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ये remedy रात भर में pimples,acne,scars हटाये#top 3 face mask to remove pimples,acne,scar overnight

Hi everyone, I am Garima and welcome to my channel So in today’s video I am going to share face masks Which will cure pimples and acne from face If you suffer from acne and pimples then these face mask will cure it And if you have scars on your face then these face mask will cure it too In my opinion pimples and acne should be cured immediately Because it ruins our confidence If someone meets you for first time they don’t know how talented you are or how much good human you are They see your physical appearance Your face for very first time And if you have lots of pimples and acne on your face then you feel very low And you couldn’t represent yourself because lack of confidence I suffered from this problem In my graduation and masters I have had lots of pimple and acne issues Because of that I always feel low confident Even these things affected my study Because I always wondered how to fix it I always thought about my pimples acne scars I always thought about how could I cure it If anyone first met me,first thing they notice was my pimples acne scars So it is very important to treat pimples and acne If you suffer sometimes with pimples then it’s totally fine But If you have severe pimples and acne issues Then you must consult dermatologist They will you medicine accordingly And your pimple acne will be cured So definitely consult dermatologist If you suffer from cystic then you must treat that kind of acne Because it leaves very bad scar It makes small small holes on face So if you have severe acne problems then consult dermatologist first And I am going to share Some face masks Which will cure pimples and acne And also cures scars from face But keep in mind that you don’t need to apply face mask every day Apply face mask only 2 times a week If you think daily application of face mask would cure pimples and acne then it’s not going to happen Even if you apply mask it will make condition worse So don’t apply more than 2 time a week So remember that So applying mask very frequently is not going to cure fast It will make skin more sensitive And ultimately you will end up having more pimples So whatever face mask you are using Don’t use more than 2 times a week I will recommend only 2 time a week And keep patience Your pimple would go away soon And drink lots of water Drinking lots of water also helps in clearing up acne and pimples And we all girl suffer from pimples and acne Because every month when period comes it brings pimples acne I always have pimples while I have period because of hormones And maximum girls have similar problem So these face mask would cure pimples acne and scars from face But before starting the video Please subscribe to my channel And press the bell icon So you don’t miss any updates I always upload skin care and hair care related videos So please subscribe to my channel My videos would be definitely beneficial for you And I already shared one video related to pimples and acne I will provide the link in my description box And also at the last of my video You can go directly to my video by clicking on it And please tell me what you think about my video in comment section And if you have tried any of my hair mask face mask And found good result then definitely share your feedback with me in comment Let’s start the video now Now I am going to prepare first face mask In which I am going to include basil or tulsi leaf powder If you can find fresh leaf then use fresh leaf paste Now I am going to take 1 tablespoon of multani mitti or fuller’s earth Now I am going to add Sandalwood powder I added everything 1 -1 tablespoon Now I am going to add Organic turmeric Use only 1 or 2 pinch of it I am now using yogurt This is homemade yogurt So use natural yogurt Now I will add few drops of rose water Rose water cleanses our face and also tones up Because of that I am using it Now I am going to add extra virgin olive oil Because if you have dry skin Or in winters sometimes skin feels dry Smin that case you can add olive oil But if your skin is extremely oily then skip olive oil Now our paste is ready to apply So I have already washed my face,I will apply all over my face and neck Now I will wait for 10-15 minutes then I will wash my face with normal water Tulsi on basil leaf is very good for our skin It cleanses pores of our skin And unclog the pores It has antibacterial and antifungal properties So it cures pimples and acne And sandalwood powder has natural antiseptic properties It also cures pimple Also clears scars and yogurt has lots of moisturising properties And now I am going to make face mask no 2 In this face mask I am going to use neem leaf powder If you could find fresh neem leaf You can use fresh neem leaf pas6 I am using 1 tablespoon neem leaf powder Now I am going to add 1 tablespoon licorice root powder It is also very good for our skin Removes discoloration from face I am adding now oats This is whole oats so I will crush it first I will not use grinder Because this tool crush it well So I will crush it first Oats is loaded with antioxidants And it has anti inflammatory properties So it removes acne from face If your skin is very oily Then you must use oats because it absorbs extra oil from face So this is best ingredient for acne prone skin And it moisturizes skin as well It soaks only extra oil Now I am going to add rosewater It tones up the skin And balances PH if skin Because many of us has pimple problem Because of disbalnacy of ph So if you use rosewater Ph of skin will be maintained That’s why I am using rosewater here And now I am going to add few drops of vitamin E oil It provides nourishment and moisture to skin And adds very healthy glow On face And also minimises scars I added only few drops of it Now make very good paste And apply all over your face But before applying face should be clean Now apply it on your face Neem leaf is very good for skin It has non comedogenic properties Which unclog the pores Which pores would be unclog Then problem of pimple wouldn’t happen And it has also antibacterial and antifungal properties And it has vitamin E also That is why it is excellent for acne Now I am going to make face pack no 3 In which I am going to add gram flour, rosewater, honey, and camphor So camphor is most important thing here We all know about gram flour This is very famous in India Every old and young people knows about it Every one knows gram flour face mask I am taking 3-4 tablespoon gram flour It has bleaching properties and it has zinc also And zinc is well known to cure pimples and acne I am using camphor here Camphor is an age old remedy in ayurveda And in India we use camphor in many remedies So camphor has a different place in ayurveda I am taking 1 tablet of camphor as you can see I will crush it It smells so pleasant Camphor is very good for skin but only condition is it must be in pure form When you are buying it buy pure one I will use powder of 1 tablet camphor And now I am going to add Organic honey in it Organic honey is very good for our skin So try to find Organic and pure honey Now again I am using rosewater So I mixed everything I will add rosewater to make paste So There is honey in it If you have dry skin you can use it without any doubt Honey will moisturize your skin And also adds healthy glow to face If you don’t have acne and pimples Still you can use it Without any doubt I use this face mask every week This one is my favourite face mask Apply it all over face and neck Leave it for 20 minutes Then wash your face with normal water So this was my today’s video I hope you enjoyed my video If you enjoyed my video please share my videos with your friend and family Now we will meet in next video Till then bie And stay happy

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