coffee is one cup daily, about the Grande size from Starbucks. My choice is try to drink coffee as less as I can, and go for decaf. Another option is to buy decaf coffee bean with clear caffeine label on it and make coffee ourselves. It will be a safer choice to go. About the Chinese ‘taboos’, for example no crabs or popsicle, I also talked to my OB about it. I told her I had a lot of crabs yesterday and I don’t know if that’s ok for the baby. She’s like ‘oh good for you!’ lol… For them those ‘cold natured’ foods won’t affect anything of pregnancy. So my choice is to have crabs and popsicle normally. I will follow my normal intake amount and frequency on those ‘cold-natured’ foods. I won’t avoid it. I’m from Tianjin. If you grow up in a seaside city you might understand how I feel lol. Seafood like crabs is very important to me and it’s impossible to live without it. Not just Tianjin – in coastal countries like Japan, South Korea, and some other tropical countries, I don’t think people will avoid crabs because of pregnancy. One more thing about caffeine – besides coffee, caffeine can be also found in chocolate, hot coco, and lots of sodas e.g. coke. They are all the same. So we need to be careful and keep an eye on the amount of the caffeine when choosing beverage. If you already had coffee today I do not suggest drinking other caffeine beverages, or chocolate. When having chocolate, even if you want it so bad, it’s not a good idea to eat too much once. There is also something called the bird nest. I don’t know why but all my friends who already had babies all recommend me to have it. Even the reasons are surprisingly the same. They said it could help maintaining the elasticity of the skin and strengthen the immune systems of both the mom and baby. I also did some researches on the ingredients of bird nests. It contains collagen, amino acids, antioxidant, fiber, and carbohydrate – it is a very nutritious food source. Does it have any special benefits for pregnancy? I really don’t know. However, based on my friends’ experience I think at least it’s not a bad thing. Therefore I choice to eat bird nest soup during pregnancy. (Workout during Pregnancy) Regarding workout – the doctor recommends to keep a workout habit during pregnancy. I don’t workout consistently before so my OB suggests walking, jogging, and swimming to me. If you workout on a regular basis before you could keep your workout routine as long as your body feels ok. However, core exercise is not recommended and intensive weight lifting could be dangerous. (Mental Health during Pregnancy) The last topic is mental health. (Sigh…) Speaking of mental health… Since I’m pregnant I didn’t suffer too much from physical sickness such as nauseated and morning sickness. However, the hardest time for me is the emotional changes. I become super moody. I cry every day and it even goes to epic on every other day lol… that’s also why my updating is so slow recently. I’m not in a very good status. Because of those tears my eyes are always too swelling to make a video… I totally understand it’s caused by the changes of hormones. However, I do feel so helpless and can’t control my emotion… it is so crazy lol. Besides, in my first trimester I was in an environment that I can’t fully relax. It makes me even more sensitive… Now after moving I do feel much better. I don’t feel super depressed any more. Plus I also feel my ability of self-adjustment is back~ Because I was very depressed before I asked my OB if being too emotional will affect the health of my baby. She told me something kinda funny: unless you want to cut yourself you are fine. Which means if you are just being moody without physical harm to your body then it won’t affect the health of the baby. So girls, if you feel depressed during pregnancy it’s totally ok to release yourself. Crying is totally ok during pregnancy. No need to be worried about crying or being sad will hurt the baby. It won’t. (The most important thing is) try to find a way to relax yourself. However, after tears and letting out the emotions, it’s important for us to be able to adjust ourselves and drive ourselves back on track. Because I feel when I’m in a really sad mood or feel super down, I might push myself to an even worse situation subconsciously and then drown. The longer I stay there the harder I could pull myself back. So it’s very important to be brave enough to pull yourself back. When you are not happy you need to tell yourself: I understand it’s the hormones. However, it’s ok. Do whatever you want, like crying or laughing, to release the pressure. After letting it out make sure tell yourself I’m totally normal and I need to be back on track. Don’t suffocate and lose yourself under such a sad and depressed atmosphere. Once you touch the bottom it will be extremely hard to pull yourself out of this. There is another way to help. Go outside as much as you could. For example have a date with BFFs, go out for dinner or karaoke, or go on a trip if possible. After the first trimester I had a babymoon with my husband in Las Vegas. Although I lost a lot of money over gambling lol I feel that trip is very valuable. It helps me jump out of the current situation at that moment and that way I could fully relax myself. I think that trip is a very happy and unforgettable experience. About air travel – it’s also a question that people might be anxious about during pregnancy. I did ask my OB if it’s safe to fly. The answer is also very simple and clear. Taking a flight itself won’t affect anything. You will have exactly the same pregnancy after the flight. However, on a flight if you keep the same position for a long time and never move then you might suffer from blood clots. If the blood circulation is not good, especially during a long flight, I recommend you to take business class if possible. That way you could lay down which could help the blood circulation and make you feel more comfortable. Or you could walk around frequently as long as it’s safe on the flight. Wear something easy and soft which won’t add more pressure to the circulation. It’s also important to keep hydrated on the flight. Prepare some snacks for yourself. Sometimes the flight service is not as promptly as you expected, especially when you pregnant and you might feel the hunger ‘too sudden to stand’. So be prepared and try to make yourself more comfortable during the flight. However, after 32 weeks it’s not recommended to fly because it might be very close to delivery for some cases. Besides, many airlines, for example Air China, won’t allow you to board after 28 weeks. So please do some research when planning a trip during pregnancy. Make sure to check the policy of your airline. That way you won’t disappoint yourself. All right so we talked a lot in today’s video. About the skin care part, I try to do my best since I’m pregnant. But for others like what to eat, workout, or mental health, I don’t feel I do really well – I’m still working on it lol. I hope I could be able to adjust myself to a better position. I also hope that all of you guys, the mom-to-be and those who will be pregnant, could stay healthy and happy every day. Wish you guys could have a relaxing mood to face any problems during pregnancy. I also wish all of you guys will have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. All right that’s all for today and hope you like it. See you on my next video. Bye~

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